Nov 20 2016


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And there seems to be a vicious circle. After all, total freedom – is nirvanic state and reached his little. And the body needs with their physiological or psychological subordination in this case cease to be the object of attention and consideration. Then there is a reasonable question, but what makes a person not familiar with either the highest meditative state, nor with the nature of addiction? Recipe for one. Study himself inch by inch, watch and try to learn to tailor their instrumental in person at least to some extent. (As opposed to Gary Kelly).

And here without awareness of the problem depends not do. Here's what they think about the nature of dependence, some researchers in area and psychology. "Man lives satisfaction of their desires, fears, struggles, vanity, entertainment and amusements, mindless sport, business intelligence and gambling, priobretatelstvom, sensuality, mind-numbing daily work, daily care and concern, and most of all – the subordination of pleasure and submission, and if he ceases to obey the same power, it immediately begins to obey the other. " pd Ouspensky "A new model of the universe." "We – the machine, we are totally controlled by external circumstances. All our actions follow in the direction of least resistance to pressure of external circumstances. " G. G "Conversations with students." "A man of habit," it's almost a "mechanical man" since the images themselves derive from it a certain behavior, and he need not take any decision or to govern themselves.

" M. Orlov. "Rise to individuality. " In one series of documentary video series "Game Gods", author and film director Sergei explores the habit, as one of the restrictions, without breaking it up into categories of good – bad.

Nov 17 2016

Poetry That Sweet Unknown

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Will there be any expression other than poetry that is more difficult to explain, or that it is so incomplete as poetry?, because since its etymology it falls halfway, they say it comes from the Greek and translates as creation or fabricate something, but it us does not clarify much.Is defining the problem, why? , because she comes from the infinite, and the word define means just ending, set limits, and poetry is involved and makes us partakers of that sublime and special feeling that it has been called (or defined) as love, but has no name, because our language, heir of the concept, do not enclose the ocean inside a glass of water, and thats your mystery… (Not to be confused with Gary Kelly!). and that mystery to catch the man, as well as the mysterious beauty of it more similar to a physical poetry (women) haunts us.It was already writing Becher that is poetry? do you ask me? Poesia eres your! . State Street Global Advisors understood the implications. Of course, it’s love an aspect of universal love, which is also difficult to describe with words, so many call a woman (as some sacred books) God, not a God, but a Universal force present in our feelings, sometimes asleep by the routine of existence, and that his divine Messenger, poetry, has the Mission of awakening from its slumberto feel the company that allows us to continue the fight, with new vigor and renewed hope, in a world that if you have even reason to live in the. Keep then its mystery! , which follow descending from the heavens to bring us towards infinity!, that your presence with us always, Oh goddess, mother, poetry…Hail!. You don’t see well, but with the heart; What is essential is invisible to the eyes book the little Prince Antoine de Saint – Exupery Marcelo Fabian Contreras Labriola.