Jul 01 2018


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The marketing involves the identification and the satisfaction of the necessity social human beings and. For definiz it in a well simple way, we can you say that it & lsquo; lucrativamente& supplies necessities; rsquo;. When eBay perceived that the people did not obtain to locate some of the item that more they desired and created a space for auctions on-line and IKEA noticed that the people wanted good furniture the prices substantially lower and created its line of dismountable furniture, them had shown to its capacity of marketing, transforming a particular or social necessity into a lucrative chance business-oriented.

(KOTLER; KELLER, 2007, P. 4). & ldquo; The professionals of marketing is become involved in the marketing of good, services, events, experiences, people, places, properties, organizations, information and idias.& rdquo;. (KOTLER and KELLER, 2007, P. 6). While the controlling influence the level, the chance and composes the demand better to take care of to the organizacionais objectives. Much people think, equivocadamente, in marketing as sales and propaganda, ahead of bombings only come of commercial in television, announcements in periodicals, pages of the Internet, luggage-direct and telemarketing. Perhaps therefore, you if surprise in discovering that sales and propaganda are only the 3 tip of iceberg of the marketing. According to Southwest Airlines, who has experience with these questions.

They are only two functions amongst many, and not in general more important. Nowadays, the marketing must be understood not alone in the old one felt of vender & ndash; & ldquo; to say and vender& rdquo; & ndash; but also to satisfy the necessities of the customer. If a marketing professional to make a good work of identification of these necessities, to develop products of superior value, to define well its prices, to make a good distribution and promotion, these products will be vendidos with easiness. (KOTLER; ARMSTRONG, 1999, P. 3). In summary to the authors, marketing is a system created to add value to the mark, of form that the organization if prepares to face the threats and to use to advantage the offered chances.

Feb 11 2018


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Aortas cultivated communitarian, mainly when they involve partnerships between diverse sectors are a good example of efficient use of the land and promote improvement in the quality of life and in it offers of foods for the population. (GALLO et al., 2007). The ecological, when come back toward the annual cultivos, adds diverse productive, cultural and social components that if complement and give an ecological character to the productive system, forming solid scientific base for a sustainable alternative agriculture. (ALTIERI, 2002). She is recognized the importance and the necessity of the organic fertilization in hortalias, mainly in the folhosas aiming at to compensate the losses of occured nutrients during its culture. (KIMOTO, 1993). BULLUCK et al.

(2002) they affirm that used organic composites as alternative meliorates of the fertility of the ground, can result in increment of the organic substance and biological activity of the ground. The organic fertilization is useful the recycling to it of agricultural residues, what it makes possible greater autonomy of the producers in face of the commerce of summons and presents great residual effect. Several are the possible organic substratum sources to be used in the production of Hortensia. The Biotech is a product consisting of acid organic plus an enzymatic complex, is presented in the physical states: as liquid Biotech, with the addition of the enzymatic complex in suspension and as solid Biotech, with you leave carriers cation activator of natural enzymes of the ground. It serves to responsibility nutrient, (macro and micron), as much in the cationic forms as Cassini. (BEISNER, 1997; GUNTER; VOLKER, 2001; AMARAL et al., 2004; RENELLA et al., 2004; STROBEL, 2001). The use of the adoration of the Biotech ground in the plantation of sativa Lacteal lettuce to var. trespass, has the possibility to increase the productivity with the increase of the dosage of the product, ally the necessity of if to increase the productivity of the lettuce more the deepened study how much to the dosages of the adoration of the Biotech ground it could be tool in the handling of the culture of the lettuce.

