May 31 2014

Mediumsized Businesses

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Staff search still successfully make but how? Topics of shortages and demographic change go in connection with the labour market for a long time by the press. Particularly hard hit are industries such as the IT sector in finding employees. There are now including too few students and at the same time but too many college dropout in the IT sector. This technological Know-How nowhere obsolete in companies as soon as concerning it. This requires continuous in-house training to remain for projects on the current state of knowledge. Especially small and medium-sized IT companies, which compete against industry giants with known names and reputation, suffering EBCONT best case of IT mid from Austria the lack qualified employees on the labour market. As from the perspective of such a company can be addressed this problem, shows the EBCONT group from Austria.

As a holding company, the group combines four subsidiaries. Three of them are IT service provider specializing in the Microsoft environment, SAP consulting and Individual software development for Java Enterprise and mobile apps. The fourth daughter provides employee leasing in the industrial sector. Recommendations and active employees search those responsible for EBCONT have identified early on, that in various media to little reaction takes place on open positions. Firstly due to the mentioned lack of professionals, on the other hand due to the very specific requirements in software development. Here, about 80% of the addressed are already deterred by supposedly lack of knowledge and the remaining 20% think about whether they want to apply.

There remains too little left “, so Johannes Litschauer, Managing Director of EBCONT enterprise technologies GmbH. Therefore focus especially on recommendations, active search and job fairs is located at EBCONT. Employees receive even rewards for referrals that lead to a setting.

May 18 2014

Business Administration

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Document said that “of the assessments made days earlier, showed serious deficiencies in reading comprehension, they did unfit for further studies in this house of knowledge.” Any of us, very professional that we could be many times, tease, joke, could be rejected out of hand, any chance of employment or studies. Many adults, despite already graduated from school, still having trouble understanding the meaning of a text, fail to realize what they are told, teaches, explains, reported. Neither can be achieved with illustrations to understand the message of his interlocutor. These shortcomings, either by mongolism, mental retardation, chronic stupidity, poor nutrition, development of idiocy, are common in our time and serious limitations to the study at a distance for example. Distance education requires that students be able to understand, understand, learn with visual aids, short readings, themes developed in cd, dvd, others are chosen for the process.

There are even professional college graduates who have this problem, which makes them unable to pursue doctoral studies, master, falling behind in their careers, while others advance with giant strides in their specialty. The title is nothing if not capable of reading, discernment, quick thinking, reading comprehension and proved. In 2000 came a notice in the newspaper that read: rationalization Personal and company store, we require urgently. Interested in a suit filed in Los Sauces 123 San Isidro, during office hours. Preference will be given issues that dominate the survey.

May 18 2014

Environmental Lovelock

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Lovelock considers the concept of Earth as a unified system, endowed with all the features of a living organism. Humanity is in the earth’s body part of the nervous system, and the violation of its work, according to Lovelock, is the reason all observed today, environmental anomalies. Lovelock and others of his colleagues who study the laws of the Earth – is a special mentality of the people. Their way of tying them to nature, to the planet, forming their thoughts, worldview. People from that environment, usually imbued with the idea that the world is a seamless, closed system.

They understand that our world – like a family where everyone necessarily related to each other. It only remains to find the key to mutual understanding between us. Objectives of nature leads us to a state of inextricable link in a global world? How to stay together and forced to pay by connection to the right relationship, in complicity, and become an integral part of nature? You must rise above egoistic nature to a state of perfect single community, corresponding to the level of man. Following the example of the human body, where all parts work in harmony. Environmentalists, who deal with the nature of the Earth, very good it feels. Them to better understand all that nature requires us to regard her, harmony, cooperation.

Nature is infinitely good and that develops us, and we are his egoism preventing its conversation with us. Teaming together, we will immediately begin to hear the nature, feel its appeal to us. Today, our planet is coming to , and with it goes into the past egotistical civilization, built on the Earth’s resources, the exploitation of its mineral resources. It is now fully felt the need to go to the next level of development: the unity of man and the world, a harmonious interaction of a large body of planet Earth.

