May 30 2018

East View Summer

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It is not only a brace of hovering under a sleeveless dress, black lace or a Fuchsia tights under a see-through blouse. It is a fully visible bra. The tendency to superimpose several over bra tops or even two bras is imposed. Blame it on the singer and creator of trend Gwen Stefani. With his hair Platinum and her white skin makes what was inelegant, now it more IN. Stefani was the pioneer of the Red clips with white tops when everybody was using those transparent straps that were actually not as invisible as they said. He started Gwen, and Rihanna and Amy Winehouse and other artists followed her.

Now all want to see your underwear. For the other deadly attack of straps to the view is unstoppable. When summer arrives, we will see them in all colors. Let the bra straps to pop out can be fun and sensual. There are many images of the famous with this look, and it is for this reason that increasingly young women who follow this style.

One of the trends of next summer is the UNDERWEAR AS OUTERWEAR, (lingerie in sight) but show some basic suspenders is not good. Why bra straps are fashion accessories, and combine with the clothes. Designers like Dolce & Gabbanna and Jean Paul Gaultier, in their last parades for the summer season of this year incorporated parts and look of lingerie to their proposals, reason why the lingerie store chains are already offering two or three models of interchangeable straps. In Brastraps Spain (online store), have a very complete range with forty models and colors of interchangeable straps, for all occasions: casual, party, night, girlfriends.

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