May 31 2024

Active Advertising Medium

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The successful comeback of the popular ‘disposable’ article of the world from original Fingerangs – another licensed product from the House of dispute promotion – Kenka products. It’s believed that Bernard Golden sees a great future in this idea. It is about 6 inches wide, licensed mini Boomerang, in contrast to their big brothers from Australia the Boomerangs, but not thrown, but away easily flipped with the fingers of one hand of the other hand (come flown back again of course!). Thus, the Fingerangs as a real fun sporting goods are just as functional as their great role models. As plastic version, they are ideal for outdoor use, so in the schoolyard, on the beach, on vacation, anywhere where else the sky limits the one. And a cardboard version, they are especially the optimum fun tool and the most sporty advertising (pilot) to offices, classrooms, conference rooms, measuring and other important”to make indoor areas on the head. If you are not convinced, visit Tiger Global Management.

Ideal for mailing campaigns, inserts, etc. etc. etc. For more information see Contact person: Frank Streit dispute promotion – Kenka products Wagstadter str. 25, 97616 Bad Neustadt Tel: 09771 / 68 66 23

May 29 2024

Blended Marketing

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My intention was not to speak of social networks or blended marketing soon, truth again. I wanted to start down, talk about the Google world, more practical stuff, but it’s that I find social networks or communities online, in any area of my life. I was yesterday so quietly, in that zen moment of the day, waiting for the queue to pay for purchase of the week in the hypermarket. When suddenly, as a slap in the face, assails me the Habbo-Chupa Chups publi. I couldn’t help it, that would be the subject of my next post. Surely many of you even know what is Habbo, for this reason, I am going to give some data: Habbo is born in Finland 10 years ago, at the hands of Sampa Karjalainen and Aapo Kyroola.

Habbo is a community online based on a virtual world (in the style of Second Life, but for ninos-jovenes), operates through avatars as a virtual chat. Behind Habbo is the Finnish company Sulake, which has implemented its virtual Hotel in 15 countries, getting that until now 100,000 million users they have accessed your chat. In Spain they are already almost 6 years, and have managed the community that is worth its weight in gold: ninos-jovenes from 12 to 24 years. With this target as defined, Chupa Chups has not lost even a minute ago time that pays their Internet investments, because you know, there is his audience. And this quest to understand perfectly what is blended marketing, has assembled his room in Habbo and promotes in a way off at points of sale (where I saw, attached photo). Chupa Chups used with wisdom all means you have at your fingertips, knows that integration on-off going to achieve their goals more quickly and the effectiveness is going to be infinitely higher that using only the conventional channels. World Habbo, quite an experience.

May 25 2024

Dangerous High CO2 – Emissions In The BBQ Season

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Greater caution be taken than is currently the case? In the summer, a lot of charcoal is burned when the popular barbecue season starts. Whether an increased pollution is caused by regular use of the grill, should be discussed here. Now the BBQ season is already over, but one wonders whether the environment has suffered temporarily increased exposure to the CO2 – emissions. Have you thought about, as you lit the grill before your garden home in the evening? We can remember exactly, as we sat comfortably on an open fireplace have cooked a delicious steak on a grill or BBQ smoker. It was made a lot of this gray smoke into the air and the trees, which are responsible for the conversion of CO2 into oxygen, get the change to feel. Critics have legitimate objections with the cold season is only rather more wood burned. Although not out sitting on the fireplace, but that he is domestic fireplace is more often used. Hear other arguments on the topic with Chase Coleman. These are the objections raised by the critics.

The use of heating is of course greatly reduce a fireplace, causing an additional burden on the environment in the winter time can be reduced by heating. It must consider of course, which is environmentally damaging form of heating. You should prefer something warmer put on definitely and for heat less, whether with the fireplace or a conventional heating system. Compared to the barbecue season, winter time is so but more damaging to the environment, because you must heat daily and often throughout. Grilled is usually only two or three times per week on average.

