Feb 28 2016


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Dagestan is not a "country of mountains", and Dagestan have – not mountaineers. The road beneath our feet is just about anywhere – in any city on any continent of the Earth. But the memory still clings to the images and illusions of the past, slowing down and forcing us to do wrong deeds. For example, investing hundreds of billions in an apparently unpromising territory not mountaineers say, in the mountains the sun is shining brightly, and it is even a little bit closer. Perhaps this is so. I do not have to go. Like hundreds of thousands of others Dagestan, which has never come back to the mountains. Today, most of Dagestan – not the Highlanders, but the townspeople, also living on all continents.

Except Antarctica. The bulk of the population of Dagestan is no way be mountaineers. But the inertia of the past, most Dagestanis even born and living in cities continues to feel the mountaineers. But when and who thought about the fact that the concept of "mountain people" in relation to residents Republic now has meaning only as a symbol of the roots, the identification of membership of a particular ancient culture that has arisen and had developed once in the mountains. Likewise, the well-established, almost a second the official name of Dagestan "Land of Mountains" is not quite true, since today the mountain less than 40% of the country. It is true that in the early XX century, the planar part of Dagestan was really only 18% surface region, it was almost barren and deserted.

Feb 28 2016


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We have to reprint edition, which immediately affects the timing and the cost of printed materials 4.B no incentive to action is very common mistake. If You send a directory and expect that the buyer would come, you may be right. But a greater response, and in total, and more purchases, you will get if you add a letter with the proposal of the "Come to us within 3 days and You will receive a magnet on the fridge …. " Or "Call now, and …", "Fill out the form and …." And you can still apply and an invoice for payment. Motivation to action – one of the important advantages of direct marketing. Continue to learn more with: Bernard Golden .

5.Predostavlyayutsya ready materials for the automatic packaging without pre-test packaging machines to be packed very picky about the materials. From the quality of the envelopes and packaged on the machine depends investment rate packaging, and indeed a possibility. Some material not suitable for automatic packaging, for example, too dusty or thin paper, or multi-page booklets. Any circulation can be packed, but not all – automatically. We had to pack it in an envelope of 18 investments, of which 4 were brochures in the usual format of an envelope C5. 6.Nepravilno location to select personalization personalized attachments, as a rule, packaged in envelopes with a window.

This helps avoid errors when combining the personalization and on the attached envelope. Of course, personalization address should be located so that it could be seen in a window envelope. Must be borne in mind that investment, "hanging" inside the envelope, that is, to consider the difference between the size of attachments and an envelope 7.Oshibki combining personalization Combining Personalization – one of the most complex procedures.

Feb 28 2016

European Union Directive

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Since the XIX century absinthe became a drink of Bohemia. His fans were Guy de Maupassant, Vincent van Gogh, Arthur Rimbaud, Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Baudelaire, Guillaume Apollinaire, Oscar Wilde, Edgar Degas, Edouard Manet, Pablo Picasso, Erich Maria Remarque, and others. Absent immortalized lines of poetry, paintings and even skulturami (bronze ‘glass of absinthe’ Picasso). In the early XX century, absinthe was subjected to persecution. There is a theory that it leads to absinthism syndrome, characterized by addiction, hyperexcitability, and hallucinations. In the 20 years of absinthe was banned in many European countries as well as because of low quality produced a significant proportion of the XIX century beverage and its high strength, many became motivated abuse of absinthe alcoholics. They were called ‘absentistami’, and the disease ‘absinthism’, which often turns into hallucinatory form, and then in schizophrenia.

The consumption of absinthe considered ‘ticket’ in a lunatic asylum. It should be noted that the consequences of abuse in those days mainly attributed contained in the essential oil of wormwood bitter substance – thujone. However, with time, people began to realize that ‘the conviction’ absinthe, not all arguments are persuasive. It was found in particular that ill-fated thujone though it has negative characteristics, causes serious bodily injury, only in the use of absinthe in very large quantities – a few liters a day. And hurts them most likely was due, firstly, the low quality alcohol, used in the manufacture of absinthe, and secondly, it is very high-strength drinks – up to 72%. These and other investigations led to the fact that in 1981 European Union Directive absinthe was legalized in the countries – members of the organization. However, the EU’s restrictions on the composition of modern absinthe.

