Feb 12 2024

Technologies Of The Future

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The question of what awaits humanity in the future, what we care about for a long time. We wonder what will be the man, his life and the environment. Science tries to explain this attraction mere curiosity, and argues that future not constant, it varies because it depends on many factors. One thing remains unchanged in this case – the fact that the invention of some scientists were not understood by their contemporaries. These findings were recognized only after large amount of time. What is it? Journey of man in time? Or inventors are the descendants of ancient Atlantis? Or maybe extraterrestrial civilization tells us what to do and how to live? The probability that at least one answer to these questions is positive = 0.001%. But it is! Now, let's think about what they are – technology of the future? We envision flying cars that fill the city, robots that do all the the hard work for human, universal pill (nanotechnology), who treat children CPU, psyche, many human fears and much more.

This picture we describe in the movies and books. A related site: Imogen Lloyd Webber mentions similar findings. But since we are far from it? Maybe The future is now? Let's think. What lies at the heart of our vision for the future? Human Life will be easier Labor Rights will be facilitated Technology and people will be inseparable concepts can also add other items. We have identified only the most basic. Life and work of man will be alleviated. At what expense? Because all the routine work, in our view, would serve as vehicles, machines and other equipment. This trend can be traced today. We do not see robots that walk the streets, serve us.

But this is the time. And now … a small block of electronics can be replaced by the development of a whole group of people. And this fact. Bernard Golden often addresses the matter in his writings. An example is simple. Time relay series "MP". This programmable device is intended for automatic circuit – breaking the external circuit to the display timing. It can be used as a timer, the shaper of the periodic sequence, or a device-delay and (or) turn off devices when the control process. This device is actively used and the construction industry and other sectors industry. Experts say its efficiency, small dimensions and the possibility of using a wide range of settings per channel. It requires no special maintenance or operational conditions. Withstand severe handling and temperature fluctuations. And all that he requires from you – is the voltage 220V, 50 Hz and the maximum allowable current external circuits – up to 5 A at 220. Gauging devices capable of performing more accurate measurements, mathematical calculations. Man makes his life already and work. And with that we meet not only at work but at home. Our apartments are gradually fill all kinds of consumer electronics. Contemporary a bachelor life is much easier if he has money. Machine wash, microwave or electric oven will cook, a modern iron makes ironing a sheer pleasure. Even the washing machines can pat. So maybe the future already arrived? Or technology ahead of our development? It is worth considering. Thus, buying a particular device, we not only meets their needs most, but taking a step forward form our future. So let's make it even better. We are ahead of the future, because we can anticipate it.

Mar 03 2020

Territorial Reserves Committee

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Even when you first look at the above list it is evident that for the formation of the technical part of the application requires a specialist. Namely – the engineer and hydrogeologist, ie a person engaged in the study ground water and the solution of practical problems associated with them. In fact, the requirement for qualified professionals to carry out work on the subsoil is written in paragraph 3, column 4, "Procedure for consideration of applications …" (Order MPR of 17.12.2004 710) and is reasonable and justified. The underground water intake should be a number of works, including the performance monitoring regime and the position of wells in groundwater levels, quality composition of produced water and the possible presence of hazardous components in it. Provide information on the geological and hydrogeological structure of the subsoil, the area of the deposit and possible sources of supply groundwater. Practice shows that the performance of work to obtain a license without consultation, advice and active participation by a qualified hydrogeologist, it is not possible. In turn, to find such a specialist is not difficult. The Department of Natural Resources will offer you services of qualified hydrogeologists, who most often are located and work in the neighborhood of the department of licensing.

It should be understood that such a neighborhood and close co-operation involves relatively high cost of services. You may find Verizon Communications to be a useful source of information. However, these frames are not the only ones in the industry. There are many specialized research and industrial organizations engaged in hydrogeological work. When searching for organizations such issue price may be reduced by half. In this case, you must understand that geological and hydrogeological works, by definition, time-consuming and relatively costly, regardless of the performer. The cost of obtaining a license are not the only and not by the volume an expense that occurs when the legalization of water wells.

