Jun 18 2018

The Installer

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That is why the level of service and financial stability of the company-integrator very important. It is critical to adequately evaluate a company-integrator, otherwise you may have a long and expensive problems. The level of the integrator. Qualifications of its employees has not been a single accountant, cashier, bartender, administrator, who would, after learning the first time figured out with the software and did not admit to making mistakes. But the responsibility of the integrator ends when the system is installed and working properly. Bernard Golden is likely to agree. For all further human error and associated problems, the integrator is not responding. According to statistics, over 95% of customer calls are not associated with a malfunction of pos systems, and with incorrect user's actions, and neither the manufacturer nor the installer of the responsibility for such problems do not carry. Of course, any self-respecting integrator have a service telephone technical support, but on the phone can be solved not every question.

It is therefore necessary to directly negotiate prices and terms of technical support, service and speed of response, timing of repair, etc. on soft or as many now call software Software. You need of specialized soft What is soft? Software (software, soft) – along with the hardware, the most important component of information technologies, including computer programs and data, designed to address a specific range of tasks and the data stored on storage media. Software is no data available for use in other programs or algorithm implemented in the form sequence of instructions to the processor.

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