Apr 17 2011

Savings Bank Gas

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Must also be a desire of the Russian business to participate in this process. But, frankly, until recently, no real incentives for implementation of environmental programs at the local industrialists were not. Such activities require huge financial investments in the modernization of equipment and processes. But the situation began to change as long as Russia is gradually beginning to enter the international system of carbon trading quotas. Each country will reduce its "exhaust" can sell "surplus" to another state. Accumulated by our country quotas for the period of the Kyoto Protocol from 2008 to 2012 amounts to 6.5 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent. However, until now Russia has not sold their quota.

But now, domestic companies can obtain funding for foreign investors in exchange for development projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Selection of participants takes place on competitive basis. In February-March 2010, the Savings Bank, a national operator of carbon units, conducted the first such competition. According to experts of the Savings Bank, from companies wanting to cash in on the careful respect for nature, made 44 applications for 77.5 million tons of greenhouse gases. The total amount of investment on all applications may be about 3,5 billion euros. One of the first intention to sell the quota of greenhouse gases, said "UstKutNeftegaz" – a subsidiary of the Congress (I llc Irkutsk Oil Company). The company, which develops Yarakta oil and gas field in Irkutsk region, is going to abandon the flaring petroleum gas (APG) in flames and now installs the equipment for his re-injection in developed seams.

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