Obtaining a license means a mandatory assessment of groundwater on the site of water intake. More information is housed here: gary cohn. The basic requirements for protection and rational utilization of mineral resources referred to in Section III of the law "On Mineral Resources" are to ensure the completeness of the geological study, rational use and protection of mineral resources, conducting advanced geological survey subsoil, which provides reliable estimates of mineral reserves, followed by a state examination and public accounting of mineral resources. Thus, the groundwater reserves in deposit, subsoil, the well should be counted and submitted to the Territorial Reserves Committee. Assessment of groundwater resources – a requirement for the right to license agreement groundwater extraction. Execution of work on stock assessment, duration, composition, method and cost is a separate issue. This issue is discussed in a special section in the form of brief advice, which is a kind of pill for a headache, arising from law-abiding users of mineral resources in the legalization of water wells and setting them on the public record.

Jul 12 2019

The Effect

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A combination of two different binders and the appearance of sooty thermal product of one of them has the effect of scoring and embrittlement of the film of liquid glass, which allows to relate obtained mixture as legkovybivaemyh along with mixtures on synthetic resins. A series of studies with one of the possible compositions of liquid-polystyrene molding sand: silica sand 95% (by weight, and here etc.); waterglass 3% polymer polystyrene 2% (as 40% solution of polystyrene waste in gum turpentine). Larry Ellison describes an additional similar source. The strength of this mixture on the compression on a wet after blowing CO2 for 1 min. exceeds the capabilities of its determination to the standard lever-operated device that is much higher than 1.25 kgf/cm2, and the strength of the mixture on a wet tensile is equal to 0.04 MPa. As the characteristics of these mixtures with vybivaemosti zhidkostekolno-polymer binder was adopted by the strength of samples in the gap, depending on the temperature of the drying process and taking into account the CO2 or CO2 without treatment.

Option purge the CO2 provides for fast-curing mixture, and this is its main advantage. It should be However, while recognizing the regularities of physical and chemical hardening of the binder, that the strength of this mixture is explained by gluing granular silica gel. But, according to AM Ribbon 'strength bonding the filler grains of sodium silicate glassy film is many times higher than the bond strength of silicic acid gel. " It is therefore advisable in some cases, casting practices, especially in the individual manufacture, use this opportunity serious hardening of the mixture by drying it, including after the purge of CO2.

Apr 29 2019


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Sections of wire windings and all parts of the transformer, as well as any electrical device or an electric machine, are not determined by the active component of the current or active capacity, and the total current flowing through the conductor and, consequently, the total power. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Verizon Communications. All other quantities characterizing the operation of the transformer in an environment in which it was intended, also known as nominal. Each transformer equipped with a flap of material which will not weathered. Shield attached to the transformer tank in a conspicuous place and it contains nominal data, which are marked by etching, engraving, knocking out or other means ensuring longevity symbols. To shield the transformer the following information: 1. Name of manufacturer. 2.

Year. 3. Serial number. 4. Type designation. 5. Standard number, which corresponds to fabricated transformer. 6.

