Apr 21 2011


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And if sober middle-aged population of our country, more skeptical about the idea of a panacea, but rather that kind of money to spend on a trip to the sea, the pensioners were willing to spend all their savings to purchase the unit 'Details' and became the most active consumer audience. And now another real example, but ill-conceived approach to the warning. Factory specializing in production of metal (pipes, sheets) launches its advertising on youth music radio station. This is such a plan, designed to 'maybe', not on your target group, which specialist would prevent ever. So it seems that this project – a concession the administration of the plant pretty and who knows how to convince the advertising 'agentshe' radio station, not otherwise.

By the way, the success of the advertising company it is important that the company chose the right edition of her, not vice versa. Advertising does not happen a lot? In addition to selecting the target audience, must also properly orient the volume of alerts. Here, too, has its own laws, violating which can negate the already made investments. For example, a certain company engaged in the installation of plastic windows, decided within a month to advertise their services in the journal Telesem '- very popular, so expensive for advertising placement. Within a month they got a lot of customers. But this one-time services. And with the end Advertising flow of requests dropped. After all, people are watching these ads only at the time of specific need, not 'in reserve', the more choice of firms is enormous.

Apr 20 2011

Absolute Power

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Create a single, global economic and financial system, one element of which will be A unified world currency that has circulated to all the planet's surface in the form of electronic money. All other currencies must be destroyed, as indeed, and cash. The huge financial flows and other material resources will be directed to address critical challenges facing humanity, not to meet the needs of low-lying and maintaining a culture of "unbridled consumption, as well as the huge masses of "useless eaters." But in the future, and while the world is fierce struggle for something that one could not develop and live richly, and others – are all gone to the white bone. " vi. Investment in knowledge – the most important.

And what about the "elite"? Is their only goal of "Absolute Power", to which they go, creating giperupravlyaemoe society through modern, constantly evolving technologies? Yes it is. But the "Absolute Power" is the rule not only over the objects and people, at a higher level, this power over time and space, over the matter and energy. Such authority already has a divine nature, at least from the standpoint of a philistine. Now think about it in epithets that we apply to God the Almighty, who is at all times, all-seeing, all-knowing, perfect! His power is absolute. This power is not subject to time and space! Loneliness celestial – infinite freedom and desperation God created us in His image and likeness may be so in the soul of each of us is two people.

Apr 17 2011

Savings Bank Gas

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Must also be a desire of the Russian business to participate in this process. But, frankly, until recently, no real incentives for implementation of environmental programs at the local industrialists were not. Such activities require huge financial investments in the modernization of equipment and processes. But the situation began to change as long as Russia is gradually beginning to enter the international system of carbon trading quotas. Each country will reduce its "exhaust" can sell "surplus" to another state. Accumulated by our country quotas for the period of the Kyoto Protocol from 2008 to 2012 amounts to 6.5 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent. However, until now Russia has not sold their quota.

But now, domestic companies can obtain funding for foreign investors in exchange for development projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Selection of participants takes place on competitive basis. In February-March 2010, the Savings Bank, a national operator of carbon units, conducted the first such competition. According to experts of the Savings Bank, from companies wanting to cash in on the careful respect for nature, made 44 applications for 77.5 million tons of greenhouse gases. The total amount of investment on all applications may be about 3,5 billion euros. One of the first intention to sell the quota of greenhouse gases, said "UstKutNeftegaz" – a subsidiary of the Congress (I llc Irkutsk Oil Company). The company, which develops Yarakta oil and gas field in Irkutsk region, is going to abandon the flaring petroleum gas (APG) in flames and now installs the equipment for his re-injection in developed seams.

Apr 15 2011

Indisputable Advantages Of The Housing Program

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Have you ever ever take out a bank loan or mortgage. But, perhaps, certainly did your relatives or friends. Then you know what it is: a large number of certificates and other securities, restriction of age, enormous interest, sureties, etc. etc. Then the first payment of interest, and already then the most credit. All this does not improve your mood, leading to loss of mental balance, makes the sleepless nights.

Agree? So, buying a property with the company Intway gives you a unique opportunity to avoid all these hassles. Namely: the bonus-funded housing program Intway Corporation provides you with a unique way to become owned their own apartments, houses, property overseas, or to invest funds in .Oformlenie made in accordance with the laws of the country in which the acquired property. 7 indisputable advantages of the housing program. – No certificates evidencing your income. – Your age does not matter. – Money for a down payment (20-30% of property value) earned in the company. – You can repay the loan from other sources of income.

– You can prepay the loan without penalty. – Your investments during the accumulation of funds guaranteed securities, company bonds Express Financial, which are subject to to mandatory redemption. – Your property and your life is insured for the entire duration of the loan agreement, which guarantees the safety of your investment. Registration is made in accordance with the laws of the country in which the acquired property.

Apr 04 2011

Legal Services

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Consider some points in detail. For example, the economic benefits of legal service. In-house counsel receives the order of 25-45 thousand rubles. Multiply the number of employees of the legal department and add to this the salary head of the department – even 45-90 thousand rubles. Complex legal service costs an average of 40 thousand rubles. 'But a lawyer who works in state organization, is well acquainted with all the subtleties of its affairs' – you will object. Yes, probably, with the daily issues your lawyer and handle well.

But sitting in one place, without adequate practice without participating in trials Lawyer gradually loses its qualification. And it came unexpected situation which requires quick and thought the decision, a lawyer-shtatnik can get confused. And in firms offering legal service to your services will be dozens of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience and diverse practice behind them. Not only that contain the legal department is much costly, so more and pick up literacy professionals is difficult. Lawyers today in the labor market is greater than all members of the working professions. Of course, the quality of the number of not winning. To form a department of the qualified Lawyers difficult also because it is almost impossible to verify the qualifications of a specialist before you take it to work. Possible disadvantages of using outsourcing: – possible risk that the safety will be compromised property of the company – if a third party to provide unlimited access to data and documents that might leak information to the enterprise.