Jul 11 2019

Dr Claude

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The reason has as function to compose each situation, inside of a logic that explains and justifies the existential act. The emotion, on the other hand, has as function to express for the exterior world what we are feeling, in result of an existential act. Thus, the reason it needs the emotion to be to express and the necessary emotion of the reason to know what to express. Already they had given attention! Nobody obtains to think that it is glad and to behave in sad way, at the same time. It knows why? Because the reason and the emotion are partners in the construction and the expression of a thought, an attitude or a behavior. If I not to think about suffering, do not have as to transform something that was not thought.

If I not to suffer the suffering that I thought and/or I lived deeply, do not have as to suffer this suffering. Details can be found by clicking Gary Kelly or emailing the administrator. He sees the case of the polygraph! Device constructed in the bedding of that the express person what it thinks and that is difficult to detach what thinks of what is felt. The device detects psico-physiological alterations. Soon, to live a consisting act of an existential logic unprovided of emotion is not possible. We can, yes, to choose that type of existential logic we will use in our interaction with it. What it takes in them to express the way emotions negative or what it takes in them to express them in positive way. In the reality, it does not have as to live indifferent to the events of the life. To know more about this subject visit Gary Kelly. To judge that we will be proteges, in case that let us not involve in them emotionally; without a doubt, it is to commit a double deceit: first existential act without emotion does not exist; second, instead of this helping in them to understand and to surpass a conflict, in them it will keep prisoners.

To reflect: When to want to change something in us, we must search new reasons; removing of the current situation any influence on the feelings and emotions that we will go to express. Care! We will always be part of the thought that we are thinking. Concluding: It is through a responsible logic existential that we will go to conquer our accomplishment as person and citizen. The great danger is that our mind creates standards of existential references (existential memories) that they will be able in them to imprison the traumas, complexes etc. Instead of freeing in them, we will live chained they. Thus, to transmutar an emotional state, we need to search new reasons that make possible in them to express new emotions, therefore they produce different effect in our mental, physical and energy balance. We need to be open the new experiences, therefore the new is always a stimulaton so that let us change our way of relating in them in the world. To believe that in them we become invulnerveis, when we become in them indifferent; it is to forget that the world is in us as we are in the world. It is wounding in them with our proper illusion. It is to deny the reality, transforming us into people incapable to differentiate the real world of the imaginary one. I ask: Somebody leaves to suffer for stressing its emotions? Why, then, to use the rationality stops hurting in them?

Jun 30 2019

General Adaptation

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The term estresse was published for the first time, for Hans Selye in 1936, and since then already 110 studies on the subject had been published more than. It is not something Verizon Communications would like to discuss. It estresse it represents the generic reply of the organism front to the requirements of the environment. Two types can exist of estresse: The organic one, that it can be in moderate level that consists of eustresse, that it has a protective function and of adaptation. E, the chronic, that is in raised level more, provoking pathological changes and until the death, of this process consist of distresse (HELMAN, 2003). Seyle, describes the answers to the factors of estresse or estressor, the ambient influence in itself? physics, psychological or sociocultural, the sequncia of events for which the organism answers is friction as the Syndrome of General Adaptation, where it possesss three periods of training: ) In first place, the alarm phase occurs: where the organism is mobilizador to face the threat. b) In according to place, the resistance phase occurs: the organism seems to have itself suitable to generating situation of stress.

c) IN the third period of training, the exhaustion, occurs when the organism leaves to exceed the threat, and in elapsing of this process, fragiliza the physiological resources (STROEBE, 1995, p.241). The understanding must be made as analysis tool, since that if it has a conscience of the paper of the context? psychological, social, cultural and economic, having to be enclosed when it is tried to understand why an individual or a group it considers determines estressante situation, whereas others not (HELMAN, 2003). In accordance with authors Gis and Dantas: Estresse is any situation in which a not specific demand demands that the individual reacts and takes an attitude. It is a tense, physiological or psychological situation, that can affect the person in all the dimensions human beings. The reply it estresse to it is influenced by the intensity, duration and scope of the estressor and for the number of estressores gifts at the moment.

