Apr 30 2014

Stop The Guestbook Spam

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Many know the problem, no one is happy to have the PHP tutorial worked through his confidence and happy that the self-programmed guestbook to work, even this joy is marred by an excessive number of spam messages that refer to more than dubious websites. There are programs called spambots that do nothing all day other than the Internet search for forms, in particular on the lookout for guest books, forums, shout boxes or the like, and try to leave your message there. These spambots are especially pleased about it if they were successful, ie if the advertising also appears real. The problem here turn is that if a spam bot once success had always come to sell his message over and over again. These entries can all be very time consuming to remove manually, so it’s better to take a few precautions.

The most effective precaution, spam messages is not even save. But, as I see one Spam entry? There are different strategy, which I would like to introduce you. 1st No URLs allow As banal as it sounds, this method is so effective. Before her in the PHP script stores the entry, it reviewed by a regular expression, if this contribution contains a URL. If this is the case, you give out an error message that asks the user not to use URLs in his article. One possible if statements may look like this: if echo “Please do not post URLs”; else / / store second review Use hidden fields in your form you invisible fields. This method sounds just funny, but very effective. And use their input fields, preferably with a typical url names such as, homepage, etc., none by their CSS and display:; turns invisible. A regular visitor can see these fields and so should be about there either. A spambot searches your source code just for forms, but it will not parse CSS file to see if possibly an entry is invisible. Therefore, if he submits the form, will be most probably also enter text into these invisible fields.

On the page where you save the entry, you have now just checking if all the invisible fields actually contain no text. If any of these fields but contain text, you have transferred the spambot and does not save the article. 3rd Security Code / Captcha This method is unlike the other two not invisible, and also reduces the comfort of regular visitors. And the visitor before his entry is stored, the number that is represented in an image, a so-called Captcah, typewrite in a box. Only when he types in the correct number, its entry is also stored. The background of this is that machines can be relatively poor grasp of the text images, so it creates a spambot not read the numbers from the image and therefore his record is not saved. You can find these methods also combine with each other, in particular a method and two. Properly applied, they offer you a very good protection against annoying spam messages.

Apr 29 2014

Bremen Game

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Bayern Munich favourite on the Championship trophy is once again just time Virgin 2 game days the Bundesliga this season old, but of course there are already opinions about the future placements. Who lands on which position and thus also: who will be the champion in the first German Bundesliga? A question so long applied voltage is pre-programmed course, where the online betting provider with champions FC Bayern are already agreed. Followed by VfL Wolfsburg, where under coach Armin Veh is a great expectation for the first time this season. It will be exciting but also in the region behind it, because here there are plenty of candidates who are jostling according to bookmakers to the good places of Europe right. Ahead of VfB Stuttgart, followed by Hamburg, Bremen and Schalke. Also the Borussia of Dortmund and the youngsters from Hoffenheim tightly in this field. In addition to the previous rates of provider, also a well-stocked gut confirmed that these teams will make up the top third of the League among themselves.

However, it is for None of the teams are easy and a short phase of weakness could cost important points in the fight for the coveted spots. FC Bayern also called favorites in the title is still a good piece of work against themselves and the next few weeks under coach van Gaal will show in how far the expectations can be confirmed. Especially the VfL Wolfsburg has already shown in the opening game against Stuttgart, that here by no means master inertia prevails? The major players are still on the ground and can remain brisk reading. The season is long, and it will be curious in how far the predictions of the bookmaker will arrive.

Apr 28 2014

Canvas Image

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Beautiful set in scene can every photo despite media hard drives and photos have not lost their charm digital photography in the 21st century. The differences are often only in the presentation and there’s also a digital image beautiful scene to many possibilities. For example an own image on canvas. Then, a small work of art that could not be more personal is fast from the accumulation of bits and bytes. The fine fabric of a screen makes otherwise every image in very different ways. Black can put pictures to a piece of elegant white, colorful snapshots extend to special artwork your own picture on canvas is suitable also as a great gift idea as personal gifts always arrive and the search for the perfect gift design quickly and easily. So can a private photo on the canvas or the snapshot of a particular scene.