May 17 2014

Certified Business Economist

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The classics under the sectoral commercial qualifications start in Bremen again in the autumn 4 semester full-time or 6 semesters of part-time studies the nationally recognised training state-approved / r business studies, the classic among the cross-industry business qualifications, restarts in Bremen from 01.10.12, in the variants full-time or part-time. Content: The course gives commercial employees who already have a completed vocational training and additional professional experience, a business qualification which prepares the exercise of managerial responsibilities. Economically well-founded knowledge can be understood economic relationships and future business decisions. While studying the development of personal skills such as communication, time management and method competence is integrated into the curriculum. Your benefit: You can in direct connection to your education with the business Wisoak begin studies at the.

To gain the required relevant employment, during the study period. Cooperation agreements allow interested graduates transition into the more internationally recognized Bachelor’s degree colleges, University, or vocational college. The lump-sum recognition of services of the State tested Betriebswirtes on akkredidierte courses leads to an entry in the fifth or sixth semester of seven – or fewson business studies. An individual assessment is no longer required. Fields of study: Business administration, international management, economics, principles of management, marketing, human resources and organization, information systems / process management, internal and external accounting, econometrics/statistics, law/EU law, taxation, labor and social law, German, business English, rhetoric/communications, political science, scientific works, method competence.

4. Semester is the focus on education. The students will be offered the opportunity to opt for the optional area of accounting or marketing. For small groups of only an elective area can be performed. The lessons take place on 2 evenings a week and on Saturday mornings. Additional weekends are planned. A part of the course is offered as E-learning module. Target group: Employees from the commercial sector with promotion request special feature: only written application! Please request application forms!

May 16 2014

SAP Business One SEPA

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OSC has SI SEPA in the new training catalogue for the quarter of 2013 integrated financial accounting in the subject area. On February 1, 2014, uniform, Europe-wide single euro payments area enters euro payments area (SEPA) in a new phase: the SEPA payment formats replace national payment formats. Cashless payments are standardized, what provides the benefits of a cross-border native disk format and identical charges for domestic and foreign payments. Must undertake their systems depending on the scope of SEPA update use the plan. SAP business one already supports the SEPA payment transactions and OSC has recorded therefore 2013 the theme SI in the new training catalogue for the quarter in the field of financial accounting. The latest advances in SAP business one version 9.0 informed OSC SI in subject-specific training, such as the logistics and purchasing. The new training for SAP Crystal reports and SAP Crystal dashboard design found in the quarter of 2/2013 positive response and were enabled by default in the Recorded training program.

These workshops are aimed at managers or salespeople who want to use the reporting and analysis tool SAP Crystal reports as well as the corresponding dashboard solution. They take place on request.

May 16 2014

Fulfilled And Successful Life: Two Free Courses By And With Yvonne Van Dyck

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“Successful people are not always met, but filled people are more successful.” Yvonne van Dyck on the Austrian national day – 26 October – invites Yvonne van Dyck in the Hall of the Salzburger Nachrichten to two free classes and thus is aimed at people who want to check their site and successful and fulfilled itself determine its course with joy. The morning class is tailored to entrepreneurs, the afternoon appointment open to all – is asked to register in advance, “the courses specifically on participants to cut”, so Yvonne van Dyck. On the national holiday, invites Yvonne van Dyck in the Hall of the Salzburger Nachrichten to two free classes and thus is aimed at people who want to check their site and successful and fulfilled itself determine its course with joy. The morning class is tailored to entrepreneurs, the afternoon appointment open to all – is asked to register in advance, “the courses specifically on participants to cut”, so Yvonne van Dyck. All Participants will experience this day Yvonne van Dyck idea-loop: with him the trainer and Managing Director developed the id Institute one compass for the successful and fulfilled implementation of ideas.

