May 30 2018

East View Summer

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It is not only a brace of hovering under a sleeveless dress, black lace or a Fuchsia tights under a see-through blouse. It is a fully visible bra. The tendency to superimpose several over bra tops or even two bras is imposed. Blame it on the singer and creator of trend Gwen Stefani. With his hair Platinum and her white skin makes what was inelegant, now it more IN. Stefani was the pioneer of the Red clips with white tops when everybody was using those transparent straps that were actually not as invisible as they said. He started Gwen, and Rihanna and Amy Winehouse and other artists followed her.

Now all want to see your underwear. For the other deadly attack of straps to the view is unstoppable. When summer arrives, we will see them in all colors. Let the bra straps to pop out can be fun and sensual. There are many images of the famous with this look, and it is for this reason that increasingly young women who follow this style.

One of the trends of next summer is the UNDERWEAR AS OUTERWEAR, (lingerie in sight) but show some basic suspenders is not good. Why bra straps are fashion accessories, and combine with the clothes. Designers like Dolce & Gabbanna and Jean Paul Gaultier, in their last parades for the summer season of this year incorporated parts and look of lingerie to their proposals, reason why the lingerie store chains are already offering two or three models of interchangeable straps. In Brastraps Spain (online store), have a very complete range with forty models and colors of interchangeable straps, for all occasions: casual, party, night, girlfriends.

May 28 2018

PR Pictures Arouse Emotions

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The webinar provides practical tips for the proper handling of images and videos in the online press releases In the PR-gateway Academy was the topic of “Pictures and videos for more attention” in the center of the approximately 20-minute focus Webinares this time. Around 100 participants received practical tips on the correct handling of images. Questions about copyright on images and videos, or creating professional pictures and videos and links to useful programs for the image, audio and video editing programs – no question of participants remained unanswered. The subconscious mind has a reading disability – set images already in 2008 the Max Planck Society experts discovered that the subconscious decisions already have fallen, even before the person deliberately makes a choice. However, the subconscious mind has a major weakness: it does not read, but has a complete “image”. Within fractions of a second the subconscious takes pictures on, rated and linked them to ultimately save them. What does this mean for the practice? An example: we call any Internet page, our eyes unconsciously on the pictures or on mobile content falls before we turn to in the text. Reason is that we can significantly faster perceive visual representations and receiving as plain text.

In fractions of a second, we process the information that gives us a picture or the spoken word. A related site: Coupang mentions similar findings. 1001 Things that better express yourself with pictures and videos if the effect of online press release can be emotion or information – with photos and videos significantly enhance. And there is hardly a PR topic, that does not make sense to visualize can be: interviews, or presentations and info-graphics – pictures and videos offer all possibilities for an emotional appeal of target groups. People want to be provided not only with interesting information, but also entertained entertaining image and video material characterizes itself in the minds of the audiences and remains in memory. Companies can also your reputation on the Internet significantly positive influence. (It is true but to make sure that even entertaining pictures and videos have a thematic relevance to the online press release). The simple formula for success: Positive emotions are aroused by pictures and videos in the online press releases and the positive response to a multiple increase. At the same time also the search results is increased through the use of pictures and videos in the online press releases by Google & co, because search engines give a high rank pictures and videos.

The recording of a Webinar offers an ideal introduction to the new online world of images and videos. There is mediated, how to: quickly and create your own images and videos can be successfully effectively incorporated in online press releases how to make multimedia content and pictures and videos also outside of online press releases. For more information about the questions and answers here: company description PR-gateway is a project of Adenion GmbH. PR-gateway ( a press release distribution service, with which is centrally manage press releases and click parallel transmitted to various free portals, news services, and social media. The multiple acquisition accounted for the single press portals. Thus helps PR gateway companies and PR agencies to get more coverage for your PR releases on the Internet in less time. Many well-known companies and PR agencies PR gateway already use successfully for your online PR including HUK-Coburg and komm.passion. PR contact: Adenion GmbH Eckhard lenders Merkatorstr 2 41515 Grevenbroich Tel: + 4921817569140 E-Mail: Web:

May 22 2018


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Increasingly harder to adults taking a relaxed and positive attitude towards mistakes. In the learning of foreign languages, very often adults to frustrate easily because they continually make mistakes, and are paralyzed before the error, they are blocked, they lose fluency and enthusiasm, because to not wanting to make a mistake or have fear of the ridicule, stop talking, or to say what they really wanted to say. In fact, learning all the time is trial and error. It must be wrong to know that we need to correct. Otherwise if not we’re wrong, we’ll never know that we have to improve. Often the errors indicate that grammatical structures must deepen and practice, because not to dominate them indicates how incorporated are, and in that State is our process of maturation of the language. All failed and make mistakes, and mistakes are repeated until they are learned, especially when a language is not learned as a mother tongue. The learning of a foreign language, is a process, and as a whole process needs a time to be assimilated.