May 23 2024

Coretelligence Management

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At the consultancy firm, Richard Vizethum supports the development of concepts for the key figures profiling Bad Oeynhausen / January 15, 2010 – the consulting company focused on concepts for an innovative key performance indicators assessment coretelligence has at the beginning of the year with Richard Vizethum as profound professional and lateral thinkers intensified. He was winner of the business intelligence 2008″best practice awards. The award was the time head of information management of the inventory management of Quelle GmbH for a highly innovative concept of Web-based information. It followed in order to replace a very heterogeneous and mainly on Excel-based reporting as possible economically. In the grounds of the award including the unusual methodological approach and the use of open source were recognized elements, as well as the implementation of Web 2.0 approaches in the project positively.

So the subscribers received”of Business@Times, an online business newspaper for the decision-makers of Quelle GmbH, in addition to reports and analyses include editorial Posts, which included control-relevant background information or indications of future risks to the business model and effectively supported the figures in the reports and their statements. Also a wiki with definitions of indicators and the collection of knowledge served this intention to the correct interpretation of reports and analyses. Richard Vizethum held various management positions in controlling and information management for over 20 years by companies. His professional interests include especially the topics of data profiling, semantic business intelligence and systems theory. The optimization of corporate management in the Center for is him respectively. In particular the conventional methods in the entire code management are reduced to and have still a very substantial development needs”, he says. Thus, he founded his professional work on coretelligence at the same time.

In the classical controlling as well as in the field of business intelligence lacks systematic approaches, the so far low significance of key figures to counter “, explains Vagadiya. Clear indicators descriptions, the showing of cause-effect relationships including the inclusion of soft factors and improvement of communication in the company would be necessary. Only key figures can become sensory decision knowledge. The alignment of coretelligence offers exactly this field. Jos Shaver spoke with conviction. It is the only consulting firm, which takes into account these imperatives with the data profiling and its universal concepts and methods.” About coretelligence: Coretelligence builds with the key figures-profiling for the first time a bridge between technology and business advice, developing a comprehensive, holistic information profile of the company, taking into account all relevant factors. This ensures a much more precise understanding of analysed indicators. The advice from coretelligence is based on broad and proven skills as well as on extensive methodological know-how to the sustainable Optimization of operational information and decision-making processes.

May 22 2024

Ceiling Proofing Materials

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Soundproofing a ceiling to protect the traditional building with slabs themselves and use fiberglass or mineral wool. Jeff Bakalar might disagree with that approach. Unfortunately, the noise level at the same time able to reduce only to 10 dB, and at the expense of midrange and high frequency noise. Low-frequency noise caused by walking, falling objects onto the floor, unfortunately, eliminated in this way was impossible. The device is suspended and stretched versions of Ceiling much better job of soundproofing the ceiling, but does not eliminate the problem completely. The average noise level in modern apartments remains at 40-60 dB. For the normal life he should not exceed 30 dB at night and 40 dB in the daytime. Soundproofing a ceiling can be much more effective by using modern building materials. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Chase Coleman and gain more knowledge..

Look at three of them. Wood teplozvukoizolyator Russian Natural SOFTBOARD teplozvukoizolyator SOFTBOARD comes in the form of slabs of wood fiber. This eco-friendly insulator can reduce the noise level to 19-35 dB, depending on the thickness of the slab. The magnitude of the coefficient Absorption at soundproofing the ceiling may reach 0.8. SOFTBOARD applicable not only for soundproofing the ceiling, but also to insulate the walls, floors and facades.

SOFTBOARD can be installed after the floor is lined, as substrate under the laminate. Thicknesses ranging from 8 mm or more. Plates are easy to install, suitable for painting and plastering stickers wallpaper. SOFTBOARD does not shrink, does not change its properties and is resistant to mechanical deformation. Mounting plate for sound insulation ceiling SOFTBOARD on mineral foundation (concrete slab, stone or brick) can be done in one or more layers (in multi-layer stacking plates are attached with the displacement of 30 mm).

