Oct 30 2014

G.A.. Itbs GmbH Is Oracle Gold Partner

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The G.A. itbs receives the Oracle PartnerNetwork Gold level partner status and underscoring its expertise for the implementation of Oracle business intelligence solutions. Landshut – G.A.. itbs reaches the gold level partner status in the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN). The gold level membership confirmed the commitment of the G.A.. itbs for Oracle. Access to information and support, it allows the company to optimally meet the needs of its customers.

The staff of the G.A.. itbs are Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) experience and on the basis of their expertise often as a trusted advisor in the usage. As a result, customers receive powerful and affordable solutions, as demands of the users are fully implemented in the respective product. With the partnership, the service provider provides its clients with offers and product information about Oracle BI. Our strength stems first and foremost from highest IT competence”, explains Gerd Aiglstorfer, Managing Director of G.A.

itbs GmbH. we want to find any solution not in our projects, but give always the best and most cost effective for the customer. The partnership with Oracle is an expression for the quality of our services. It emphasises knowledge our Oracle business intelligence.” About G.A. itbs GmbH which G.A.. itbs headquartered in Eching near Landshut, specialized service provider for business intelligence is solutions. These software systems automate business data. The obtained information and key figures responsible control of a company’s strategy. You evaluate business processes easily and control them. The associated timely decision-making laid the Foundation for competitiveness, profitability and productivity. More information can be found on the Internet at. G.A.. itbs GmbH PEAR 6 84174 Eching Mr Gerd Aiglstorfer Tel. + 49 (0) 8709 / 915 202 fax + 49 (0) 8709 / 915 203 email: presse(at)ga-itbs.de

Oct 30 2014

Scientific Director

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Komus advocates therefore more manageable and agile based projects, also as far as possible in the joint responsibility of the departments and of the IT range should. There are the actual process competencies, so also a self-employment should be created there with support from powerful methodology and timely process tools for the implementation”, the Scientific Director of digital intelligence institute recommends. Komus has created 8 tips of success for BPM projects: 8 tips for greater success in BPM projects 1. Determine the potential hurdles: who knows his opponents, can adjust to them and is not surprising. The same applies to projects.

2. tool dominance avoid: the BPM solutions are simply tools that must be in the service of process requirements, but not possibilities and limitations must define the process design. This is however very often still the case in corporate practice. 3. right of way for an agile project methodology: ensuring greater flexibility, then there is a higher probability of success. Because BPM is typically influenced that new or previously unspoken requirements arise in the implementation phase as virtually all other projects. Rigid methods must either ignore the changes in requirements or generate a significant overhead.

4. manageable steps, but broad thinking: the process organization does not stop at the doors of an organizational unit or a Department. Therefore not only the conceptual views towards the original requirements, but the process structure in such a way that there are sufficient options for future integration in enterprise processes. 5. clear responsibility structures define: business processes require unique role ratios on their different levels. Is not precisely fixed, who for the design, the process descriptions, as well as the practical functioning of the processes responsible necessarily remains process efficiency on the line. 6 employees make contributors: processes are lived by people, despite all the accompanying technology. Why must they incorporated at an early stage in the BPM project, trained and complementary measures must promote their acceptance. It also, to identify such employees that want to engage beyond their formal role as a driving force. 7. not afraid of process indicators: Quality can guarantee only, if the performance of the processes is measured systematically. For figures must be not only developed, but actively used especially as a control instrument. Most companies settle but the mere presentation of results in reports if ever a transparency is dared by KPIs. 8 process management is understood as a continuous improvement process (CIP): company as dynamic organizations are bound to permanently alter the conditions and requirements of the processes, in this respect is the need for an ongoing process optimization. Is the process management in the sense of a CIP understood and methodically organised, then no unstable process situation arises through changes, but flexible needs-based responses. About the dii: The digital intelligence institute (dii) under the scientific leadership of Prof. Dr. Ayelt Komus aims, to develop practical guidance for the use of digital technologies in companies and public institutions. Thereby, not only its own scientific methods and procedures are developed. But in which it seeks active collaboration with other scientific institutions, which uses dii in addition a network for the development of intelligent digital solutions. contact: think factory groupcom GmbH Bernhard Duhr Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-75 fax: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-71