Mainly landscape shots can be used in scene, very skillfully and professional manner. The Prices are not so high here and are completely justified in relation to the great results. With your own images on screens special moments are captured once again. The snapshot of the children’s birthday, the hour zero to new year’s Eve and many other occasions.

Apr 28 2014

Garden Fireplaces – Grill

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With a fireplace in the garden, you can impress not only the neighbors. Versatile and robust of the barbecue is a popular garden accessory. Summer time is barbecue time. This simple formula applies to a large number of Grillbegeisterter each year. In addition to traditional charcoal or gas barbecues, a barbecue is a special device. The garden fireplace can not to be placed, it is a fixed installation in the garden. Garden fireplaces – chic or rustic? Gartenkamine differ very much from each other in the design. While classic garden grills brick stone are very involved in the garden arrangement, models of concrete accents in terms of design and design.

Garden fireplaces are another variation of red bricks. In addition to the cost aspect, it is here but mainly the taste, which ultimately brings about the decision for a specific material or a certain design. Build garden fireplace itself ready to buy? Rummaging in DIY forums or on home improvement sites on the Internet can be found again and again that Wondering whether you should build a barbecue itself or can. Basically, is also to make it moderately talented craftsmen, to make a fireplace in the garden with the help of a cottage. However you should rely again on prefabricated kits. The professional design of garden fireplaces guarantees a working model that can provide both successful barbecue evenings and heat. Savvy DIYers will however not take it, to plan their garden fireplace itself and build. For everyone else, the way the dealers offers many opportunities to purchase a garden Grill.

Here, especially the kind of execution decides the cost. Versatile garden accessory garden fireplaces are anything but simple grills. With one of these garden accessories can of course be grilled, but also many models offer the possibility to smoke or to bake bread. The lights of the garden grills can be done with charcoal or wood. Thus remain for a barbecue in the choice of the combustion material more options. A positive effect of a barbecue is that he can produce much heat. Cooler summer evenings or in the autumn a barbecue is therefore usable as in stove for outdoors.

Apr 28 2014

Expired And Death Maintained

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Seniors and undergoing rehabilitation are cost factors of the company +++ seniors and undergoing rehabilitation are cost factors of the company only managed? +++ Winterthur – Switzerland – Thailand in Germany and of Switzerland cost care course 4 times as much as in Thailand. Still, the performers refuse to assume the cost of a nursing care to 100% abroad. Germany bears the costs for 6 weeks (per year) in support of the keeper, Switzerland takes over 50% of the costs. According to report of the medical service (MDK Germany), an acute state of inadequate care there is 42% of care in D. d Barger has to say. Care has a tradition in Thailand and is taken over by the family because of the missing social system. Parents and grandparents are the highest good for all Thais. The project comeback – Phuket has a concept for a new life from 50 +, which in collaboration with an int.

recognized retirement & care home operator, Asiascout.org, PSSAsia Phuket, doctors, clinics, and many others has been developed. It Home, life & therapy part of the project runs under the slogan the rehabilitation are measures by Rehab & diving in collaboration with case managers, physicians, insurance, diving school, Bangkok Hospital Phuket… Rehab & diving is already under way. With the construction of two residents & rehabilitation centers (villas come back 1 & 2) in Phuket will be started this year. Time corridors are dictated by the economic constraints of a Senior Center staff. This is a manage the former performers of our society. The initiators of villas come back are inside of the “industries” and an alternative show. Come back Phuket calls all to eliminate SV service providers on these abuses and to create alternatives, in terms of our seniors and rehab patients, and to interpret provisions of the social act for the benefit of seniors and rehabilitator.

Apr 24 2014

German Business Guide

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In the German elite network of the future, companies in all industries worldwide meet In the German elite network of the future enterprises of all industries meet worldwide, who are looking for new suppliers, medium-sized companies that want to explore new markets and also investors who are looking for the new opportunities of the market. The German business guide provides a variety of options. The various portals of this elaborate network of elite will help you to make contacts around the world, to explore new markets or to find investors. In the news, learn portal the market follows the trends and what products are announced. There, find new successful sources of revenue for your company and information about new ideas and innovations first-hand. Publish posts here, for example, about your company and keep up to date the global business world. The product portal provides individual and innovative products from all areas of the market, which be for your companies of interest can.