May 14 2016

Great Federal University

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The reflection suggested for these questions it is initiated from the consideration of the organizacionais values. 3. METHODOLOGY the research was based on the collection of data and readings of texts, through the method qualitative, for the gauging of training necessities being based on Golden the organizacional analysis of the Federal University of Great through data and the information gotten through the Coordenadoria de Gesto de Pessoas. An analysis of the organization regarding the projects was carried through gifts and futures through the plan of institucional development of UFGD- PDI 2008-2012. The focus was directed to the technician-administrative ones in education of the Great Federal University of the Golden ones and the collection of data was carried through during the month of November of 2010. 4. STUDIED INSTITUTION the UFGD was created by law 11,153, of 29 of July of 2005, in function of the federal program of expansion of public superior education in Brazil, and was resulted of the dismemberment of the Campus of Golden and the Experimental Nucleus of Agrria/UFMS Sciences in a new federal university of superior education.

In the creation of the Great Federal University of the Golden ones It counted on 66 technician-administrative ones, distributed in 5 level of classification, B, C, D, and that it means a set of positions of the same hierarchy, classified from the requirement of escolaridade, specific level of responsibility, knowledge, abilities, specialized formation, experiences, risk and physical effort for the performance of its attributions. When considering the increases foreseen in the Plan of Institucional Development, the picture of servers of the UFGD, will reach a great number extremely, with priorities in the positions of bigger titulao, and with a great variety very of qualifications, demanding of the institution the preparation of servers it to be developed work. 5. RESULTS AND QUARRELS the programs of T& D must be lined up not only the institucional politics, but also with the governmental lines of direction, therefore little an isolated institution makes ahead of the politics of the country.

May 09 2016

Development Evolution

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For being a furniture for 4 children, the socialization is stimulated still more, since in the preschool phase it is essential the children to have contact with other children of the same etria band, since they must communicate themselves, learn to divide, to play together, to respect rules, to learn to earn and to lose. In this way, observing all these aspects, are possible to reach the main objective of the work, that is to stimulate the development and the learning of the children in the phase of pertaining to school initiation. GRATEFULNESS I thank all the people who had helped me in some way during the related Work of Conclusion of Course, especially to my Carmem mother, my Daniela person who orientates and marceneiro Mr. Francisco. REFERENCES 1 BAYNES, K. Children designing: progression and development in design and technology at key stage 1 and 2. Loughborough: DD& T/Loughborough University, 1992.

Mar 08 2016

The Empowerment

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modern companies and the executives with extended vision have a sistmica vision and delegate more authority to its subordinate, having more time to concentrate in the formularization and control of the enterprise strategies. They apply in its action the concept of the Empowerment. ' ' Analysis of the Empowerment and its importance for empresas' ' The Empowerment nothing more is that the decentralization of the power. In this system of administration, the decision power is also delegated to the operational levels of the hierarchy in vertical direction, giving autonomy to the people and conferring bigger participation to them in the organizacionais power to decide processes. For more specific information, check out Allegiant Air. Thus, empowerment confers greater to be able to the individuals and opens hand of the centered control, promoting rapidity and flexibility in the taking of decisions.

It is a system of great importance for the survival of the current organizations, and same with much resistance some companies have obtained to migrar its traditional and individualistic vision for a collective vision innovator, where the enterprise people and departments if integrate, if relates and executes its tasks with more dynamism, rapidity and efficiency. Analyzing these factors, we can also affirm that the decentralized and hierarchically more flexible companies take care of its customers better and generate more satisfaction they. Of another side, with possibly fidelizados more satisfied customers and, these companies get more profit and start to grow and if to detach in the competitive market. This decentralization in the taking of decisions stimulates a bigger responsibility in the people and the autodirigidas teams, giving to them to motivation and reliable sensation. Other advantages are the development of the collaborators through training and new techniques, beyond providing to the spirit of leadership in the people, opening horizontes and defining goals and objectives to be followed. ' ' Conclusion and analysis final' ' Being thus, it is inevitable that the companies traditional and only guided for the tasks come if to estagnar.