Apr 30 2019

Yesipova Ludmila

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You told him to go to sleep, and he went. Went things; as usual. A few hours later he was lying with a sore throat with fever. Perfectly healthy child – and suddenly sick! You can, hand on heart, swear that the disease arose out of nowhere, because the child is not on the eve of colds. Cause of illness you continue to consider the physical factors. Reveling in his own righteousness, you did not notice that the humble obedience of the child is the process of turning inward, in which a person, sparing himself, angry at himself in the same way as does the neighbor.

Feeling helplessness due to inability to help its parent mutual pity aroused by anger which a parent give the child. Behind all this was a difference in your mood. Within a few days you proud of themselves and praised the child, as it saw itself. Then the mood fell, and the consequent disappointment spilled on the child. He accepted and became ill. Sometimes you cover such a rage – no matter for whom – that gasped the air: Are you choking anger. Life seems unfair to you. If at this point you arm gets a child, you agree to yell at him.

The child who made the day a little offense, feels guilty and absorbs completely all of your anger. A few hours later he falls ill throat and a feeling of suffocation. For one of these diseases include diphtheria. In the past – hard – during an epidemic of diphtheria caused high mortality among children, while children today are vaccinated against diphtheria. Since the idea of any earthly means stronger, kids today do not become ill diphtheria and spasm of the larynx – laryngospasm. Do you think that patients and their families are ready to be frank with you to analyze what predshedstvuet disease? I doubt it. Doctors see the fact of illness, severity of the disease, complications of the disease and treat it with varying degrees of success. Only cause of the disease is frequently seen in the investigation.

Oct 04 2018


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The process of I fight one reveals well-occurred and he is conscientiously accepted when the death was taken as real and the familiar one presents availability for personal investments, keeping livings creature the feelings in relation the person who if was, recouping auto-esteem and the valuation of the ego (OLIVEIRA and LOPES, 2008). The individual that is sick passes for many emotions and thoughts, is they it fear of the suffering, of as its life will be and of what will go to happen to it, fear to feel pain, fear of the dependence, therefore with the advance of the illness can need aid to make things that before made alone. Ron O’Hanley often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Other feelings that can appear are of anger and discourage front the situation, have shocked, negation, acceptance, among others. This reaction varies of person for person, therefore each one in accordance with reacts the situations its beliefs, values and way of life until the moment (MORAES, 2009). When it knows of the terminal phase of the illness the patients pass for a phase that is of negation, initially they do not believe that she can be truth. This is a temporary defense, being soon substituted for a partial acceptance. It is important to respect the desire not to accept the illness (KUBLER-ROSS, 2008). When a period of training of the negation cannot more be kept comes the period of training of the anger, with feelings of anger, revolt, envies and resentment, the patient always complaint of everything, at this moment it needs time and attention, therefore either who will be that this anger is being unloaded nothing has to see with these people and to answer with the same behavior goes to get worse the situation of the patient, feeding its hostile behavior (KUBLER-ROSS, 2008). The third period of training is of the bargain, using the previous experiences, the patient knows that it has bigger possibility of being rewarded if holding well.

Jun 20 2018

Growth Responsibility

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Not I absolutely know nothing of its wife, exactly because it does not leave itself to know. But I feel that it needs aid. It needs to give to more possibility and life more. It needs to believe that she is leaving for the world that we grow inside of our marriage. That she is necessary to risk more and without previous planning. you have the responsibility to make to create it courage to leave its zone of comfort and mundinho perfect that it created for vocs. Other point is that you have the responsibility not to hurt this another person, who for what you wrote is playing in you the responsibility for its proper joy, you entitulando the rescuer of its life (she also worries what me). Imperfections exist there.

Growth without suffering does not exist, this is integrant part of the process. Therefore it has courage to live this moment in its life and to learn with it, whichever the lies to be learned. in more, if all the involved ones to suffer a bit in the end, are part. ‘ ‘ People run the risk to suffer a little when if cativar.’ left; ‘ Small Prince. Kiss for you. Courage and I am always here of the other side of the line. Perhaps it has said excessively and not fond to the place none. If to want to talk, is to write alone me. Taste of you, you always me of a chance to run away from mine mundinho and to forget them my problems and making to be me of victim of my destination. It sees it writes if me.