Inspired by the offerings of the various providers and develop a unique business model for success. The latest and most profitable products, see the German business guide, selected by category on a regional, national or international basis. If you want to offer products of all kinds, so a shop module for up to 100 articles with product description and photo upload of course at the disposal are available. Listing fees or sales commissions does not apply here. Of course, you can find any kind of services or advertise, the German business guide will open up new markets in all directions. You can offer your services, for example in the tendering portal.

Whether overproduction, waste or other items, services from all sectors, the tendering portal of the German business guide gives you to your destination. Also if you are looking for they will find it in the German business guide. On the job search or targeted offer places on the labour market. With renowned companies from our network able to occupy leading positions on the world through suitable applicants. The German business guide for investment requests and investors is particularly interesting. If you are looking for an investor for your project, you can post the details of your project and choose between the various financing options of to choose from investors. Certainly, a suitable investor contact and ensure the financing of your project. Total advertise your listings for a wide variety of product or service processes of all types and industries. With the customer pool of German business guide, you raise your business to a new level. Multiply your profits and enjoy the variety of communication possibilities, you will be amazed about the existing global interest in your company. Login as of August 23, 2010 in the German business guide and enjoy the GBG premium three weeks free of charge and non-binding offer. After the trial period can they choose between the free GBG Basic or GBG paid, premium offer. Already the GBG basic offer allows you to profile in the different portals are presented with their business. Visit the German business guide from August 23, 2010 under and join from the outset with. Its German business guide team texting for you!

Apr 22 2014


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Current release of berlecon research ‘ UC meets business’ innovative product strategy by ESTOS Starnberg, confirmed August 18, 2010 the recent study by UC meets business of the Berlin analyst and consulting firm berlecon research provides the high relevance of the business integration unified communications projects out. The report includes several case studies, which invariably prove that a long-term and significant added value through unified communications is to achieve only if the selected solution represents no detached island but can be combined as far as possible with existing business applications. These results confirm that ESTOS perfectly meets the requirements of decision makers in companies with its technology concept for ProCall enterprise and the MetDirectory. “Analysts by berlecon research argue in their just-published study titled UC meets business” on the subject of what really brings UC the company “a move away from product-centric thinking in the ICT environment: “UC is considered by most companies still groupware replacement or VoIP telephony solution. UC functionality but not as stand alone products, but as an integral part of business solutions develop their real potential”, explains Dr.

Andreas Stiehler, Director berlecon research. The topic of business process integration and the entanglement with the used business applications are ESTOS has always been at the heart of product strategy: the main goal of unified communications is to optimize communication-intensive business processes – for example, from sales order processing, customer service or sales -. “Technically it comes so intelligent to weave typical workflows on CRM -, ERP – or Fachapplikationsbasis with unified communications features of ESTOS ProCall enterprise”, that the individual user has significantly less effort in communication-intense activities and agility in its “core business wins. The integration of contact information in all relevant business processes represents the fundamental basis of such a solution. For this purpose, ESTOS deploys the MetDirectory. The directory service 2003 original ESTOS developed is standards-based (LDAP).

Apr 22 2014

Business Coaching Experience

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Josh business coaching combines company coaching and personal coaching in a new coaching philosophy… Frankfurt am main the RAM business coaching company combines management consultancy and staff training in a new coaching philosophy. Entrepreneurial success requires an open way of thinking that goes beyond business figures: This means to ask, right now at the end of the economic crisis, a high degree of flexibility. Only when means of communication, corporate position, products and resources are optimally matched, changes can succeed. This presupposes that also managers and employees personal goals and visions of the future can connect and optimally engage their potential with the company. This philosophy embodies Kay Broder, owner of the RAM business coaching: Kay Broder held itself many senior positions in sales, product management, and business administration and is familiar with traditional marketing tasks, the it into the Business consulting brings.