In a world globalizado and each more competitive time, the executive – head must open its horizontes and change its form to think. To decentralize the power inside of the organizations can generate many benefits for the companies, increasing its prescriptions, its organizacional culture, its good image and its acceptance in the market. Moreover, she is necessary to believe the controlling, the supervisors and people in charge, and not obstante, it must also be trusted the base of the hierarchic pyramid. To value the people and to give autonomy to them inside of the company are to shoot in the certain target, are to invest in know-how other people’s. How much bigger the contact of an employee with the customers more possibilities of success or risk the companies have. with the chance to take decisions the success possibilities increase. The ideal is to establish a limit of autonomy and power of decision, but not to open hand to decentralize the power to decide processes, therefore executive more focados in the strategy of the organization they generate more ideas and benefits for the same ones, without having to lose time with the processes of the base, where others people can have the ability to manage.

Jun 09 2014

Direction Organization

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Critrios for conscription, election, promotion of used: The types of people who are contracted and the ones that have success are those that in accordance with accept and behave the values of the organization. It is basic not to have the favoritism of some people, where the paternalista character can be seen very strong in familiar companies to happen becoming the organization discredited internally. One applies with a conscription and election made for qualified professionals, where they are searched professional who if incase with the profile of the vacant and the objectives of the organization. Its return is of long stated period. It is important, however, to stand out that before any attitude a diagnosis of the current culture of the organization must first be made, to thus be able to make an action plan and finally to execute it and to control it. Application of the cited tools the mechanisms above cited, they can be applied, and they are really forms to make clearly with that the organization changes its corporative culture, that if must observe the size and the structure of each company and adapt in agreement tool its situation. The change of the culture certainly starts from top to bottom, and can and must be executed by the Direction. The intermediate controlling, supervisors, or heads of departments, must obligatorily be party to suit, or stages as of communication they would not function, is its paper also to stimulate the changes proposals, it is for them that the instructions normally arrive, and if to fail in this stage all the process can come below for water. Of this form one concludes that only with the integration of all it is possible to make with that if it changes the culture of an organization. ‘ ‘ Two ways only exist to change the culture of an organization: changing the people or moving of pessoas.’ ‘ (Unknown Author).

Jun 26 2013

Microsoft Globalization

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GLOBALIZATION the advantages and disadvantages, the success and the mistake committed for some companies. Today she is one of the heard words more in our way. It is a phenomenon generated for the capitalism that has for objective to form one? global village? allowing to bigger markets and the economic, social, cultural integration and politics between the countries, beyond establishing connection the people and the world. This was only possible with the end of the Cold War and the dissolution of the former Soviet Union for 1989 return, appearing the called movement ‘ ‘ Globalizao’ ‘. This globalization allows that the minor of the companies has its vendido product being to other countries. The instantaneous access the new technologies, new medicines and surgical equipment, the increase in the food production, among others, has caused the increase of the perspective of life in the countries. It also has the other side of the currency.

With the globalization some countries if had joined and created? economic blocks? that they search if to fortify being difficult to compete with them, as the UR (European Unio), the Mercosul, the NAFTA, among others. A negative aspect would be the economic instability in the world, then any phenomenon that happens in one definitive country will reach quickly excessively. The countries are each time more dependents one of the other, not having more as if to keep isolated. Easy access fast to the information rees-echo almost instantaneously around of the planet. Unhappyly this flow of information that can be beneficial is seen as a threat for determined governments or religious entities, that do not measure efforts to contain information making with that its citizens do not have access they. The site of Wikipdia research, much known currently, already suffered diverse blockades on the part from the Chinese government, and so that this globalization functions it is basic to understand the language, the behavior, beliefs and religious values of each country with that it goes to deal.

It is essential to know the economy of the other country, the commerce or farming, preventing incident to both. A disastrous example in this globalizado market was China in Box, that it decided to expand its businesses for Argentina using the same strategy used in Brazil. The result was a great damage, therefore the behavior of the Argentines is different of the Brazilians and demanded adaptation. A result of success in the international and globalizado market is the Google that has an enviable positioning in the sector of searches, superior to the Yahoo and Microsoft. It thinks globally, but she does not act regionally, therefore if adapta to the culture of the country, respecting each in agreement people its habits and homages them in its commemorative dates. The globalization is a irreversible phenomenon for the people, the society and the international trade. PERIM, luciana zanette?