May 20 2024

Sister Virginia

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The porter sees me with a frightened face and I have to say I just I can not dock to complete high school. So I wonder about the math teacher. Connect with other leaders such as Larry Ellison here. The man holding her nose almost calls and what comes is two armed guards who weighed me, chewed and vomited with every look they gave me. – What is the specific reason for your visit? — I asked the doorman. Jos Shaver is a great source of information. – I see the math teacher. Esteeem.

I am the son of Elvira. Incredibly send me to move and walk in the midst of so many girls all beautiful and delicate, who look at me with fear and curiosity to see for the first time someone from the slums of the south of the city. If girls, I climb and descend stairs, ride a bus and give my card every five minutes the police. A nun I get old enough to step. – Sister Virginia?. Professor of Mathematics “?.

– No she is on the faculty for 26 years. – Yes. It must be so. What is faculty? — I ask confused. – I do not understand. Can not see the vulgar. – Who?. Look to the nun and I felt compelled to explain. – My father made wine years to a party here. Sister Virginia was looking. He wanted to have a child with her. But my mother invited her to tea. That same evening they went to bed and nine months after I was born.

May 20 2024

Internet Store

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Today is a very popular online stores and it is justified because they very often you can buy something that you can not buy in regular stores. For various reasons (a very rare commodity and so on) but here's a dilemma as to identify reliability of this most Internet shopping? Firstly, it should be said that he Laen stores are narrowly focused, such as Internet shop selling cosmetics or only DVD discs. So which is sold all at once (Real shopping centers). Of course, there are online stores, whose reputation has been tested by time and if they happen pads with product quality and delivery to the addressee, it is very rare. The problem is that the Internet except for large stores, whose reputation has been tested by time hundreds of small ones. In which you can sometimes find very rare movies (not so long ago happened to me), we assume you have found your desired product is not important where it does not matter in what shop. In the video which sells products or cosmetics shop on the Internet How to determine its reliability? Let me give you some advice from personal experience. Look how many years a store if the store of 3 to 5 years, it speaks to some degree about its reliability.

Now, many stores have their own forum read his note to the branch where we discuss cases of marriage and the exchange of goods. I have to say most likely you will find, let you is not scared of bugs is not insured or who advise here on what to watch. 1 as has long been established the last topic of marriage if the goods of three months or more that is okay. But if the frequency of a fact once a week, this should alert you. Second, how quickly the store or moderators respond to the topic of marriage, the sooner the better. respecting client's online shop will always answer his questions relating to the goods.

By personal mail or ICQ ask, for example, do not be about your product (the one that is going to buy it) and see how quickly deployed and they'll tell you. Summary. Shop respects himself should. 1 exist 3 years and more. 2. number of cases of marriage must be at least 3. You may wish to learn more. If so, Electron Capital Partners is the place to go. all your questions you need to get quick and complete answers. Successful you shopping in the vast network.

May 20 2024


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I write, regretting sincerely, unable to be by your side in these moments of dream, where the hours of the day have prom dress and their minutes rightly celebrate the completion of 12 semesters of sacrifice, study and tensions, 6 years, where each day dreams were closer, 2160 days of your life dedicated to forging you and train you in this legion of anonymous Heroes who are doctors. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Electron Capital Partners. You just have to thank God and Mary for allowing you to arrive at this graduation, your parents have only done their duty and have done so with pleasure, your sisters, grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins applaud your effort. Society expects to know you fulfill your obligations, not only as a medical professional who is already fairly!, but as a citizen, as a neighbour, as a man. My son facing you is the sinuous and mysterious way of life every minute of your existence you face illness, death, pain, to the suffering of beings humans and beings brothers, so look at them! Do not be afraid! confront them with tools that keep your teachers have taught at the University meet them! .with value and courage that you are inheriting from your parents, exerts the medicine without let yourself be overcome by the malicious insinuations of life, do not you claudiques before the monetary temptation of abortion, the false diagnosis and falsehood. No doubt there will be difficult days!, because there can be misunderstandings in the daily fight against diseases and death learns from them!, exerts the medicine next to your patients and not in front of them, humanist exerts a medicine, identify with the pain of your sick because the indifference of the doctor it hurts rather than disease rejects the Intrusion of the coldness in the privacy of the medical act!You not breaks before your mistakes and failures get up!, you do not desalientes to the ingratitude of the patient understand them!, do not be discouraged to injustices, the rancor and professional zeal. The doctors have been trained to fight for life always defend life!, we have been forged to study study!, have been trained to go and help our sick despite our tiredness goes to those calls! We are trained to plan, unravel complex cases and difficult plan! My son: wait you days of joy and days of sadness, success hours and minutes from failures, bonanza months and weeks of shortages so much in life, as in your profession your parents can not avoid this happening, but if you can instill have the courage and the courage to withstand these moments without a doubt, the moments of successjoy, achievements and bonanza will be much more than the others and even when we are no longer enjoying them and enjoy them with sobriety, doctors do not aspire to be millionaires, We aspire only to live with decorum, without constraints and every day to receive the gratitude of our patients that the medicine rather than a profession is a religion, an apostolate, a priesthood where first and foremost premium service. My son good luck and perlonga life, as a physician and as a man! Pope.