Thus, the content of thujone in it should not exceed 10 mg / kg, which is lower than the concentration of the substance in absinthe sample of XIX century in 26 times. Sold today in Europe, absinthe – this is not the drink that was persecuted century ago. Absinthe can be yellow, brown and even red, but most of all – emerald green. It was called ‘La Fe’e verte’ – ‘Green Fairy’, or ‘Green Witch. ” It was believed that green light that produces the drink in the minds of bizarre poetic images. The main component of absinthe, wormwood addition, an anise. It as a valuable medicinal and food plant used by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. This absinthe is very bitter and very strong alcoholic beverage made from an extract of wormwood (hence the name of the drink, after a bitter wormwood in Latin, ‘artemisia absinthium’). The composition of absinthe also contains extracts of many medicinal herbs such as fennel, anise, lemon balm. In order to keep essential oils in the drink requires a high concentration of alcohol: that’s why absinthe has a strength of 70-75% and sometimes 80% (Swiss absinthe).

Feb 28 2016

The Deviation

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The reason was a result, the investigation – the cause. Dialectical system in its development process can be either in a state of dynamic equilibrium, which guarantees the equality of opposites, or, in violation of the equality of status 'Combat', whose purpose – to level the opposition, to bring the system into equilibrium. Equality levels of quality species and its environment, which in the limit can be simplified view, the confrontation with data, there equality of opposites dialectic of 'species-habitat'. A change in one level of quality relative to the other is the birth of one of the unbalanced opposites, that is the reason birth 'control' over its antipode to restore a balance, 'control', in which the opposite of its part of the unbalanced birth to what is causing the birth of 'control' the opposition for the first rebalancing of the system. Here the notion of 'counter' reflects the tendency of species in the direction of improving its quality through the elimination of predominantly low-grade populations.

Moreover, intensity of 'struggle' is that, as a rule, the number of individuals are eliminated does not exceed the number of births – the intensity, which is determined by the deviation of exact state of equilibrium 'species-environment'. Reducing the level of quantitative prey species is also a deviation from the equilibrium state of 'species-environment', but as a rule, this deviation is transcendent, ie, In this case, the number of eliminated population exceeds the number of births. The rate of development of the dialectical systems – (rate of occurrence of all processes of nature) – is determined by the degree of intensity 'struggle' of opposites of these systems.

Feb 23 2016

Marketing Cash

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-Apart from the satisfaction of the client-. Nobody denies that to achieve lasting and profitable customers is necessary to establish and cultivate a lasting customer relationships based on trust and dialogue. However, few companies demonstrate it effectively (with facts, not just words) through a clear orientation to exceed customer expectations. Today talk of relationship marketing is, in addition to usual, almost mandatory in any media that discusses successful strategies for marketing products. Nobody denies that to achieve lasting and profitable customers is necessary to establish and cultivate a lasting customer relationships based on trust and dialogue. However, few companies demonstrate it effectively (with facts, not just words) through a clear orientation to exceed customer expectations. For the majority of ellas, seems as if the mere satisfaction of the customer outside the goal of your marketing strategy.

As if that was today, guarantee of something satisfying or loyalty? If we think a little about the services that we consume on a daily basis as customers, we realize that most of the companies that provide us services, have a maximum goal, in the best cases, get a rate high in customer satisfaction rate. For the majority of companies with which we deal, their highest aspiration is providing us the service we hope; If there are no complaints, it is that everything is fine. The problem comes if another brand that exceeds the usual satisfaction level and attracts customers, then begins the war of prices, of extraordinary advantages listed and that company begins to question whether their clients are really or not loyal. Although it is patently obvious, the mere fact that a brand will give us a product or service, is not any guarantee of commitment of loyalty on our part. If our relationship with the brand is based solely in commercial dealings, as soon as appears another that improves us bid will be, at the very least, tempted of test to compare.

