Feb 11 2016


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If there is a shortfall, then we have a shortage of goods. In this case, according to the laws of market economy have inflated the price for the end user to scarce commodity. In this case, the consumer paying more for the deficit, reduce its same opportunity to buy other goods required, ie, decreases the overall purchasing power. This leads to a situation where even on other popular products begins overproduction. In this case the efficiency of the economy also fell significantly, undermining the stability of the economy. The existing modern economy can not be solved the question of determining the absolute demand and production of goods under this demand.

As a result, the economy has always been in the unstable regime, constantly accumulating imbalances arising before the next crisis. Situation from crisis to saving natural for a market economy, bankruptcy entrepreneurs, called natural selection. When the bankruptcy has not helped, there were economic crises that led situation in the economy to a stable state, as is well known, the most stable state at the bottom. After the bottom of the process began with the beginning of the same general scenario. However, the recent 10 th anniversary of the world economy led to its globalization. Globalization of the economy has changed the usual scenario of its development.

In almost all countries small and medium businesses is only supported artificially by government programs (not based on market principles). But such "Window dressing" for a market economy does not mean anything. Market economy, such programs only accept as a charity and no more.

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