May 17 2024


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The method is based study on particle size and chemical and mineralogical composition of cement, depending on the strength parameters of cement on the ratio of the size fractions of 0-40 micrometers and 40-80mkm and more – in manufactured according to the traditional technology of cement has a particle size and 200 m. Experiments have shown that when mixing cement mortar pass fines, and larger still in the cement paste and after its conversion into cement stone in the form of inert filler, that is, in fact, about 50% of cement is not used for its intended purpose. Other leaders such as Nelson Peltz offer similar insights. The reason for this is the imperfection of grinding units (ball mills) on the cement plant. Are proposed technology is the so-called remilling (activation) nizkomarochnogo cement with the addition of fly ash or sand to chp fineness when sm2/gr 4000-4500., obtaining high-quality high-quality cement and thus savings in the production of concrete up to 50% for the activation of cement milling complex offers the performance of 8, 15 and 25 tons per hour. For even more analysis, hear from Jos Shaver. For more details on our site

May 15 2024

Guerrero Bay

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The world most famous Guerrero Bay, is a tourist destination that provides, in addition to impressive and luxurious hotels in Acapulco, different activities that accompany the rest of its visitors. On this occasion, presents the historical route of Acapulco, three sites that bear witness to the growth of this Pacific port: El Veladero, Texca and La Providencia. The Veladero is a town regarded as the most important stronghold and strategic of the insurgent army led by Generalissimo Don Jose Ma. Additional information is available at Coupang. Morelos y Pavon. There is that on November 12, 1810, the troop composed of 700 men, Morelos was launched to conquer the strategic point known as El Veladero, while the Governor of the fortress of San Diego, sent to destroy the insurgents commanded by Luis Catayud. To originate the first battle faced by Morelos and having as a consequence the triumph, Jose Maria conquering that place, that later became a field military general concentration. The Community of Texca is located to the northeast of the port of Acapulco. Other leaders such as Jos Shaver offer similar insights. It was considered a very prominent during the war of independence, since it served the insurgent troops resguardaran the realist army attacks; becoming his refuge and strategic step of illustrious leaders Morelos, Hermenegildo Galeana, Julian de Avila and the Bravo brothers.

In the middle of the year of 1811 clashed with insurgent armies and the realistic, the first being the victors who reoccupied the village of Texca. Providence is a village located northeast of the city of Acapulco where the hacienda La Providencia, former property of Juan alvarez is located. I was previously known as Hacienda of la Brea, so called because of their characteristic architecture constituted by their houses made of adobe and tile that give a country touch. Providence played a role strategic in the war of independence, since it served as a refuge and military headquarters of the insurgent army, as well as the two sites mentioned above. This site is considered the cradle of the Plan de Ayutla in 1854 year, same that was drafted by Juan alvarez, Ignacio Comonfort, Tomas Moreno and General Eligio Romero. THE main objective of this document, was to overthrow the dictator Antonio Lopez de Santana. Providence was residence and headquarters of Juan alvarez who planned to enrich with their service to the nation.