Each participant will receive an evaluation of its current location and its nuclear potential. Between courses, research and art project WE find ARE… ONE of Yvonne van Dyck and the international top photographer Stefan Dokoupil instead: How do values on our taste and our looks, and how to recognize them on the basis of the non-verbal? Stefan Dokoupil created portrait photos of the participants (optional) and creates a new image from it. In parallel, the idea pool, a room for enjoyable networking, is open to the participants. TOPICS: identifying your personal course what fulfills you as you know, that you are successful as you bring success and fulfillment in accordance as the dynamics of the development of ideas works and how to increase effect of ideas the episode which the compass for your group/company benefits flow: 10-12 Watch: course 1, for entrepreneurs, 12-4 pm: photo project WE ARE… ONE 4-6 pm: Course 2, open for all 18: 00: end of the course and final drink place: Hall of the Salzburger Nachrichten, Karolinen road 40, 5021 Salzburg Yvonne van Dyck and C more trainers are for personal discussions. Each participant which can be taken by Stefan Dokoupil, the photo including the evaluation of their own strengths and potential for development. A condition: Because each course is specifically matched to the present group, we need a list of answered questions ask before we-are up to 3 days before the course!

May 15 2014

Tairu Chief Executive Officer

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Living diversity and international orientation as a part of the ddn future strategy in Dortmund, 17.04.2013: on the ddn member meeting on 15th and 16th April 2013 Chairman Rudolf Kast signed in the presence of Aletta Grafin von Hardenberg of the diversity Charter. This has the goal to create a work environment that is free of prejudice. Thus, one is now ddn total 1400 institutions committed to do so, to promote the diversity of its employees and appreciate. As a first step, ddn plans a working group on the topic of diversity. Also the ddn itself is diverse. For now, foreign organizations as member of the demographics can be network. So, the founding of ddn Switzerland is expected for this year.

“To the future strategy of ddn Rudolf Kast said: we want to develop more concrete products with commercial value and thereby attract more members.” That works, the past year has proven impressively: the number of members increased by 23 per cent in 2012. Rainer Tairu Chief Executive Officer, added: the policy also needs our advice. DDN is not without reason as a network of excellence with proven expertise in the demo demography strategy of the Federal Government. Also our members appreciate that.” More than 100 members came to the General Assembly in the representation of Bertelsmann Group and Foundation. On entrepreneurship, Dr. Andreas Rickert, Chairman of the Board put an introductory stimulus the Phineo gAG.

He cheered the members to do so, to take advantage of the knowledge that is created through ddn and carry their commitment in the demographic changes. Then, the members in a speed-networking had the opportunity to be active. The demographics ddn network e.V. is an Association of over 350 companies and institutions, the common responsibility for over two million workers wear. DDN is funded by the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs and is anchored in the demo demography strategy of the Federal Government. Press contact: Pascal Frai, press officer DDN, phone: 0231.9071-2818, email:, for more information see demographics The new quality of work INITIATIVE is a joint initiative of federal, countries, associations and institutions of the economy, trade unions, companies, social security institutions and foundations. Their goal: more quality of work as the key to innovation and competitiveness at the location Germany. This offers 2002 examples in the life inspiring initiative called practice, consulting and information services, exchanges, as well as a programme in the year for projects that bring new personnel – and employment policy approaches on the way.

May 12 2014


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Often, especially in recent time for the seminar, we understand the process of obtaining information from the same teacher / specialist / lead / speaker on the topic of the seminar with an opportunity to ask questions or share some experiences and hear from some specialist advice or assessment of our actions. In addition, there is some communication 'on the sidelines "during coffee breaks, when participants will often receive a far greater interest is their information, exchanging experiences, knowledge and just thoughts, suggestions and proposals between them. Without belittling the value and utility of acquiring knowledge in the form of workshops, let's still consider what has the advantage of coaching as a form of knowledge. Is no single and clear definition, but what still is a training offered here certainly is not worth it, because they are many, but still we can say that: Training – an interactive form of teaching adults (usually), during which participants have the opportunity to gain new knowledge, exchange their knowledge and, importantly, experience, and most importantly – buy practical skills to use the knowledge gained. Interactivity should not be understood only as the use of a laptop, projector and presentations during the presentation – all of the above is just an auxiliary tool for information delivery, which affects one of the channels of information perception by man. This term is needed to understand the use of techniques, to allow the exchange of information regime dialogue, effective feedback, sharing information within small groups, among all team members.