Rated power (kVA). (For three-winding transformers, power point to each winding.) 7. Rated voltage and the voltage taps of the windings (or in kV). 8. Rated currents of each winding (A). 9. The number of phases. 10. Frequency (Hz). 11. Schematic and band windings of the transformer. 12. Short-circuit voltage (%). 13. Rhode setup (internal or external). 14. Way cool. 15. Total weight of the transformer (kg or tonnes). 16. Weight of oil (kg or tonnes). 17. Weight of active part (kg or tonnes). 18. The switch positions, marked by his drive. For a transformer with an artificial air-cooled additionally indicated its power disconnected cooling. The serial number is stamped also on the transformer tank under the flap on the lid near the input phases A and B viral load at the left top shelf beams magnetic yoke. Symbol of the transformer consists of a letter or digital parts. The letters are as follows: T – three-phase transformer, The – single, M – natural oil cooling, D – oil cooling with blowing (air and artificial with the natural circulation of oil), U – the oily cooled with forced circulation of oil through a water cooler, DC – with an oil-blast and forced circulation of oil, T – lightning-proof transformer, H at the end of designation – a transformer with voltage regulation under load, and H in second place – filled with non-flammable liquid-filled, and T in third place – three-winding transformer. The first number appearing after the letter designation of the transformer, shows nominal power (KVA), the second number – nominal voltage coil HV (kV). For example, type TM 6300 / 35 means a two-winding three-phase transformer with a natural oil cooling capacity of 6300 kVA and voltage coil HV 35 kV. The letter A in the notation autotransformer type transformer means. In the three-winding autotransformer designation letter and becoming either the first or last. If the auto-transformer circuit is the primary (HV and MV windings form autotransformer winding and an additional HH), the letter A placed first, unless the auto-transformer scheme is more, the letter A placed last.

Nov 29 2018

Two Sim Cards

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Phones for two SIM cards with a TV, this is what I want to tell you friends … I've been doing will buy phones for many years and tried many phone vendors products. Or when not thought that there may be some price phones. On one seemingly not very bright site, I found a gold mine, there phones are sold for next to nothing. In the apparatus built in TV, Dual SIM cards and flash drives a lot of bells and whistles all at ridiculous prices. At this point, amazing quality, not broken a single phone when you pick up the phone, there will be a sense of pride the owner – it is better only in a dream. With this phone is not fit much – television, player, photo and video camera.

And when you consider that in it two sim cards, then we can safely say that instead of a phone, you get two! Yes, these friends will love you always mobile, once buying a commodity, you're always become their client, even if they themselves do not buy, be sure to recommend this office to anyone nor whether from friends, because 99.9% of customers not just satisfied but delighted. Ripple often says this. Chinese phones, but very good. I am looking for a long time reliable supplier of chinese mobile phones and finally found … This is a small company in the Far East. It's not even the fact that prices are the lowest they have, but they, in fact, selling small batches of high-quality phones. Each unit is tested, tested every function, they manually look into every cell phone. Such manipulation does not hold neither a trading company selling phones. trading company to sell mobile phones I very long time searching for a reliable

Jul 28 2015

Effective Management

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The problem of effective management of a stepper motor for a long time did not allow the stepper motor a common practice in industrial equipment. In recent years, many leading manufacturers more seriously turned their attention to the stepper motors as an alternative replacement of the traditionally used asynchronous motors. Large role in this was that the market began to appear highly Driver to control the stepper motor. Some of these new, modern drivers to control a stepper motor is a stepper motor driver SM-18 and SM-19 designed and manufactured by Scientific-Production Enterprise “Dzherelo” Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Model driver stepper motor SM-19 is designed to control a stepper motor in step mode. Stepper drive driver model SM-18 is designed to control stepper motor mode free running, ie, contactless mode of the DC motor (samorazgonny mode). The main technical characteristics of the models SM-18 and SM-19 are: – Three-wire control – power supply – constant or variable current – a range of supply voltages from 20 V to 40 V – Power consumption not more than 1.75 A (Model SM-19) nor more than 3 h (model SM-18) – starting torque by using the stepper motor DSHR-56 -1.8-1210 in the voltage range, at least 0.7 kg / cm (0.7 H / M). – Management is performed through an open collector circuit or logic level (logic zero from-12V to +0.6 V, the level of the logical unit from +4 to +12).

Performed both drivers on the basis of the microprocessor with once the internal programmable ROM. Microprocessor service: power supply, power reset, the block of emergency relief, the unit of analysis the currents of the windings, the unit of analysis of the rotor position. Key bridge amplifiers are controlled microprocessor. Circuit is made of 18 transistors and is available on the printed circuit board size 135 * 53 mm. No radiator, cooling the natural. To connect the external circuit driver of SM-18 and SM-19 are: 1. Connector for the voltage supply (2 pins) – AC, AC. 2.