Jan 15 2012

Following Work

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According to them we choose the path of action for everything we do. Our daily activities are guided by conscious or unconscious explanations we give to happen. These explanations are only one set of information that helps us answer our own questions and inhabit a world apart from the phenomena we seek to explain. What are the phenomena explain: we explain our experiences (H. Maturana). Fix your attention on the following example (which I mentioned on previous occasions): Why go to work? Because they pay me for that I need to make money because we all must work because I like Etc. All these explanations are consistent and acceptable, but not all involve same course of action: "Because I get paid for it" implies that go to my work without question "Why do I need to make money" can offer opportunities to transfer to other jobs "because I like" may mean that even if it has enough money, I shall my work, etc. Why I came back to my job? The explanation of my head: "Because I am irresponsible": Way of action: reprimand my explanation: "Because I live far away": Way of action: to move closer to my friend's explanation: "Because you are shameless": Way of action: I laugh at it but do nothing. Note that all are acceptable but in this case must be accepted by the head because we have given him authority to adopt the explanation (but not none of them more true than the other). Here we must rescue the following: the explanation of a phenomenon depends on who explained the phenomenon is not explained.