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The Memorial

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MC, p 49. It is born to break of this dialogue a history of love without guilt or collections, Blimunda if allows to be with Baltasar without questions, without reasons. Its pureness is delivers it, for love, of the gotten passionate form simplest and, without commitment, guilt. Its capacity on the inside to see, leaves it certain of that, with that man, it will divide a life. In the relationship told for the author between Blimunda and Baltasar, it is possible sees the complicity and allegiance between them, what it makes with that confesses it: ' ' I can on the inside look at of the people ' '. MC, 69.

It who only has such powers will be in jejum, therefore she eats before opening the eyes. Blimunda, in a loving and protective attitude saves Baltasar and same it when it promises that it will see never it on the inside. It is intelligent and it knows the differences between it and the mother in regards to the vises that both possess. It did not import the preset concepts, the dogmas, the received teachings. She questioned the saints, did not obtain to conceive sanctity in common people. It was surprise when, in jejum, she did not obtain to see God in hstia.

CONCLUSION the personages worked for the author represent the pertaining women to a repressive society and hypocritical, each one lived in its world, even so both has something in common, the sensuality and the desire for the accomplishment to live freely. The Memorial romance of the Convent makes in them to analyze how much to the capacity to truily see the things that are distant of us, because in the truth, we only see what we desire. The Blimunda personage was special, therefore she could see what the common people could not: the essence, the truth of the things. this consists of also seeing what it is ackward, what he is dirty, sad, what all we prefer not to see. D.Maria Ana, represented the woman model submissa, without belief in its values, lived in a superficial world, representing only what the people wanted to see, the hypocrisy. The personages are constructed simultaneously with the plot. The details are important in this composition, the gestures, the interaction established with the personages, to symbolic associations used by the narrator. They are who assume attitudes that defy the norms of the adjusted behavior, threaten the social rules and reformulate the REFERENCES SARAMAGO, Jose. Memorial of the Convent. So Paulo: Publishing Way. Lisbon, 1982. Available Access in 06 of June of 2011. Available Access in 13 of June of 2011.

Jul 05 2018

Brazil Reality

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The difficulties, however, are not in looking at a reality and to perceive it challenging, as said, many they had made it to as much, inside and exactly it are of the Church. The great challenge is in searching forms to find this reality, to keep alive inside of it and to make to be born, in form of kerigma, where not yet if it can touch, the evanglica Truth. This concern is present in the text, of sufficiently serious form, and the same it tries to find answers it, a time that, even so the obtained advances, in social form, politics, economic, the fugacidade that reaches the society and, also, the people, seems not to find a port safe. In fact, never the denunciation of Karl Rahner was so current, brought in its booklet ' ' Darknesses and Light in the Orao' ' when it deals with the call ' ' desperation crnico' ' , that it takes account of the men in this modern society. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Larry Ellison and gain more knowledge.. It is therefore that the commitment stops with the Church in Brazil during this trinio one passes, inevitably, for a deep diving in the delicate social, economic lines and politics that they surround the Church and cannot be ignored. The proposal of an action that it searchs to find this reality and, before a closing, as unhappyly very one became in the past, a deep dialogue, intent and opened, without losing the North that guides the faith, showing, at last, through the Church the proper Christ, its head. The text finishes searching to point some ' ' pistas' ' for the evangelizadora action and the work pastoral. It is fact that if could not keep a manual, or to try to construct it, under the penalty of if falling in a useless casuistry. It could not better calhar some notes that can be read and ' ' inculturados' ' , if it has better place to fit the term, in accordance with the diverse realities that if present in Brazil.

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Wholesale Jerseys

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Bankruptcy Law Commission

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That put the international replica football shirts in arms and you vali to Rubiales that photo p power, disadvantage boxes and Puyol back.But just now you were taking steps in good direction. Gary Kelly has compatible beliefs. P members Congress voted a transactional p the Bankruptcy Law Commission in which case p sports societies prevails the law of sport. In other words, that in later those who acudiesen to the bankruptcy descenderan unpaid players. Missing the aprobacin of the Senate football T-shirts, which arrive in September, and ah to the full courts p p. And entered into force for the p end this season that begins.But someone malmeti in the LFP and in Assembly are arr to vote, p a manner generic, that in case p that came forward the transactional or that the Administration decided to divert part of the ten percent p pools players, remain without effect the Convention which now T-shirt Barcelona is est p trying to move forward. In return, the League offers create not comn Fund to pay players victims p the bankruptcy trap, as many call it. Fund slo Broan SBI ten million a year, a fifth p what been hanged this year, but is already much ms p what is offered in any sector. The League creates is pruned to move forward along this path.

Players, on the other hand, call for participating in sale p Panini stickers, ask p rights image when they sign by the clubs and not percentage p p TV rights.And neither have for Ms. Clubs spend sistemticamente ms p who enter and spend it, mostly to players: and failing to agents. The idea that the money of the ftbol p endless is led to the players to this situation. Clubs l ensemble des have signed in many cases amounts that no l ensemble des may pay, pushed by a greed growing p footballers and the insane rivalry that feeds into the ftbol, that everyone flees the descent or pursues the ascent, or train p Europe, disadvantage desesperacin.In 1990 participated in the opening of the p satellite contract p the LFP disadvantage the Autonmicas to give entrance to Canal +, that apareca disadvantage the formula p payment. What now pay for those rights is diecisis! times more than what was then pag.

Also have appeared since that new frmulas p explotacin p marketing, and by here and by all administrations have been plugging holes: paying without hope p recover, buying the stadium to leave it in usufruct, putting institutional advertising sobrepagada, recalificando land generously the teles than serta ftbol suffer, ruined are administrations, under the severe gaze p Angela Merkel, who holds the p harness cards. Now trying to scratch to radios an amount that they l ensemble des har suffer, but the ftbol evaporate in two kicks.There is no money. Someone has to decrselo to the players. And a strike not veterans administration to remedy this.

Jul 01 2018


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The marketing involves the identification and the satisfaction of the necessity social human beings and. For definiz it in a well simple way, we can you say that it & lsquo; lucrativamente& supplies necessities; rsquo;. When eBay perceived that the people did not obtain to locate some of the item that more they desired and created a space for auctions on-line and IKEA noticed that the people wanted good furniture the prices substantially lower and created its line of dismountable furniture, them had shown to its capacity of marketing, transforming a particular or social necessity into a lucrative chance business-oriented.

(KOTLER; KELLER, 2007, P. 4). & ldquo; The professionals of marketing is become involved in the marketing of good, services, events, experiences, people, places, properties, organizations, information and idias.& rdquo;. (KOTLER and KELLER, 2007, P. 6). While the controlling influence the level, the chance and composes the demand better to take care of to the organizacionais objectives. Much people think, equivocadamente, in marketing as sales and propaganda, ahead of bombings only come of commercial in television, announcements in periodicals, pages of the Internet, luggage-direct and telemarketing. Perhaps therefore, you if surprise in discovering that sales and propaganda are only the 3 tip of iceberg of the marketing. According to Southwest Airlines, who has experience with these questions.

They are only two functions amongst many, and not in general more important. Nowadays, the marketing must be understood not alone in the old one felt of vender & ndash; & ldquo; to say and vender& rdquo; & ndash; but also to satisfy the necessities of the customer. If a marketing professional to make a good work of identification of these necessities, to develop products of superior value, to define well its prices, to make a good distribution and promotion, these products will be vendidos with easiness. (KOTLER; ARMSTRONG, 1999, P. 3). In summary to the authors, marketing is a system created to add value to the mark, of form that the organization if prepares to face the threats and to use to advantage the offered chances.