Aug 29 2014

Charles VIII

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With this event began the great popularity of the "Pucelle" and began to be famous the saying that "The French lost by a woman was released from a Virgin!" Jeanne D'Arc was taken prisoner by the Bourguignons and sold to the British for 10,000 pounds, who, after trying all means to prove that was sent through hell to delegitimize the coronation of Charles VII, burned alive in the square Rouen's old market, the May 30, 1431. In subsequent years, Charles VII, "having regained confidence in his destiny, restarted a work of real power restoration continues Louis XI and Charles VIII. For its permanent armed King is feared. For the regular collection of taxes (Taille, Aide and Gabelle) King has many more resources than any sovereign neighbors … "The death of Charles VII, in 1461, he succeeded by Louis XI, who goes down in history for his sharp dispute with the great feudal lords, allied in the League of the public good" and especially for his fight to the death against the Duke of Burgundy, Charles "Le Temeraire", ended with the latter's death in January 1477. Protector and trade fairs in Rouen, Caen and Lyon, Louis XI, who has also met by inheritance in 1481 Anjou, La Provence and Maine, stop delineated a, roughly, the contours of new France. When he died in 1483 leaving the throne to his son for thirteen years age, Charles VIII. While the latter comes of age, her older sister Anne de Beaujeu, assumed the regency and the fight against the big feudal victoriasamente led by Louis D'Orleans, the future Louis XII. .

Aug 28 2014

Peniscola Two Cities

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We find very few municipalities in the Valencian coast, where you can be walking around very modern streets and that modern life is reflected and where turning a corner you can tele transported to another era. This occurs for example in Peniscola, where you can be walking by a modern promenade and in a matter of seconds delve to the era that lived our ancestors thanks to its old town and the castle of Papa Luna. Peniscola is located in the province of Castellon 71 km from the capital of this province and 145 km from Valencia. Formerly is a city located in a peninsula joined to land by an isthmus of sand only, but nowadays with the construction of the port and new buildings, this fact has disappeared resulting in a city with a high tourist attraction and where the rental apartment Peniscola can be the solution to the search of your choice for a destination to spend your vacation. The city has two mini-ciudades. The most current part is the promenade, where throughout the, you can find a high diversity of restoration where you can taste the typical gastronomy of the zone. In this area is that is usually practice the tourism of Sun and beach, where you can find recreational areas of the city and a variety of tourist accommodation where to spend your holidays.

It is a very urbanized and very touristy area. Its beaches are occupied by thousands of tourists throughout the year, thanks to ideal temperature of the zone, but it is, as in most of the nearby villages, in the summer, where Peniscola becomes a key site for the tourism of this type. Thanks to its old town, surrounded by a set of walls that protected the ancient city, Peniscola also has thousands of tourists who come to know part of the history of this city. You can stroll through the streets of the area, enjoying a unique landscape and transporting you to another era until you reach the castle of Papa Luna, a Templar fortress dating from 1307. In the old town you can find museums where through paintings, objects found by professionals and panels with explanations, can know the history of the city. In the old town you can see ancient buildings preserved perfectly thanks to tourism policy that counts with the municipality. Do you want to know the past of a few cities with more stories of the Valencian coast? Best option to Peniscola to learn more while you enjoy your vacation at sea.

Aug 15 2014

China Vitamin

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Such measures relate to the following simple calculation: if just one infected businessman dangerous to human strain of avian influenza overseas and will return to Japan, then 10 days commuting on public transport it has infected about 224 thousand people. Within two months will be lost 640,000, and from 530,000 to two million will gospitalizirovany.Ne could not respond to the alarming news and the Japanese government, which intends, in this regard to give an indication of the formed two years ago the ad hoc committee to work out countermeasures. Among the advanced methods of preventing the spread of the epidemic is expected to close places of public entertainment, parks and schools. The Committee has already addressed the Ministry of Agriculture with a request for urgent development of antiviral vaccines. The Ministry will conduct an additional check of all farms where grown poultry, and the foreign ministry once again warn its citizens about the rules of your stay abroad. China is struggling with the package. State Council of China announced that from June this year, the country's stores will be prohibited to offer customers free plastic bags.

