May 20 2011


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A world in which man lives, the action is subservient thought Overmind, which, at its discretion creates events, their speed, thereby forming the lifetime of our world. In addition, he creates the goal of existence of our world and purpose of human existence, and therefore only when a person begins to move towards their true goal, he will be able to move and the direction of his own immortality. Today, pa "happiness of the people" through unconventional approach to studying the structure of the material world, using the capabilities of the intangible world entirely uncovered the secret of immortality of man. As a result, studies oriented "people's happiness" has learned that if you want a man can possess immortality after twenty years. But for that to happen, initially at least progressive part of humanity should realize the need for movement in the right direction with respect to human immortality. And only after that person will have a real hope to defeat the disease, old age and death. Home III-rd millennium not only led to a radical change in human life, but also to a redistribution of money throughout the world. Most of the population became poorer, but it appeared a clan of very rich people.

Many of them became multimillionaires, and it took me most of their lives. These people have marked the birth of the oligarchs – a new generation of super-rich individuals III-rd millennium. But it is on their share had fallen and that period of the III-rd Goals – its beginning – when most of them have grown old and now is trying to solve the problem of extending their lives. The same problem at one time tried to solve the many conquerors of our world, such, for example, like Genghis . But all of them eventually had to part with both his power and with his boundless wealth acquired by no means an honest way. All of them are inevitably felt by the law of justice, on the effects of which even today Very little is known to modern man. That's why many of today's oligarchs, like their predecessors from the representatives of the powerful, and can not preserve their power and wealth. Time inevitably stands on guard justice and will stand up as long as man has learned to appreciate and understand, while human thought is not directed toward the interests of the Overmind, until he learns to live not only their own interests, but also the public interest. But to all these people still have hope to gain immortality, that the same hope came from the rest of the people of the earth, pa "The happiness of the people" program was developed "Immortality of the Ukrainian people." In this case, pa "The happiness of the people, guided by the globality of the problem, given a sufficiently low level of development of the state of Ukraine and a highly developed level of corruption system power, does not preclude the implementation of this program in a more progressive state, where people are more likely to understand how annoying it die in the III-th millennium.

May 05 2011

Skype Users

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Then I began to selectively go to websites that interested me. Since about 1999, I began to learn the network. Only since 2001, I started to use search engines to work. Until 2004, I had not even heard about cheap long distance or international calls through Skype. Only in 2008 (!), I discovered the opportunity to play chess in real time with unfamiliar partners from different countries. Around the same time I joined in 'classmates'. We enter into the taste gradually and simultaneously developed a network, giving us all the more convenient features, all new resources.

For example, two years ago the majority of even experienced users virtually browse online video – because of technical limitations, this format was not available. Now, thanks to the fourth generation networks in several cities country has the opportunity to enjoy online video in your laptop even when riding in a car with a speed of 80 km / h. And with any good cable connection, we especially do not experience problems with viewing it. The general trend is that video content in the near future, will likely become the main format in the network (if we measure the amount of time that the user pays him). As a result, the development of network users for new formats, Dating with an increasing number of different sites, for increased awareness about the possibilities of the network, including, for example, job search, friends, or life partner (including those outside your city or even country), savings due to online shopping and even create your own, generating a steady income online business, increasing the gap between users and nonusers network both in outlook and quality of life.

May 02 2011

Smart Homes

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The idea of creating a smart home is not new, and at one time actively used by science fiction writer as a base for creating all sorts of unreal worlds. Now, when many things were really real, and for their implementation does not need to have untold wealth, to be president of America or a capricious Hollywood star. This, apparently, and scares many people who realize the greatest strength and power of modern digital technology. Surely the writers and the movie "Click" were among those who feared the introduction of smart home technology in the lives of ordinary people. The film's protagonist, who skillfully played the famous American comedian Adam Sandler – real workaholic.

He dreams of one universal remote control not only their own lives, who would be able to manage not only the appliances in the house, but living people (wife, kids) and even dog. What results is his desire, I will not retell. See the movie if you really want to know the continuation. But frank "inflation" problem a smart home, relieving people from many of the usual hassle there. Indeed, if we trust the technology independent child care, stop looking in the morning to his wife, who prepares breakfast, not to make unnecessary movements, even to cook some coffee, and just click on one or another button, you can swim with fat, you can forget the names of their own children, you may lose your love. But this will only happen when a person becomes a slave of a cozy home. In the meantime, our endless work, our intractable plans for each day, frantic pace of life forced to seek refuge in an intelligent digital world. People who understand the benefit and safety of smart home technology, it will never be held hostage.

After all that surrounds us technique is designed to make life easier, not exacerbate existing problems. And even in the movie "Click" anti-advertising smart home went for literate comic turn, reject opportunities that offer us a high technology is almost as stupid and vain, like getting a successful business woman to leave for permanent residence in a remote village . Modern civilization is developing at a frantic pace, and the system is comfortable house – just one of the most promising "branches" of this development. Far more pleasant to follow up with useful and qualitative changes that bring with them an annual scientific and technical discoveries, than to trail in its wake. Do not be reactionaries, let into my life technologies cozy home. Guarantee life will become easier, life will become happier.