Jun 14 2017

Silvia Motivation

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Fernando arrives to say that the parents do not have authority with the children, as well as the professors do not have with the pupils, leaving the side punishment, that is the factor that it believes to be the .causing greater of this disobedience. When being inquired on the alternatives for the combat of the indiscipline, Silvia says that it is a question of comment and research of the functioning of the lesson advice, so that it can create circumstances of dialogue between the pupils. Already the interviewed professor standes out the basic importance of the psychologist, which working in set the pedagogia of the school will show the nimbleness where the aspects of the human development are formed: ' ' Psychology can show that the developments cognitivo, affective, aesthetic, social and moral constitute aspects of an only harmonic development humano' ' (BECKER, 2006, P. 01). In this way, the professional of the area of psychology assumes a significant role, acting as agent of changes, taking care of the organizacionais general demands of the institution and in the accompaniment of the accomplishment of psicopedaggicas programs of re-education, operating I assist in it to the professor before the situation of the pupil, as in the proper case of the indiscipline. 2.5. The motivation of the pupils Corroborating Eccheli (2008), detaches, still, the idea of Brophy, a writer who characterizes the motivation as being of two types; the intrinsic one that she is that one that if gets through satisfactory results of some lived deeply and the extrinsical one, distinguished experience as an emotional state caused by determined stimulatons that cause to the interest of the pupils for the activities proposals through profit of you reward or other resources that contribute for the increase of this behavior. Eccheli (2008 apud GUIMARES, 2001) agrees that the use of compliments, in the case of the extrinsical motivation, is more efficient ahead the motivation of what the material gratuity, that is rewards, it is important if tied with some activity and the compliment must serve pra to produce the motivation that beyond a return on such performance of the pupil, also possesss affective component, fortifying the interest.

Nov 20 2016


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And there seems to be a vicious circle. After all, total freedom – is nirvanic state and reached his little. And the body needs with their physiological or psychological subordination in this case cease to be the object of attention and consideration. Then there is a reasonable question, but what makes a person not familiar with either the highest meditative state, nor with the nature of addiction? Recipe for one. Study himself inch by inch, watch and try to learn to tailor their instrumental in person at least to some extent. (As opposed to Gary Kelly).

And here without awareness of the problem depends not do. Here's what they think about the nature of dependence, some researchers in area and psychology. "Man lives satisfaction of their desires, fears, struggles, vanity, entertainment and amusements, mindless sport, business intelligence and gambling, priobretatelstvom, sensuality, mind-numbing daily work, daily care and concern, and most of all – the subordination of pleasure and submission, and if he ceases to obey the same power, it immediately begins to obey the other. " pd Ouspensky "A new model of the universe." "We – the machine, we are totally controlled by external circumstances. All our actions follow in the direction of least resistance to pressure of external circumstances. " G. G "Conversations with students." "A man of habit," it's almost a "mechanical man" since the images themselves derive from it a certain behavior, and he need not take any decision or to govern themselves.

" M. Orlov. "Rise to individuality. " In one series of documentary video series "Game Gods", author and film director Sergei explores the habit, as one of the restrictions, without breaking it up into categories of good – bad.

Apr 05 2016

Marie Lenormand

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Maps, which enjoyed Maria Lenormand, were the most ordinary. Only treatment was her own, largely based on rules imposed Eteylloy (special card – "blank", "carte blanche" – to ask or questioner, accounting, direct and reverse positions, etc.). After her death (1843) nor any special cards, nor the more notes on divination has survived, although many wrote Lenormand. But it was mostly a memoir of meetings with famous people and philosophical reflections on the future of France. Methods Marie Lenormand was only partially restored and described by her disciples and followers. The most successful reconstruction of cartomancy Mary Lenormand made the Flemish fortuneteller Erna Drusbeke. To facilitate the work of intuition Erna Drusbeke made a 36 card is usually a French deck symbolic figures, the interpretation which is not difficult: it is clear means that the sun is the joy, warmth and light, a ring – marriage, and the cross – suffering.

