Nov 01 2019

Operating System Windows

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Most people feel that they should not purchase a license. Why? After all, easier to take a friend, put on your computer, and thereby reduce costs. Everything would be fine if it were not for the Internet, in which the Today, there are a huge number of viruses, Trojan horses and spyware malware. Thus, the user's computer is constantly exposed to threats from the local network and Internet. Gradual destruction of the system leads to its frequent reinstallation, but it is not known very well affect the hard drive and the information that's stored. Saving a few thousand rubles can greatly affect your brand-new a laptop or an expensive gaming computer, not to mention the consequences that arise after the loss of important information for you. Munear Kouzbari is actively involved in the matter. The conclusion suggests itself: save on software-lost stability in the computer (freeze, slow work computer ) + lost important information + ruined hard drive.

For many users the question arises, why do you have to pay a few thousand rubles for only one drive? We will respond to This question is very simple. License disk, which you get, not really as important as the key for you, in fact, pay. The presence of a key on your disk, you may enjoy all the updates and additional improvements that will be for all time to come to you via the Internet from Microsoft. Counter-question: Why do we need these same updates? Due to the emergence of new malicious programs and number from the Internet. How can we improve the security of your computer? For maximum protection, your computer must use a licensed anti-virus program, which will have regularly updated database virus signatures. On this occasion, there is also a common misconception users. Many people want to save on anti-virus program. To achieve maximum protection for your pc, you should not set as a free anti-virus and hacked, which promises you a huge number of days regularly updated, and do it with the official signature databases.

For anti-virus program is very important that virus signatures were the most the latter and in full, then the greatest likelihood that your computer will not get malware and malicious viruses. Conclusions. Specialists' Paradise Computers "recommend to use only licensed software. To date, the best option for home users are as follows: Operating System Windows xp Home Edition and antivirus company Eset NOD32.

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