Consumers in China will be encouraged to use for trips to the shopping baskets or reusable cloth bags. This measure is aimed at reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere, as well as saving natural resources and electricity. There will also be banned production of ultrathin plastic bags. The statement says the state council, they become the main source of pollution because they are easily torn, causing them 'Mindlessly throw'. At stores that violate the new rule will be fined. They also face confiscation of the goods.

It should be noted that this is not the first time recently when the Chinese authorities to take koordinalno measures to protect the environment. This is due to the fact that in recent years, rapid economic development China has become a cause for concern over environmental pollution and natural resources. However, as we see the power of the country in recent years have increasingly focused on environmental issues that will permit to reduce the harm caused to the environment of their industry. Vitamin D deficiency contributes to the development of myocardial American researchers concluded that vitamin D deficiency not only leads to bone fragility, but also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease Scientists Harvard Medical School studied vitamin D levels in the blood of 1,739 people whose average age was 59 years old. Participant observation was conducted over five years. It was found that people with low levels of vitamin D levels (less than 15 nanograms per milliliter), the risk of heart attack, heart failure and stroke was 62% higher than those with higher levels of this vitamin. Nevertheless, scientists are not yet ready to recommend acceptance vitamin supplements to prevent heart attacks. 'Should be a large randomized trial to determine whether the correction will lead a deficiency of vitamin D to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease' – said study leader Thomas Wang. Recall that the source of vitamin D are foods such as eggs and oily fish, and it is formed in skin exposed to sunlight.

Aug 15 2014

Xact4u With Practical Tips For Market Evaluation And Product Selection

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Users in the consumer goods industry are a little party loyalty on Karlsruhe, 09.01.2009 – companies in the consumer goods industry are strategy consulting according to the assessments of the consulting company xact4u AG in evaluating CRM solutions before much larger problems than companies in other industries. On the one hand, this results from the very industry-specific functional requirements. On the other hand, the difficulties arise from the heterogeneous market of the CRM provider that is focused on the consumer goods industry. There is, in contrast to other sectors no place deer among the software houses\”judge of the xact4u Manager Bela Barbra. For this reason, significant currency movements are typical, if companies plan to migrate to a new CRM system. Meanwhile, some companies have already\”the third generation of CRM in use, but rarely from the same manufacturer, he refers to the relatively small provider loyalty in this industry. The practical experience of Barbra according to get business by the insufficient transparency of the market in which the Product evaluation often in a serious dilemma.

Because the products are only difficult to compare, there is regularly misperceptions regarding the coverage of your needs\”, notes the CRM expert. Numerous previous implementation projects got into difficulties, because the requirements analysis and system evaluation were operated in the run-up to the projects of insufficient scope and without sound specialist and methodological competence.\” Because who put on a false solution, infringes its CRM project already, before it had even started. Where there has been such problems, it according to a study by xact4u was mainly due to unclear criteria for a vendor selection (55 percent), as well as poorly defined requirements and functional specifications (52 percent). It is all the more important in the eyes of Barbra, to rid the project preparation phase of their typical weaknesses. xact4u developed methods based on best practices, which help the risks for upcoming Implementation projects to reduce already in advance.