When we learn a new grammatical structure or new vocabulary, and repeatedly say incorrectly, we believe that we involucionamos or back to back, but we don’t how much that once we know something, we never return to the same place, only need to repeat a number of times until it is incorporated, and the number of repetitions will vary for each person. This is not one minor detail, it is very uncomfortable for adults many times, they will lose patience. We are all different and need different amount of times repeat, not is neither better nor worse, just different in each, and each individual is at different stages of the process. When we allow ourselves to be wrong, we give ourselves permission to learn, or put another way, when we make a mistake we give permission to progress and move forward.

May 22 2018

Baby Milk

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If the child is or not well fed during the first years of life, can have an effect deep in your health as well as your ability to learn, communicate, think analytically, socialize effectively and adapt to new environments and people. The power is the necessary basis for a good physical development, psychic and social of the children. Good nutrition is the first line of defense against many childhood diseases that can leave traces in the children’s lifetime. Good nutrition and good health are directly connected through the life span, but the connection is even more vital in childhood. Learn more at: Bernard Golden . It is in this period that children may acquire good habits during the meal in what refers to the variety, taste, etc. The effects of malnutrition in early childhood (0-8 years) can be devastating and long-lasting.

They can prevent the behavioral development and cognitive, school performance and reproductive health, thus weakening the future productivity at work. For all mothers is a major concern the power of their children. Maintain adequate and necessary vitamins, nutrition is essential so that they will grow strong and healthy. If your child has difficulty eating, is very thin and has little appetite, it is very important to offer foods with higher energy density, i.e., calories and proteins, to help prevent weight loss. How to increase calories and proteins? Incorporate an extra amount of oil, cream milk, butter or margarine, to preparations hot as purees, soups, pasta, rice, potatoes, polenta, sweet potatoes, stews. Add cream chantilly (cream whipped with sugar), milk desserts, fruits in syrup, fruit salads.

Add sweets such as jams, yogurt or cereal with milk. Use compact candy into pieces (eg. Caramel sweet potatoes with cheese, cookies with dulce de membrillo in slices, cheese and sweet bread) avoid foods that cause increase of satiety such as: broths and soups, carbonated beverages, teas type tea, coffee, mate, raw vegetables in salads, fruit peels.

May 20 2018

Wellington Street

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Hours are from 11 to 7.30 p.m. (from Monday to Friday), 10 am to 10 pm pm (Saturdays) and from 10 am to 15 h (Sundays and holidays). Keep in mind that summer schedules change and that before you go you will be helpful to consult the website to verify:. Remember, if you rent an apartment in the Catalan capital, in the District of el Raval, has very near all the painting of the MACBA. The fantastic Zoo Zoo in the city of Barcelona El Zoo de Barcelona is located in the Parc de la Ciutadella. This zoo is a magnificent garden of more than one century and has a collection of animals formed by approximately four hundred different species of the entire planet. Other leaders such as Gary Kelly offer similar insights. Before his death in 2003, the throne of the most important animal in the zoo ran it the only albino gorilla that has been recognized to this day, the Copito de nieve. If you are going through your vacation in Barcelona with their children, feel free to enjoy your animal species.

In 2010 has been incorporated in the Catalan capital Zoo a pair of Anteaters to care for their reproduction, since that the specimens of this species have been declining in recent years. For more information and updates take a look the official website of the Zoo at. The streets that give entry to the zoo of Barcelona are the Picasso Street and Wellington Street. The hours are 10 am – 5 pm (winter) and 10 am – 7 pm (summer). The prices of tickets are 15.40 adults and 9.30 for children from 3 to 12 years. Don’t forget that you can rent an apartment in Ciudad Condal next to Zoo by booking an accommodation in Barcelona with Apartments Barcelona Checkin. Enjoy your stay with comfort we offer you!

