Feb 28 2016


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Dagestan is not a "country of mountains", and Dagestan have – not mountaineers. The road beneath our feet is just about anywhere – in any city on any continent of the Earth. But the memory still clings to the images and illusions of the past, slowing down and forcing us to do wrong deeds. For example, investing hundreds of billions in an apparently unpromising territory not mountaineers say, in the mountains the sun is shining brightly, and it is even a little bit closer. Perhaps this is so. I do not have to go. Like hundreds of thousands of others Dagestan, which has never come back to the mountains. Today, most of Dagestan – not the Highlanders, but the townspeople, also living on all continents.

Except Antarctica. The bulk of the population of Dagestan is no way be mountaineers. But the inertia of the past, most Dagestanis even born and living in cities continues to feel the mountaineers. But when and who thought about the fact that the concept of "mountain people" in relation to residents Republic now has meaning only as a symbol of the roots, the identification of membership of a particular ancient culture that has arisen and had developed once in the mountains. Likewise, the well-established, almost a second the official name of Dagestan "Land of Mountains" is not quite true, since today the mountain less than 40% of the country. It is true that in the early XX century, the planar part of Dagestan was really only 18% surface region, it was almost barren and deserted.

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