Apr 20 2011

Absolute Power

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Create a single, global economic and financial system, one element of which will be A unified world currency that has circulated to all the planet's surface in the form of electronic money. All other currencies must be destroyed, as indeed, and cash. The huge financial flows and other material resources will be directed to address critical challenges facing humanity, not to meet the needs of low-lying and maintaining a culture of "unbridled consumption, as well as the huge masses of "useless eaters." But in the future, and while the world is fierce struggle for something that one could not develop and live richly, and others – are all gone to the white bone. " vi. Investment in knowledge – the most important.

And what about the "elite"? Is their only goal of "Absolute Power", to which they go, creating giperupravlyaemoe society through modern, constantly evolving technologies? Yes it is. But the "Absolute Power" is the rule not only over the objects and people, at a higher level, this power over time and space, over the matter and energy. Such authority already has a divine nature, at least from the standpoint of a philistine. Now think about it in epithets that we apply to God the Almighty, who is at all times, all-seeing, all-knowing, perfect! His power is absolute. This power is not subject to time and space! Loneliness celestial – infinite freedom and desperation God created us in His image and likeness may be so in the soul of each of us is two people.

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