Aug 12 2014

Made With Full Commitment And ITSM Tool In The Black

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Wendiar AG Switzerland celebrates first anniversary the history of the Swiss national hero Wilhelm Tell and the unerring Apple shot is well known. Similarly accurately also Martin Scherrer, CEO of Wendiar AG of Switzerland, which was founded in June 2007 has taken repeatedly needs and wishes of its customers service management solution POB (point of business) last year with much dedication and Wendias ITIL V2/V3 certified. Strategic partnerships and new customers among the fruits of success such as service and support at Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd, OJSC VRSG St. Gallen or the Romandie IT. The challenge in times of growing needs efficient, competitive and future – to align service and support is all new POB users together. I am pleased that we convince more and more customers with POB. Easy upgrades without adjusting losses, transparency, cost control and an ITIL compliant implementation of all processes in a speedy settlement of the project are certainly compelling arguments for each decision makers in the IT.

“, explains Martin Scherrer. Strategic partnerships for strong presence with the creation of sales and implementation partnerships Scherrer will complement its solution portfolio and strengthen our presence on the Swiss market. Mainly Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has benefited from one of the first Swiss WENDIAR partners. Together with the project leader and partner Nicolas Pantos, Managing Director of the Basler @ssetIT, WENDIAR has prepared processes following legal guidelines for the pharmaceutical industry and implemented with a specially developed electronic signature. Synergy together for the customer can be used make similar synergy promise the beginning of June-based partnerships with the WinData team AG in Littau and D-ploy GmbH in Kaiseraugst. The Wendiar AG and their new partner service and support organizations in the planning and implementation of service management projects want to stand together with help and advice.

Recent WENDIAR partner: technically mature of WinData team AG and D-ploy GmbH products and expertise complement are WinData team AG, which is among their core competencies in addition to IT service management software distribution. Also the D-ploy GmbH wants to harness modern technology and Know-How for the customers with a wide range of services. A modern and high-quality solution, POB suits us. Together we can make a difference and help achieve excellence in the IT service our customers. “, said Marcel Brechbuhl, Managing Director of WinData team AG through the cooperation. Miriam Mohd GAD, Wendiar AG

Aug 10 2014

In The Competition Of The Quality Of

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System Alliance regional companies characterized the cooperation for general cargo System Alliance regularly evaluates the quality of their now 42 regional companies. This network gives a ranked list of indicators which allow a performance appraisal. Last year, the power density was particularly high. Niederaula, April 30, 2012 – the year 2011 was marked by strong economic growth in Germany. A development that has become the challenge for the domestic logistics companies. Because the company had to adapt to soaring amounts. To what extent that is the 42 regional establishments managed by System Alliance last year, a look on the latest quality ranking shows”.

Like every year, the ranking provides an overview of the performance data of all important business processes by the shipping to input handling to timely delivery. The statistics prove: the Alliance operations system work nationwide with consistently high quality. To the top of the leaderboard, there was a tight contest among the sites. We are proud to have again asserted our leading position in the system Alliance quality ranking. “But we must develop them over and over again from us,” Raimund Hornung commented the top result of the ranking first Axthelm + random from the district Weimarer land. That we so on schedule may add to the broadcasts, thanks to our highly motivated employees and our transport company stable fleet management. “So we could set us accordingly on the spring-high”, praising the head of national freight forwarding and added: to highlight is the high motivation of our transport entrepreneurs who have met our performance commitments under the most difficult conditions. ” That was a further recognition of the past year: during a Europe-to-making drivers lack the close cooperation between freight forwarders and transport companies is an important quality factor.