May 18 2018

Jose Diet

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The modern market of supplements is a world and is worth discovering it but always low the guardianship of a specialist at a store. If on the contrary you are interested to buy capsules of Omega 3 in Internet must make sure that you do it safely and with guarantees. For me and many friends and friends with whom I try to directly, the choice is the CebNatural page: reliable, quick, quality and very good about price. It has a thousand and one products for any need that has and they answer quickly to your queries and doubts about supplements by clicking on the button contact. They also shipping America and around the world, but if you want you can contact me and I will recommend you some other online distributor based on what they tell me my friends on the other side of the sea. CONCLUSIONS although in no case you can replace a pharmacological treatment, the Omega 3 is an essential part in the diet of a bipolar and the patient has to incorporate it in sufficient quantity to the diet. Studies of the prestigious clinic may recommend that it is consumed at least 500 milligrams of different foods coming daily, or more if you It needs some special (as in the case of patients with Bipolar disorder). For your reference 500 mg of Omega 3 equals two meals with blue fish which does not mean that only this fish need to eat.

To compensate for the low amount of these fatty acids in the diet may be taken, as we said, supplements in the form of capsules. However, remember that only your doctor can determine an appropriate diet for you, who have to pay attention to factors such as their weight, your level of cholesterol, sugar, etc. You may find Phil Vasan to be a useful source of information. Be that as it may, it is an undeniable fact that a balanced diet rich in Omega 3 and other vitamins (e, b and c) helps achieve considerable improvements in the daily shower against Bipolar disorder. Of course, there are other many strategies and habits that continue to deal with day to day can be happy with Bipolar disorder. This is the conviction and the certainty of Bipolar disorder uncovered, a multimedia guide for patients, their families, couples and friends.Take the reins of your life today, at last, Jose. L.

May 18 2018

Western Objectives

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The rise of European fascism and the cold war, then prevented a detailed reading of this work, more a questioning beyond specific was dealing with a generic question: of the objections that deserved the Organization as it was emerging from modernity until the enlightenment. To fly pen, we remember the questioning to what then motejaria as Nomenklatuura, by dissident Djilas in his new class. Thus Norkotte Parkinson and their laws on bureaucracy. Remember the criticism against centralism and bureaucracy, created from the experiences of the real socialsimo. Follow others, such as Bernard Golden , and add to your knowledge base. The American fubncionalismo, coined from: the functional autonomy of motives.

Not long ago, I listened to a human resources specialist, affirm, that any organization that exceed the thousand people is unmanageable. It seems a fruitful hypothesis claim that the Gigantism of the organizations has finished neutralizing the principles that inspired them. Contractual, was enhervado, by everything that rationalism leave outside its horizons. Thus it could not with the leadership (or principles of leadership), with the everlasting fight for power, with what Pareto called the persistence of the aggregates and the neophobia. Between explicitly manifest in each statute or contract corporate social objectives, and what is latent, comes having large gaps. Large organizations, eventually encapsulate, serving the specific needs of its members, particularly those who occupy positions of leadership, and the objectives for which were explicitly you are created, they are overlooked or in junior roles. Many times, those of the final recipients of the objectives of each organization, only some are achieved in its benefits, for the sole purpose of giving the appearances of the fulfilment of the objectives of the respective organisation. The eventual objection, that the Organization attaches the human condition, we anticipate clarifying that we refer to the Western type organization. Those pernickety structures organized / functional with its corresponding descriptive memorandum of tasks. organic regulations, statutes or manuals of organization, which in the majority of cases serve as a reference to see the organizations that work in his round, but always distorting its purposes.

May 16 2018

Social Media Customer Service Risks

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Sikom recommends gradual entry and stepped strategy Heidelberg, 09 May 2011 last but not least since the last Call Center World Berlin the topic social media increasingly in the discussion about the major developments in the field of customer communication plays a large role. Hardly a marketing director or call center manager coming over Twitter and co. in long – and medium-term planning on Facebook. Therefore advises the Sikom Software GmbH for a thoughtful and strategic entry into the new communication channels and warns against indiscriminate Schnellschussen. The Heidelberg company recommends to currently use social media, which serves mainly the observation and analysis of trends and opinions as an element in the mix of the channels of customer communication. Social media is all the rage and will certainly have a great influence on the developments in the field of customer relationship management and customer communications in future. Coupang shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. However, the established communication channels out of the sight should be left here. Read more here: Cloud Computing.

