Sep 05 2018

Counter Strike Source

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Hello dear players known around the world online shooter Counter Strike Source! In connection with the great renewal of the above games and add to the title Orangebox (never understood why), I decided to write this article to teach all beginners Players shoot from the right AK-47, or just 'Kalash'. Since the physics of the game changed dramatically, then we change the tactics of shooting from different weapons. First, this weapon has a fairly large spread of bullets, so should take this into consideration and is best done with a precise shot 03/02 by pointing to his head .Ya share the 3 types of tactics of firing from AK: 1.Odinochny shot. Single shot is usually from an ambush in a place intended withdrawal .Opytny player knows at what level and where will hedge the enemy is at a particular point of this card, so it will be enough of a patron to hit in the head. Conclusion: The first way, mostly for campers. 2.Vystrely on 2-3 cartridges.

These shots are made to hover in precise surely kill the enemy, as it also leads to you not sickly ogon.Delo that first shot flies quite accurately, but can not kill the player, if for example it would be counter-terrorist with a bulletproof jacket and kaske.Imenno for this we make the second or third vystrel.Pervy cartridge, once in the head, at least takes up the opponent 84 xn, is 16, so he had the shot in any part of the body to die. Conclusion: The second method is quite good for a slow onset and gradual destruction of enemy forces. 3.Random. Random (born random – random arbitrary) – Britishism used to refer to intervention random factor, which is not possible povliyat.Na Actually Great Random is a reverse-trap embodiment Fortuny.A now in plain language, this is when you ran out at the crowd of players the opposing team with the same AK-47i valish at least 80-90% of the crowd =))) Here a matter of chance, luck is not povezet.No have such important factors as experience, they have a small degree, but have its effect on .Para tips for a successful randomization:-well, and suddenly zafleshit enemy or greatly puffed estimated area randomachtoby to you as soon as it was harder to hit;-sight direct the much lower intended purpose (the head), that is shooting at the knees, either at the groin, but that's if the distance is close enough; general conclusion: Vobschem what method and when used to solve only vam.Proanaliziruyte my type of game and decide where to metoda.V end, much depends on the server css (Counter Strike Source Dedicated Server). If the server is on a fast and quality hosting, then aiming to be much simpler, and you can select the method of the presented for a specific server and specific tickrates.

Jun 18 2018

The Installer

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That is why the level of service and financial stability of the company-integrator very important. It is critical to adequately evaluate a company-integrator, otherwise you may have a long and expensive problems. The level of the integrator. Qualifications of its employees has not been a single accountant, cashier, bartender, administrator, who would, after learning the first time figured out with the software and did not admit to making mistakes. But the responsibility of the integrator ends when the system is installed and working properly. Bernard Golden is likely to agree. For all further human error and associated problems, the integrator is not responding. According to statistics, over 95% of customer calls are not associated with a malfunction of pos systems, and with incorrect user's actions, and neither the manufacturer nor the installer of the responsibility for such problems do not carry. Of course, any self-respecting integrator have a service telephone technical support, but on the phone can be solved not every question.

It is therefore necessary to directly negotiate prices and terms of technical support, service and speed of response, timing of repair, etc. on soft or as many now call software Software. You need of specialized soft What is soft? Software (software, soft) – along with the hardware, the most important component of information technologies, including computer programs and data, designed to address a specific range of tasks and the data stored on storage media. Software is no data available for use in other programs or algorithm implemented in the form sequence of instructions to the processor.

Apr 09 2016

Visa Registration

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In connection with entering the Russian Federation in the Bologna process to create a single European Higher Education Area, one of the priorities of the university was the development of international cooperation. Without an international accrediting almost impossible to take their rightful place in the rankings of higher education institutions. One of the most important indicators of the quality and effectiveness of the educational activities of the university, determining his credibility at the national and international levels, is the presence of foreign students. The number of joint educational programs, the number of foreign students are among the main indicators for licensing and accreditation of higher educational institutions. The aim of the modern university – the internationalization of higher education, which is an objective consequence of the globalization of the modern world and simultaneously major resources to accelerate the integration of social and economic life, the elimination of national isolation. International deyatelnostbolshinstva universities aimed at integrating it into European and worldwide educational system. Organizational, technical, information and methodological support of the international activities of universities charged with the management of international cooperation and Foreign Economic Relations (UMS and WEC). Otdelpo work with foreign students and umc responsible agent in charge of passport and visa cases among foreign citizens enrolled in the territory Russian Federation and the agencies that control migration flows. Accounting for the contingent of foreign students is different from the account of citizens of Russia and has its own specificity as enrollment in college, and control throughout learning.

Aug 02 2014

The Land Of The Old World

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During the reign of five kings, when the night was equal to five weeks, and the day was equal to one hour in Ellagrion news came from the sea wolf, talking about what the rocky shores of the Black Void seen soaring high in the sky dragon. Where the dragon there, and life, where life-there is someone alive. Astronomer Michael after a long and tiring sessions, do not hesitate to express aloud their theory, that is not who is not inhabited lands of the Old World, which absorbed the darkness and horror came back half a century ago with the army of darkness, hid some warlike people, not afraid to stand in the way of forces and live with them side by side. Schley year, me time, people change, the seagoing pirate frequent robberies, robbery. Signing a peace treaty between the five races, a little relaxed atmosphere in the world, came a new era, Age of Commerce.

Trade between cities, countries, went on improving. One of the most expensive goods land has become the magic potion, which extended the life of the legends half. But the recipe handed down among the Druids by word of mouth and does not apply to either. More and more of the rulers of the New Earth, left its banks and moved to the lands of the Old World, to the rocky shores of dark abyss, where, as we have said many years ago in the legends of dragons were seen whose blood was necessary to obtain a magic potion, lengthens life twice. Signing of a peace agreement between humans, dwarves, elves, undead and Free Peoples, which include orcs, barbarians, vikings, giants, ogres and many others, spurred by what many fear was gone, scattered like ashes to the wind. But as they say nothing lasts forever.

War is never forced himself to wait long. Culprit was a raid on a pirate ship orc merchant ship people. The world has turned. There was a division. Between humans, elves and Elves created the Triple Alliance, Undead and part of Free Peoples embarked on a war against him. The land of the Old World once again feel the warmth of spilled in the battles for human blood and the severity of death warriors.

Nov 08 2013

Article Information

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At the same time, a written document containing a description of this "knowledge" can serve as an object of ownership of the right, as is the material carrier of "knowledge". Through this document the priority of ownership of the right "knowledge" can be fixed by the patent. Data that operate on computer programs also have "proprietary" nature, as represented in the "electronic" form on a magnetic, optical or other tangible medium. Otherwise program might not work with these data. And so it was quite clear, one very striking example of continuity and the demarcation of property rights: the author wrote this story with the help of computer programs Word, exclusive rights which are owned by Microsoft. In this case, the article itself, of course, is the subject of ownership of the right of the author, who is free to dump the text into a text editor, print or written by hand, publish, and even sell it.

Ownership of information implies the right and possibility to use this information at the discretion of the owner (holder). Make a reservation at once: of course, to the extent not inconsistent with the law and state interests. In particular, the owner shall be entitled to process them and useful to use any software, information protection and physical media, which deems necessary. This means, in particular, and the possibility of an arbitrary time in its sole discretion to refuse services provider of software tools for the benefit of a supplier or developer, without losing available to him (accumulated) their own information and transferring it to another software environment.