May 11 2014

Reduce Travel Costs

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Atlatos business workshop for online bookings of business travel – travel management for business trips and business travel management companies: free business workshop for businesses at the business travel show BTS business travel show Dusseldorf. Our partner for enterprise solutions in the management of travel, the Atlatos GmbH offers a workshop for companies who want to learn about costs and greater efficiency in the Organization of their business trips. The business workshop will take place on September 30, 2009 at 13:15 and Oct 1, 2009 at 14:45 (the exhibition is all day). The business travel show in Dusseldorf is the leading platform for discussions and new technologies around the theme “Business trip”. The workshop includes a live presentation of the Atlatos travel management system with demonstration of simple ways of booking for hotel, flight, car rental and Deutsche Bahn.

The advantages of an online business solution with travel agency service, tips for the travel are short and crisp Management and simple travel cost accounting topics of the workshop. Starts: Wed, September 30, 2009, 09:30 end: Thu, 01.10.2009, 18:00 deadline: Tue, September 29, 2009, 18:00 place: category Exhibition Hall 1, South entrance, Dusseldorf, Dusseldorf, Germany: measure and Congress simply booking business travel: travel management solutions for company information on Atlatos GmbH: Atlatos offers a travel management system for businesses, with the aim of optimizing travel budgets and the simplification of travel processes. This is to maximize customer satisfaction through a comprehensive travel management system in more useful combination through the personal assistance of a travel agency. With the business travel portal each business travelers can book hotels, rental cars and flights easily and inexpensively. More efficiency in business: Atlatos Traveller provides holistic care through online booking platform and travel agency service of Atlatos professional traveller offers companies an effective travel management to the easy online booking of hotels, car rental, flights and car rides, taking into account your company specifications. Advantages of the Atlatos professional traveller for your business: reduce direct and indirect travel costs more comfort in the travel arrangements travel optimization more transparency through a tailored reporting integrated travel management travel planning through to the settlement of travel not expensive initialization adjustments of business travel solution desire optimal integration of supervising travel agencies captured in the process flows of the Atlatos professional travellers with traveller be Atlatos professional holistic all travel processes of your company. These include a powerful and user-friendly travel planning, integrated travel policies, standardized approval process and automatically generated travel reports. More information about our travel agency-full service for companies, obtained image tours, Tel. 040-227 270-0 or by E-mail at image tours / contact registration for the workshop: the free invitation to the trade fair and the workshop can be requested by E-Mail (specify limited – please complete address!

May 09 2014

Berlin Cisco

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Westcon Group launches Cisco-focused solutions portfolio in Eastern Europe market Berlin, June 2009 the Westcon Group, Inc. (WGEO), the leading specialty distributor in networking, convergence, security and mobility solutions expands its business field on the Eastern European market. Under the leadership of the Berlin Comstor, a subsidiary of the WGEO, recently opened the new branch office in Prague. Geographically as strategically speaking, the German VAD is the ideal candidate to support the expansion of activities in Eastern Europe in the International Federation of Westcon Group. Especially since Comstor Berlin had built himself the business in Austria and continuously expanding for years. In the tenth year of its highly successful existence of Europe’s leading and award-winning Cisco Distributor, to a more strategic role within the Group Association of Westcon Group acquires Comstor Germany. In the open market of the European Union is concentrated experience of Comstor in the German capital, in the heart of the United in Central Europe.

In the Cisco business is also in the weight, Westcon Group as first and only has drawn a global distribution agreement with Cisco, enabling globally consistent global transactions for the channel partners. \”Regardless of Europe discussed economic fundamentals we are unchanged on course for growth,\” Joachim said Brown, Executive Board of the Berlin Comstor after returning from Prague. \”In the Czech Republic our experience for the development and expansion of continuous channel activities is required mainly to transfer of our expertise in the business development of the emerging partner network to our Czech sister company now.\” The new Comstor Office in Prague will offer the complete range of Cisco products and related services. Based on the so successful in Germany retail programs, oriented to the multiple award-winning Cisco support offerings of the Berlin be the Czech reseller from the outset on proven local resources can rely to provide the young and upcoming EU – partner country SMEs with converged network solutions on the basis of the prestigious Cisco technologies.