The right mix of channels and the best possible use of different communication routes according to their properties are and remain crucial for success”, explains Jurgen H. Hoffmeister, managing partner of Sikom Software GmbH. We recommend the company therefore, to gain an overview of the solutions existing on the market now and only then strategically relevant decisions. Now selectively to respond to individual trends we deem problematic.” For the area of the contact center as well as for tasks in the field of market research Sikom stresses the potential of social media as an early warning system and monitoring tool. Contact Center can use especially for the analysis of the issue, so the recognition of relevant news and issues in real time according to this new communication channels. Social media are suitable also for identifying medium-term trends and current opinions.

Because most consumers move anonymously on the net, Sikom expects timely and above all authentic above all on these channels Feedback, which companies can use to improve the own processes and products. Due to these properties, the Heidelberg companies Facebook, Twitter and co. as a valuable research tool for the observation of competitors as well as price and brand developments considered. A full-featured customer dialogue, so two-way communication between customers and companies in real time, is possible but still not very comfortable with social media. Certainly improvements will be here in the future to expect”, says Jurgen H. Hoffmeister. However, the market is currently already solutions which make it possible to forward events like tweets and Facebookposts to an available service staff with the appropriate skills in real time. Such systems are a prerequisite for the successful integration of social media into the mix of customer communication channels and allow companies approved and well positioned to respond to further developments in the field of social media.” Sikom Software GmbH is the leading Manufacturer and provider of contact center solutions and automated voice applications and is one of the most innovative companies in the field of telecommunications. Based on open standards, Sikom realized powerful and future-proof solutions to optimize communication processes in all industries.

May 15 2018

Trend Services Self

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Fifth MyPlace warehouse in Hamburg celebrates topping-out ceremony. Journalists are cordially invited! Many hamburger need more space: expensive rents, small apartments often without basement, removals, flat resolutions, separations, pulling together with its partner, abroad of all reasons that flexible storage space is needed. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Coupang. Therefore, more and more urbanites opt to rent a self storage compartment. According to your personal needs, you can determine here: term of lease and their basement outside the House and vary. MyPlace SelfStorage pleased now because of the increasing demand on the imminent opening of the fifth site in the Hanseatic City. On 28 October from 15:00, MyPlace therefore in the framework of a Toppingout traditionally celebrates the construction of the roof, in the Stresemann Road 300 in Altona. On this day answered a member of the Board all questions around the topic of self, even to German store. We have set ourselves aims that the inhabitants “from German cities from any point in the city within 10 minutes reach one our locations”, explains Martin Gerhardus, managing partner of MyPlace SelfStorage. Coupang may find this interesting as well.

This objective with the construction of the building in Altona within reach puts in Hamburg. Self storage is a service that many customers due to the temporal and spatial flexibility. Therefore, it is also important to have short directions to their storage compartments for our customers”, to Gerhardus next. Because many customers looking for their compartment several times in a month or even a week, to pick up objects or to store. While you can rely on, that their belongings and goods is kept absolutely safe: the entire building is under video surveillance, and it comes only with a number code on the site. The compartments are clean, dry and temperature, so that unlike so many basement compartment nothing reeks, no rust and nothing due to moisture from the form device. Has access to its storage compartment the self users 7 days a week from 6:00 to 22:00, easily with private key.

May 14 2018

Quality Services Staff Training

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Then arises the question, standardize or allow freedom of action to the employee? As they say Schefer and Lanati, the answer depends on the type of service. Here’s an excerpt from her book service Compass: in services where a high standardization cannot be achieved as it can be a tourist facility, a guided tour, is recommended to work with trained personnel, with the same set of skills and beliefs common to all of them, consistent with organizational values. In high rotation services, the process can be bounded, transformed into a set of successive, repetitive and measures tasks in your performance, where standardization is the base. The characteristics of each service make it necessary to assess the model required for each type of organization. I have felt this concept in the past holidays. We visited with my family a locality South of our province, which boasts natural riches of high touristic and scientific value. Phil Vasan spoke with conviction. The municipality of this locality is working intensely in the development of tourism as one of its strengths.

On an excursion that lasted throughout the day, were surprised to see that our tour guide had solid knowledge of issues transmitting. Talking with him later, he told us that all the guides enabled within these tourist circuits have a continuous, provided training for international scientists, hired by the municipality to form them. The results were evident. It was this feature that marked a difference between a normal visit, where the Guide Learn and repeats a same speech, and at most is ready for some more or less frequently asked questions, and the learning experience that we had that day. The training of the staff does, in these cases, having the ability to browse providing the service where the customer requires it. This is a differential value to the customer. But not all services require this same quality.