Feb 12 2016

Internet Marketing

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Feb 11 2016


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If there is a shortfall, then we have a shortage of goods. In this case, according to the laws of market economy have inflated the price for the end user to scarce commodity. In this case, the consumer paying more for the deficit, reduce its same opportunity to buy other goods required, ie, decreases the overall purchasing power. This leads to a situation where even on other popular products begins overproduction. In this case the efficiency of the economy also fell significantly, undermining the stability of the economy. The existing modern economy can not be solved the question of determining the absolute demand and production of goods under this demand.

As a result, the economy has always been in the unstable regime, constantly accumulating imbalances arising before the next crisis. Situation from crisis to saving natural for a market economy, bankruptcy entrepreneurs, called natural selection. When the bankruptcy has not helped, there were economic crises that led situation in the economy to a stable state, as is well known, the most stable state at the bottom. After the bottom of the process began with the beginning of the same general scenario. However, the recent 10 th anniversary of the world economy led to its globalization. Globalization of the economy has changed the usual scenario of its development.

In almost all countries small and medium businesses is only supported artificially by government programs (not based on market principles). But such "Window dressing" for a market economy does not mean anything. Market economy, such programs only accept as a charity and no more.

Feb 09 2016

Marketing Concept

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So they dedicated themselves for years to build a large artificial beach that today is extremely important and an attraction in the city. Annually is an event where gather thousands of people who bathe in summer under the moon. In companies, passes problem by understanding and commitment of their senior executives, what is not always so, since there is no consciousness on the part of the managements that the fundamental axis on which must operate all action marketing is usually corporate marketing identity see it only as a tool for promotion of brand or generation of internal motivation to achieve the common goal. However there is no a clear alignment between Marketing actions for example and the mission and Vision of the company. An example that illustrates the issue. After doing several studies and develop a Marketing strategy for the company’s electrical distribution CONAFE, came to define the identity project was summarized in a concept: first positive energy was to show that more than one electric company was a company that provided power to the homes and on the other we should remember that electricity has another positive and a negative pole and therefore the power of this company (analogy) it was not equal to that handing over others, but it was positive. Energy positive in Chile, has also many meanings, since it represents people who have a positive view of life, which are good wave as we call them, have good aurea as some, that always relate to a smile, say they are willing to help. In the end is associated with good, with the best.

Although it was a concept that would give a new image to a somewhat traditional company, I end up only as a slogan. As well a rich concept that could give the company a single image in the domestic market, to the extent that all the staff had this positive service attitude, contractors and their employees also, the building, the premises of attention and all forms of communication to give life to the concept, this has not happened. We as a consultant will deliver the strategy and work plan, but required at its interior executives trained for its implementation, and one management that understood the value of identity and this in particular, something that did not happen. Therefore the topic identity, being still of the utmost importance for Marketing, requires inside many companies of personnel who understand the importance of this and their way of working it, as also of a management that really see marketing as a philosophy of company and not only as a function of a particular area of it.

Feb 06 2016

Personal Marketing Chapter

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II how to learn to learn? I rescued today, like any other day in the Cafe that I frequent to philosophizing with friends, a summary of the individual learning cycle. Henry, a new friend, seller of ideas par excellence, tells me your experience of life as an immigrant in Venezuela. Tireless fighter, permanently seeks the path that many seek, sometimes doing it by walking as a song it says. And he tells me: I am on the way of the resignation… would waive what? Mainly to human stupidity, I stated with total security and passion. And there our debate, which will last days or months as I feel it is triggered. When did you learn to give and learn to change? Generally, tell me, is there anyone that happens in your life and may be one to catch the idea at that time, may also be that I look for it later. The passion of Henry by giving through teaching, is indescribable, to people in your company, still unaware of his teaching, but learn.

What the? success of teaching? I think, in my opinion, the power of suggestion, and beyond, the power of conviction and the knowledge of knowing that the universe and involved energy belongs to us. I.e., the resignation of the particular, to accept everything, to embrace life as an integrity and absorb the information. It is to raise us capture everything in a multi-sensory way, is the breadth of mind, leaving behind prejudices and patterns of brick wall. There are a number of techniques for learning to learn, the first is not to settle for what I say here, is investigate, delve and find new methods and adapt them to our personality. How do we learn? If the IQ is not the firm indicator of capacity that may we thought, what we know about how you learn? The determination, perseverance and a healthy learning environment may be more important than innate ability.