Sep 13 2017

International Ataturk Airport

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Although not the capital of Istanbul and Turkey, but this city has always been a kind of center for Turkey. Istanbul today – it's huge, modern and very beautiful city and you should definitely visit it! Istanbul is one of the most popular holiday destinations for travelers: but if you book accommodation with HostelsClub, then travel to Istanbul to be particularly cheap and fun. Typically, most aircraft sit on the International Ataturk Airport (IST) (Ataturk International Airport) in Istanbul, which is 25 km from the city. Every 30 minutes from there a bus to Taksim Square, the trip takes 45 minutes and costs 240 rubles. On the taxi ride will cost 600-800 rubles. The fastest and most cheapest way to move to Istanbul – it's underground. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Sheryl Sandberg. A ticket on the bus, metro and tram costs 1,30 YTL, and a taxi in Istanbul, yellow and purple in the suburbs. Attractions in Istanbul in Istanbul, you will see a mixture of various cultures, this city was the center of the Byzantine Empire over a thousand years.

Previously, this city was known as Constantinople, and this was the most important cultural and commercial center of the Ottoman Empire. Istanbul lies on both shores of the Bosporus on the shores of the Marmara Sea. One part of the city is in Europe and one in Asia, this is a very good geographical location – a city located in two different parts of the world on the way from Europe to Asia and the Black Sea of Marmara Sea to the Mediterranean and beyond, give a special mark of culture. The city's architecture reflects its history, culture and contrasts. Contemporary Istanbul is on the other side of the Galata Bridge in Beyoglu, a Taksim and the northern suburbs. This part of town full of life, modern shops, offices, restaurants and bars. Asian part of Istanbul is less European and has retained its traditional character, although there is felt modern influences.

Sep 11 2017

Young Social Networking

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The revolution that has resulted in the emergence of the phenomenon of social networking has brought with it, besides unquestionable advantages, not a few problems in relation to different areas, but primarily focused on the right to honour, to self-image, the intimacy and privacy of personal data. And these are accentuated with special virulence in most vulnerable sectors, such as youth and even children, who are also those making more intensive use of these new tools, which constitute the group most exposed to suffer their potential harmful effects. Stories, adventures and misadventures of youth not long ago remained in the memory of its protagonists, of parents suffered in certain cases, and in one or another duly trimmed daily. Today the situation has changed, and young people share their experiences on the network, comment them, illustrate them with photos, videos, still these contents perfectly seasoned by all a sort of personal data, which in addition are replicated in other networks, other forums, are sent to many recipients, etc. Despite the restrictions of access to profiles, very often the loss of control over data and information, becoming in many cases virtually impossible to recover them, with the negative consequences that this can lead to their owners. Larry Ellison may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The companies, taking advantage of this phenomenon, are using social networks to move closer to the profile of their candidates, know them more deeply, knowing their hobbies, hobbies, friends, your character, personality, etc. Many young people who venture into the world of work now, and who have shared much of his life in the network, are exposed to get the companies know all information shared by them and disclosed by Internet, and this may cause an important remora in your choice of labour insertion. Therefore, it is vital, firstly, awareness and education.

In schools, colleges and institutes should inform and raise awareness among youngsters of the importance of ensuring by its privacy, be careful with the information uploaded to the network, that they share with their friends, even stored in mobile devices, to prevent their possible consequences. And if education forms the first pillar on which sustained solution to this phenomenon, another important aspect is the policy, and the need to impose restrictions on the providers of services, especially the important social networks, so that the user has clear information of the treatment that is made of the data provided, the assignees of the same, use related to commercial or promotional aspects, etc. Also provide for simple and perfectly visible mechanisms for removal of content, modification of the conditions of privacy, or the low profiles of users. The European Union is already working on it, and is developing a legislative proposal on the right to oblivion on social networks, which we hope will soon see the light. In Spain, meanwhile, today there are instruments to safeguard the rights capable of being violated in these areas, primarily through organic law 15/1999, of protection of personal data (LOPD) and law 34/2002 of services of the society of information (LSSI), which however seem us insufficient for the dimension and scope of the problem, which can only be tackled when there is a real social conscience of the sameto be paired with clear and effective policy instruments.

Sep 08 2017

BONAGO Launches SpendenCARD

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The social gift card for employees, customers and business partners to Christmas Munich, 28.11.2013: coupon experts BONAGO provides companies with the SpendenCARD from immediately a new innovative product. The card can be used tax-free to the employee motivation, but also to the sustainable increase of the customer and partner relationships. A selection of over 1000 organizations with projects in 130 countries ready recipients of SpendenCARD. An increasingly important social issue is to support nonprofit organizations in their humanitarian mission in the wake of environmental disasters and individual destinies. BONAGO now offers a new product, with the companies to make their contribution: the SpendenCARD as a social incentive for employees, customers, or business partners who can support charitable projects thus.

The company thus proves its social and societal responsibility. The SpendenCARD can be recharged as often as required with an elective credit, that the recipients for their favored Charityprojekte from the environmental, humanitarian aid or welfare can redeem areas. Among other projects of the organisations Caritas International, PETA and the Deutsche Welthungerhilfe available options. The layout is customizable, the companies themselves decide on the design. BONAGO takes over the entire process, from the design of the SpendenCARD to the delivery of the voucher. The new BONAGO product has significant advantages: the donation value represents no cash benefit and is therefore exempt from tax. Incentive it can be given as in addition monthly by companies obtaining tax-exempt thing of 44 euros. So, the map especially for occasions like Christmas is an excellent employee gift.

Important to know: since no personal enrichment is carried out, it is not covered by the possible conduct of companies. Business partner can assume so without hesitation, regardless the SpendenCARD of the amount, and the bounties company can give a significant gift. The SpendenCARD is an attractive, tax-free incentive can express with the company of their recognition. They offer their employees and business partners with the opportunity to participate in the social commitment of the company and contribute to the social consciousness. You will find more information here. The BONAGO incentive marketing group GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hubert Burda Media, is the expert in the use of vouchers, rewards and incentives. BONAGO sells and developed vouchers marketing, sales, and employees to improve incentives for the applications and offers a neutral and cross-industry B2B consulting to its customers. The product portfolio includes certificates in the areas of shopping, refueling, cinema and experiences, as well as consumer incentives.