Mar 03 2020

Territorial Reserves Committee

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Even when you first look at the above list it is evident that for the formation of the technical part of the application requires a specialist. Namely – the engineer and hydrogeologist, ie a person engaged in the study ground water and the solution of practical problems associated with them. In fact, the requirement for qualified professionals to carry out work on the subsoil is written in paragraph 3, column 4, "Procedure for consideration of applications …" (Order MPR of 17.12.2004 710) and is reasonable and justified. The underground water intake should be a number of works, including the performance monitoring regime and the position of wells in groundwater levels, quality composition of produced water and the possible presence of hazardous components in it. Provide information on the geological and hydrogeological structure of the subsoil, the area of the deposit and possible sources of supply groundwater. Practice shows that the performance of work to obtain a license without consultation, advice and active participation by a qualified hydrogeologist, it is not possible. In turn, to find such a specialist is not difficult. The Department of Natural Resources will offer you services of qualified hydrogeologists, who most often are located and work in the neighborhood of the department of licensing.

It should be understood that such a neighborhood and close co-operation involves relatively high cost of services. You may find Verizon Communications to be a useful source of information. However, these frames are not the only ones in the industry. There are many specialized research and industrial organizations engaged in hydrogeological work. When searching for organizations such issue price may be reduced by half. In this case, you must understand that geological and hydrogeological works, by definition, time-consuming and relatively costly, regardless of the performer. The cost of obtaining a license are not the only and not by the volume an expense that occurs when the legalization of water wells.

Obtaining a license means a mandatory assessment of groundwater on the site of water intake. More information is housed here: gary cohn. The basic requirements for protection and rational utilization of mineral resources referred to in Section III of the law "On Mineral Resources" are to ensure the completeness of the geological study, rational use and protection of mineral resources, conducting advanced geological survey subsoil, which provides reliable estimates of mineral reserves, followed by a state examination and public accounting of mineral resources. Thus, the groundwater reserves in deposit, subsoil, the well should be counted and submitted to the Territorial Reserves Committee. Assessment of groundwater resources – a requirement for the right to license agreement groundwater extraction. Execution of work on stock assessment, duration, composition, method and cost is a separate issue. This issue is discussed in a special section in the form of brief advice, which is a kind of pill for a headache, arising from law-abiding users of mineral resources in the legalization of water wells and setting them on the public record.

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