In addition to the usual (ace of diamonds, nine of spades, and so on), and the cards have their own special numbering that enables diviners to find new numerological relationship. These maps have we are not yet available, but we can take an ordinary deck renumbered card again and use this system: the result of this will be no worse. Lay out the maps can be any of you all know how, here we give only one alignment, which was used most girl Lenormand and even now rarely used fortune-teller. Laid out all the cards in 4 horizontal rows of 9 cards each. After that, they sought Map questioner ("Form"): if this man, the ace of hearts (N 28, master), if a woman – the ace of spades (N 29, mistress). If you are wondering at the child, asking for the card can be taken Jacks Peak (N 1913, Child). After this vertical column, which hit map Ask me before accepting a number of present and all that is left of it, belongs to the past, all right – for the future.

Dec 03 2015

Retrograde Planets

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Since ancient times, our ancestors knew about the impact of retrograde planets in all human activities. This is particularly true of the retrograde Mercury, Venus and Mars. Period of retrograde planet comes at a time when she slows down and begins to move back down. A few weeks later the planet resumes movement in direktnom direction. This information you need is not for 'banal erudition', but rather for personal gain. There are several relatively simple rules, applying to, you save yourself from many problems, save lots of time, health and money.

So, let us imagine, Mercury retrograde! This smart little time to stay retrograde three times during the year, an average of 24 days. This time it is enough to frustrate any innocent people, disrupting important travel and business meetings. Also, when Mercury is in retrograde in droves occur confusion, misunderstanding, confusion, deception and self-deception is lost or delayed mail, failure of equipment. During this period, is highly undesirable to sign any documents to get a job, starting a career, move to a new place to buy home appliances, phones, computer, cars. From buying all sorts of expensive things and apartments are also possible, to abstain (can happen deception). Webmasters: you should not register with the affiliate programs and catalogs, to produce new sites, I warn you once, nothing will. It is best to use this time to complete the already initiated cases, but the plan new useless. In In 2009, Mercury will be retrograde from January 11 to February 1, from 7 to 31 May, from 7 to 29 September and from December 26 to January 15, 2010.

Next in importance is beautiful Venus. It is retrograde ('not in the spirit') about 40 days, but with intervals of 19 months. Very unfavorable it is time for change in his personal life, it is useless to make new acquaintances, to enter into marriage (relations would soon be canceled). Questions of personal property, real estate, Finance is not worth raising, may be mistakes. Buy expensive clothes and jewelry should be delayed failure may be exhibitions of artists, all the arts going through difficult times. In 2009, Venus retrograde from March 6 to April 17. Closes our trinity of Mars, which is as much as 2.5 months every 2 years is retrograde ('cultural' rest, I suppose). Incidentally, it is better not to bother at this time, that is not to start a new cycle of physical activity, sports, military training and conflict. It is undesirable that time, and for litigation, as well as surgical operations, buying a car and dangerous journeys. In 2009, Mars retrograde from December 20 to March 10, 2010.

Apr 22 2014

Game Control

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Each family member is in daily contact with many close friends. It is included in various complicated relationship, also serves a lot of social roles, often poorly mating with each other. Social competence, in a sense, resourcefulness, and simultaneously dialogical-that is what a child learns very early. With such a family organization is often the question of power – the main one. He decided in the context of any communication: Dad forbids, and her mother allows the child something, it's all done with a child and a hidden message in this case is: 'The child listens to me, not you, then I am more important. " It briefly about the situation, now more: First Underwater Stone – "power and control." The outside world at times of social and economic instability is perceived as hostile, dangerous and unpredictable. "Rules of the Game" for many changes, becoming in many respects contradictory interests of the people, preventing them realize their goals. Sharply increased anxiety of the individual and the situation does not allow control of the important elements of life and thus make the situation more predictable.

Need to control and use it in the removal of anxiety is not going anywhere. And if you can not globally control over their lives and the external situation, then you can take this concern small "chunks". Free for this area human life – is communication. With communication we can try to control other people to raise their status by humiliating others. Family suited for this could not be more out there worthy and permanent partners for this brutal game.