We could again second place show, because we clearly intensified the dialogue with our carriers and beyond more mobile data acquisition units (MDEs) have invested”, confirmed in Krostitz Beate Hotho of Hellmann worldwide logistics. “” A big plus: our transport partners are open to new technologies “, adds the head system Alliance services”, of the Saxon site. Hubertus Fichtner has recognised the importance of a high employee motivation as another criterion for success: we have provided the necessary manpower and at our local hauliers anchored the quality specifications of system Alliance. Our podium place is the result of this continuous improvement”, says the branch manager of the Drittplatzierten Hellmann worldwide logistics in Neunkirchen. The narrow graduation of our quality rankings demonstrates, once again, all operations of our network be set accurately to the demands of the market”, System Alliance’s Managing Director Georg Kohler is holding. Furthermore, they do a lot, for the future to protect about if it comes go to defy the shortage.” Press contact: view of the main agency for public relations of Rossdorfer Street 19a 60385 Frankfurt Uwe Berndt telephone: 0 69 / 48 98 12 90 company contact: System Alliance GmbH Industriestrasse 5 36272 low Aula Gudrun Raabe phone: 0 66 25 / 107-0 of system Alliance the embossed medium-sized forwarding network throughout Germany offering transport solutions for different industries and maintains his own main envelope company (HUB) in Niederaula. Running rule for 24/48 hours General cargo reached nationwide quickly and safely to your destination. Many premium products complete the range of high-quality transport solutions. 42 regional companies belong to the network with a total of about 10,000 employees. More information: International is connected to System Alliance of the Pan-European network of SystemPlus. 22 countries in Europe are approached daily by the specialists for road express freight.

Aug 03 2014

Tax Code

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According to the article. 268 Tax Code, the sale of goods and (or) the property rights of a taxpayer is entitled to reduce income from these operations, the cost of goods sold and (or) property rights, defined in following order: – the implementation of property rights (shares) – the price of data acquisition of property rights (shares) and the amount of expenses associated with their purchase and sale. Example N 1. In the Company "Daisy" is one Founder – individual Ivanov ii, who made the full amount of authorized capital (10 000 rubles) at the time of registration of the firm. After a certain time, Ivanov ii decided to sell his stake in the company llc "Buttercup" at a price par. In this case, the tax base is zero. If in the process of financial and economic activities authorized capital of llc "Daisy" was magnified by the founder of up to 50 000 rubles, and the founder may confirm their costs (eg certificate from the bank on making money on the account), then in that case, the sale of his company for 50 000 rubles tax base will also be zero. If the sale does not share in the company, and shares of joint-stock company at a price of par, the tax base will also be zero. As a rule, cases of sale of a real operating business at the price of a nominal value of the share or shares in the share capital of the Company are rare, and the formation of the market value of the transaction depends on several factors, most important of which are indicators of forms 1 and 2 of the balance sheet.

Aug 02 2014

The Land Of The Old World

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During the reign of five kings, when the night was equal to five weeks, and the day was equal to one hour in Ellagrion news came from the sea wolf, talking about what the rocky shores of the Black Void seen soaring high in the sky dragon. Where the dragon there, and life, where life-there is someone alive. Astronomer Michael after a long and tiring sessions, do not hesitate to express aloud their theory, that is not who is not inhabited lands of the Old World, which absorbed the darkness and horror came back half a century ago with the army of darkness, hid some warlike people, not afraid to stand in the way of forces and live with them side by side. Schley year, me time, people change, the seagoing pirate frequent robberies, robbery. Signing a peace treaty between the five races, a little relaxed atmosphere in the world, came a new era, Age of Commerce.

Trade between cities, countries, went on improving. One of the most expensive goods land has become the magic potion, which extended the life of the legends half. But the recipe handed down among the Druids by word of mouth and does not apply to either. More and more of the rulers of the New Earth, left its banks and moved to the lands of the Old World, to the rocky shores of dark abyss, where, as we have said many years ago in the legends of dragons were seen whose blood was necessary to obtain a magic potion, lengthens life twice. Signing of a peace agreement between humans, dwarves, elves, undead and Free Peoples, which include orcs, barbarians, vikings, giants, ogres and many others, spurred by what many fear was gone, scattered like ashes to the wind. But as they say nothing lasts forever.

War is never forced himself to wait long. Culprit was a raid on a pirate ship orc merchant ship people. The world has turned. There was a division. Between humans, elves and Elves created the Triple Alliance, Undead and part of Free Peoples embarked on a war against him. The land of the Old World once again feel the warmth of spilled in the battles for human blood and the severity of death warriors.