The expertise of the entrepreneur goes far beyond these areas. The certified coach into his concept also individual advice. Josh business coaching is between company and employee interests successfully to build bridges. The advice range from individual training to the self-management of Mitarbeitercoachings to the classical company coaching. This, just the tension between tough, entrepreneurial ratio analysis and individual coaching is a recipe for success, because multiple perspectives are linked. As the bridge between entrepreneurial experience and personal coaching is useful to build an optimal internal corporate communication self-management, mastery of crisis and conflict strategies, as well as the conscious decision management make the personal starting point, also professional and entrepreneurial success. Is also learning from analysis and strategy capability the central company coaching Basis, to implement targeted measures into practice. Josh business coaching Josh business coaching is a privately coaching company in an innovative concept personal coaching and company combines coaching. The certified coach Kay Broder benefited from his experience in management and sales, the company coaching, as well as the personal coaching to develop the maximum success. The open-ended consultation aims at the client itself to success Guide to, freely according to the motto let you are enthusiastic about your goals and you are worried! “.

Apr 22 2014

Game Control

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Each family member is in daily contact with many close friends. It is included in various complicated relationship, also serves a lot of social roles, often poorly mating with each other. Social competence, in a sense, resourcefulness, and simultaneously dialogical-that is what a child learns very early. With such a family organization is often the question of power – the main one. He decided in the context of any communication: Dad forbids, and her mother allows the child something, it's all done with a child and a hidden message in this case is: 'The child listens to me, not you, then I am more important. " It briefly about the situation, now more: First Underwater Stone – "power and control." The outside world at times of social and economic instability is perceived as hostile, dangerous and unpredictable. "Rules of the Game" for many changes, becoming in many respects contradictory interests of the people, preventing them realize their goals. Sharply increased anxiety of the individual and the situation does not allow control of the important elements of life and thus make the situation more predictable.

Need to control and use it in the removal of anxiety is not going anywhere. And if you can not globally control over their lives and the external situation, then you can take this concern small "chunks". Free for this area human life – is communication. With communication we can try to control other people to raise their status by humiliating others. Family suited for this could not be more out there worthy and permanent partners for this brutal game.

Apr 09 2014


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You have your own business idea and now want implemented best as soon as possible in the Act. We want to show what basic mistakes at all are made. The own business idea was born and now want implemented best as soon as possible in the Act. You definitely accepts the obstacles with the business plan and other formalities. But what do you do everything to realize the own business idea, because it is convinced and believes the future customer sees it as. One is deeply immersed in his matter and consciously or unconsciously aspects of entrepreneurship are forgotten/ignored or better said the survival of the company is at risk. Quite a few companies to bankruptcy and especially in the early days.

What fundamental mistakes at all? To do this, the DIHK business report from the year shows an interesting collection of deficits when the company was founded 2008. The excerpt is from 2008, but these points are certainly in this day and age is still topical. So much percent of the founder in the Chamber of Commerce Foundation consultancy 48% have commercial deficits (pricing, cost accounting, business plan accounts) 48% have made too little thought to the unique selling proposition of your business idea 42% too low estimate the necessary initial investment / running costs (such as taxes) 38% express vague ideas about the customer target groups 36% have not been thoroughly thought through the financing of its founding 34% estimate unrealistically high revenue expected 29% can not clearly describe your product idea 23% have inadequate professional / industry knowledge (source: DIHK founder report 2008) If you look at the individual gaps, then the individual aspects can be divided into two groups. One group got money and financing to do and the other group with marketing. Next one could say simply: if it is financing and Takes care of marketing, then it should not go wrong or 🙂 Full erweise to be pointed out that the deficits again significant differences, whether the request for the establishment of the company mainly comes from the fear of unemployment, or mainly, to implement his business idea. For more information, it was noted on the DIHK business report of the IHK Berlin. Entrepreneurs should never lose financial as well as marketing aspects from the eyes, even after many years of business start-ups. If you still have difficulty, should seek a quiet professional help.

FEWS specialises consultancy from Berlin, to advise founders and young companies in the business, and to give the most important tools. All Foundation-relevant content is in the weekly seminar of existence founder by 4 experienced advisers in law, accounting, taxation and marketing training. Just call and make an appointment. We are looking forward to you. FEWS Consultancy Uhlandstr. 127, 10717 Berlin phone: 030 – 88 66 77 74 Nebi Mertturk advises on FEWS young entrepreneurs in marketing, and online marketing.