Feb 28 2016

The Deviation

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The reason was a result, the investigation – the cause. Dialectical system in its development process can be either in a state of dynamic equilibrium, which guarantees the equality of opposites, or, in violation of the equality of status 'Combat', whose purpose – to level the opposition, to bring the system into equilibrium. Equality levels of quality species and its environment, which in the limit can be simplified view, the confrontation with data, there equality of opposites dialectic of 'species-habitat'. A change in one level of quality relative to the other is the birth of one of the unbalanced opposites, that is the reason birth 'control' over its antipode to restore a balance, 'control', in which the opposite of its part of the unbalanced birth to what is causing the birth of 'control' the opposition for the first rebalancing of the system. Here the notion of 'counter' reflects the tendency of species in the direction of improving its quality through the elimination of predominantly low-grade populations.

Moreover, intensity of 'struggle' is that, as a rule, the number of individuals are eliminated does not exceed the number of births – the intensity, which is determined by the deviation of exact state of equilibrium 'species-environment'. Reducing the level of quantitative prey species is also a deviation from the equilibrium state of 'species-environment', but as a rule, this deviation is transcendent, ie, In this case, the number of eliminated population exceeds the number of births. The rate of development of the dialectical systems – (rate of occurrence of all processes of nature) – is determined by the degree of intensity 'struggle' of opposites of these systems.

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