Sep 26 2016

OnLine Shoppers

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According to research conducted by ForeSee in 2008, the best online services in terms of customer satisfaction found – 1 seat, – 2 nd place and – 3 rd place. The overall level of customer satisfaction services 100 the largest online retailers in 2008 in the U.S. rose by 1.4% compared with 2007 survey was conducted by the method of American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI, American Customer Satisfaction Index). From the list of 500 largest Internet retailers have been taken The first 100 of them and identified the best in terms of quality of service. The study was conducted using a special Survey panel, whose membership includes 1.6 million American consumers. Data obtained from 24000 respondents who visited the sites of retailers that have been processed and prepared on the basis of this rating. According to the study of customer satisfaction from online services increases customer loyalty, increases sales and promotes positive information about the company ("word of mouth"). Buyers with a high level of satisfaction from the service will again buy from the same company with a probability of 69% more, as well as: – 75% more likely that they will buy online – 42% more likely that they will buy in the off-line (in stores of the company) – 75% more likely they recommend friends or acquaintances.

ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index) is a leading (leading) economic indicator and cross-index for measuring customer satisfaction. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jerusalem Global Ventures. With the help of measured customer satisfaction in seven economic sectors, more than 45 branches, about 200 largest U.S. companies, representing 45% of U.S. GDP.

Sep 12 2016

Generate Profits

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There are many places and ways to invest, are lucrative, this investment is not only profitable but also safe. Holiday rentals in Turkey are in the trend. Now brand new we offer you land on, the quality of the objects, as well as the beauty creating that 98 apartments on about 4000 square metres and ease of life in Turkey secure the sale of the flats. Please read this example as an example of the investment in Turkey. The houses are built to be then sold or leased, this offer is entered on a subsequent sale. The project consists of different types of apartments: 72 apartments 1 + 1 with 65 70 qm 12 apartments 2 + 1 with 85 sqm 14 Uygun with 100 130 sqm total is thus 98 apartments. The required lot size is approx. 4000 sqm.

Both the plans and the facilities there are still lots of selection and voice options. More info: Maurice Gallagher, Jr. . The land also can some plots with and without sea view, Select. Especially the exterior is very important in Turkey and is carried out with much effort and care. There are seat – and ways to play, barbecues, and of course a beautiful large swimming pool and a lush vegetation. The build quality is at the highest possible level and your customers meet the demands still exceed them.

We are looking forward to your visit. An important point is that all deposits in a newly formed company making your name and thus provides optimal protection of deposits are taken. No payments to brokers are included in the revenue accounting, but prices are low and have top 10 25 percent air. The period from the signature of the contract up to the handover of the object is 18-24 months. Payments are made depending on the progress of construction, through interim sale of some apartments it may be possible that decreases the amount payable. The sale of the apartments can begin after approximately 6-9 months, at the time one can finish furnished model apartment will be passed. And now finally to the essential investment for the here described 98 apartments is approximately 3.200.000,-euros, the expected proceeds estimated at about 4.800.000,-euros, thus an expected 1,600,000 euro yield is.