Jun 04 2020

Financial Company

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But, unfortunately, in this specialty I work was not necessary. The yield of Latvia from the Soviet Union led to what had been interrupted by all the production relations on the implementation of biochemical products to the East. The warehouses were filled with products that remain unclaimed. Our company has been declared bankrupt, and staff at all reduced. So I became unemployed.

The second blow was when he had a monetary reform. If kept in the Savings Bank 1000 rub., After the reform of the remaining 200 Latvian rubles. This was transitional reform. After the second reform, these 200 rubles were replaced by 1 lats. After all the turmoil I was seriously ill and in 1995 I had a complex neurosurgical operations, which suspended the disease, but does not cure it completely.

They gave me 2 group disability without the right to work. When fully grown after an illness, trying to find a job, but nowhere does not employ persons with disabilities. Rescues that I live with my family, mom, wife and daughter. In March 2008 I bought a computer and connected to the Internet. With the help of the internet I began to go to different sites. Occasionally, my e-mail messages received with a proposal to work from home using the Internet. But these posts makes me suspicious, because they offers to earn a large sum of money for this we need only send a portion of the money at that address. Such proposals could not arrange my day I received a letter from Edward Ephraim. I called him and learned from him about the FPP and business corporations Other Opinion Inc., whose president is Sergei Press. Corporation Other Opinion Inc. 1. Develops and implements on the Internet market unique remote . Business programs. 2. Represents internet users the possibility of a partnership under its own remote diversified Internet businesses of international scope. 3. Provides for free of charge to the families of educational and financial savings of Internet accounts to the families of the participants FPP. I started attending the classes of business of the company and met many wonderful people who are interested in was my problem. Now, with the help of my new friends, using the financial opportunities available to me in the FPP project, as well as demand in the vast Internet market: 1. distance vocational education services 2. growing number of advertisers 3. constant search for internet users the possibility of additional income 4. simplify the organization of doing business. I have been yet another education, business education, and with full technical, legal and organizational support of leading its own Web-Business! I will help Internet users learn and build their business FPP and start receiving additional revenues are not looking up from his computer in the educational project of the company. Priority Company: Friendly, educated and financially independent families. Our company offers a unique and highly profitable business in the FPP availability TURNKEY. Business value = your efforts in its development! If you need additional income, we invite you to FPP business. If you want to become Financial-protected, to feel comfortable and confident, then: 1) go free registration to Forever Partnership Program (FPP) 2) to gain additional knowledge about the business on the classes that will help improve your financial situation. I will Your advisor and with the support of the company, helping you get into a zone of financial abundance.

Mar 14 2019

Russian Federation

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Affiliate Social Network (MSS) … Someone heard a little about it, someone has no idea what it is … In any case, in our rapidly developing world of information, this is another new development, built on The success of social services to users around the world, which rapidly begins to spread on the Internet. Rapid development of the MSS is due to their practical usefulness for people: it is not just social networks, where people can socialize in their free time and social networks of the new format. These social services in terms of functionality similar to the well-known projects such as Facebook, MySpace and others, but differ in that they have Paid tickets and their affiliate programs that allow virtually any user to not only communicate but also to create for itself a permanent source of income, getting referral fees, or even to build on participation in the social networking business. Moreover, income users may run into thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars a month. Affiliate programs of social networks tend to focus on increasing own audience, attract new users to the site. Thus achieving a competitive advantage over other projects.

The value of the amount of payment for registration, as well as the amount of referral fees may have different social networks vary. All payments and referral fees made by the largest electronic payment systems that provide an adequate level of security of transactions and guarantees safety of money in your account. Ie from your electronic account the user pays for registration and further, at its account specified in his profile in the registration shall be transferred referral fees. Thus, PSA remains the user only periodically withdraw cash in the bank. The result is that these social networks, in fact, offer its users the opportunity to start their own business.

The benefit is mutual: social network with each new guest user becomes more and more interesting, and you receive a permanent source of income (which, moreover, increases) for what holds "campaign" of this social network. In Russia, this kind of business are also interesting in that it requires no additional registration costs and other organizations associated with this cost. The fact is that virtually all cash transactions in the partnership social networks, as mentioned above shall be made in electronic payment systems. Russian legislation still does not regulate this area, and the tax authorities have not yet learned how to keep track of incomes, they receive through electronic payment systems. Therefore, this moment gives the great advantage of doing such business in Russia as abroad, are already trying to take control of the financial turnover in the electronic payment systems. But it should be noted that in Russia, personal income tax (a tax on personal income, in the Russian Federation – 13%) citizens with income from the partner social networks have the same 1 per year will need to pay. The reason is that when the user of any MSS in the bank, withdraw from their account the cash, it automatically entails an obligation to pay tax on their income as an individual. It's worth remembering. Honesty tax – a personal decision, but it is worth noting that it is better to be honest taxpayer, especially since, when your earnings from affiliate social network than a mark in 1000 dollars per month. And at this income level user of almost any MSS goes fast enough. Sergey Lvov, a columnist for online magazine IT and Money

Jul 27 2017

Internet Spending

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Introduction. In 2004, I asked myself: "How to earn through the Internet, spending for 2 -3 hours of their time?". For several years I searched for an answer to this question. Today I'll share a few ways to earn through Internet with its readers. This article will only cover ways of earning more detailed information on each of these ways, I will publish later. Preface. The first thing to understand – on the Internet you do not find a high paying job – if you do not know how to do it. The rule is simple – the higher your qualification, the greater your earnings.

What do you do if you do not know how? Yet you can read, write, and also browse pages on the Internet, and this is enough to earn the first $ on the Internet. The first way of earning through the internet: SAR (system of active promotion), postal service, paid forums – such projects are paying you for browsing, reading email, for icq messages for comment, for the posts. All you need to do – to choose one or two projects, sign up and get to work. The most profitable – is paid forums where for your message, you will pay the money. You do not earn millions, but his first $ – it's easy. The second way of earning through the Internet: Take part in an affiliate program whose main purpose is to attract customers. Registering such a project, you get a ref.

Sep 26 2016

OnLine Shoppers

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According to research conducted by ForeSee in 2008, the best online services in terms of customer satisfaction found Netflix.com – 1 seat, QVC.com – 2 nd place and Amazon.com – 3 rd place. The overall level of customer satisfaction services 100 the largest online retailers in 2008 in the U.S. rose by 1.4% compared with 2007 survey was conducted by the method of American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI, American Customer Satisfaction Index). From the list of 500 largest Internet retailers have been taken The first 100 of them and identified the best in terms of quality of service. The study was conducted using a special Survey panel, whose membership includes 1.6 million American consumers. Data obtained from 24000 respondents who visited the sites of retailers that have been processed and prepared on the basis of this rating. According to the study of customer satisfaction from online services increases customer loyalty, increases sales and promotes positive information about the company ("word of mouth"). Buyers with a high level of satisfaction from the service will again buy from the same company with a probability of 69% more, as well as: – 75% more likely that they will buy online – 42% more likely that they will buy in the off-line (in stores of the company) – 75% more likely they recommend friends or acquaintances.

ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index) is a leading (leading) economic indicator and cross-index for measuring customer satisfaction. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jerusalem Global Ventures. With the help of measured customer satisfaction in seven economic sectors, more than 45 branches, about 200 largest U.S. companies, representing 45% of U.S. GDP.