Apr 21 2020


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It has, at least, three different types and you observed of dislexia: phonetic or fonolgica, diseidtica or visual and mixing. In accordance with the majority of the studies, the phonetic or fonolgica dislexia representatively is diagnosised (Boder, 1973 apud Ciasca & Moura-Ribeiro, 2006). Ahead of this picture, although the dislexia to denote disfunes of specific cortical areas, the first stage to be worked during the therapeutical work is I stimulate it of auto-esteem. Since the dislexia represents an interaction between the genetics and what it is acquired by the influence of the environment, therefore reflects the privation ambient, the damages in the nervous system after-Christmas, inadequate the educational chance, among others. In this in case that, it fits to detach the importance of auto-esteem, therefore it is a sensitivity developed in the family and the school, that the necessity of a socializante environment has to be developed. Learn more on the subject from Eric Kuby. Parallel, it has in the self-knowledge the source for its improvement.

With the increase of auto-they esteem coadjuvando with the work of the fonoaudiologia, the child passes to get the fluency of the reading, being the writing the last stage of the work. As all the problems of mental health that involve the learning difficulties, are basic that seeming psychiatric physician and is precocious so that the visual, auditory alterations are discarded and of mental retardation. Being thus, the next step involves a fonoaudiolgica evaluation that will be able to carry through the diagnosis with precision. The evolution of the treatment is fruit of the interaction of the fonoaudiolgicos programs associates to the psicoeducao, that involves the family and the school. As for example, introducing concrete modifications and giving to conditions of stimulation and support in the daily one of the dislxico individual. Disgrafia the disgrafia basically consists of the difficulty to differentiate and to analyze the graphical symbols and of reproduziz them, respecting in its totality its elements and its correct ordinance in the time and the space.

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