Oct 29 2014

CeBIT: GID Presents High-performance Storage Solutions

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High-performance storage solutions for backup, archive and virtualization Cologne, January 25, 2012. Information global distribution GmbH (GID) presented at the CeBIT (Hall 3, booth D20) their advanced solution in the areas of data security, storage, backup, archiving, and data distribution. The focus of this year’s trade fair appearance, the Cologne House provides its new partnership with EMC, a U.S. provider of unified storage solutions: visitors can see from the performance of the VNX storage systems and the EMC data domain deduplication. In addition, GID shows again proven and new from its broad portfolio, among other things by the partners of Symantec, Qualstar and Rimage. Organizations of all kinds are dependent on the fast retrieval of information to support transactions and decisions. Typically, companies with a double-digit growth of data are confronted. Efficient storage strategies increase the capacity of the computer and help, challenges such as the To deal with server virtualization.

Storage systems must support not only the dynamic relocation of information according to the business, but also the full automation and the automatic management of this process. The EMC VNX range offers innovations and features for the file – and block – object storage into a scalable, user-friendly solution. This next-generation storage platforms combine powerful and flexible hardware with cutting-edge efficiency, management and protection software. The VNX product line includes the VNXe series, which is specifically geared to managers in smaller environments, as well as the VNX series, which is aligned to meet the high performance and scalability requirements of medium-sized and large companies. The spectrum ranges from affordable entry-level solutions to high-performance configuration with Petabyte capacity for demanding applications. Top performance and efficiency through the combination of Intel quad core Xeon 5600 processors with 6-GB/s-SAS drive back-ends the VNX series to save offers legacy-significant performance improvements: Microsoft SQL and Oracle databases and data warehouse applications run up to 300% faster, double system performance is provided in less than 2 minutes.

Oct 23 2014

Gerhofstrasse NMSBA

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On the occasion of the first “NEUROMARKETING World Forum” the NMSBA was founded. The German Agency for Neuromarketing red pepper is a member there. Neuromarketing is a serious discipline in the world. We want to be in a global institution such as the NMSBA from the very first moment it and with our membership in Germany use sign as neuro marketing agency so strategy Managing Director Thomas resolves to the membership of the Bremen agency established in first world Neuromarketing NMSBA (the Neuromarketing science & Business Association). Neuromarketing is a serious discipline in the world. We want to be in a global institution such as the NMSBA from the very first moment it and with our membership in Germany use sign as neuro marketing agency”so strategy Managing Director Thomas resolves to the membership of the Bremen agency established in first world Neuromarketing NMSBA (the Neuromarketing science & Business Association). The NMSBA on the occasion of the world’s first Neuromarketing Forum was founded”on February 2, 2012 in Amsterdam under the direction of Carla Nagel, Director of the NMSBA.

Neuro marketing experts from around the world met for the first time to the international exchange of knowledge in the Netherlands. In addition to red pepper from Germany are more representative of large Nations such as the United States, Canada, China, Japan, United Kingdom and Australia. For Germany, Prof. Dr. Bernd Weber of the Center for Economics and neuroscience holds the Chair”of the University of Bonn. The Association wants to establish a strong international network of scientists and marketing experts in the field of NEUROMARKETING. This will be promoted the global exchange of practice-relevant knowledge on neuro marketing and ensure uniform standards of interpretation for new data.

It aims to position the Neuromarketing not as a temporary trend but as increasingly important marketing discipline with significant added value for economic decisions. More about the NMSBA find you at about red pepper the owner-managed corporate identity agency red pepper was founded in 2000 in Bremen. The 20-strong team d Yadav Hegemann, Jan Weller, and Thomas has specialized in neuroscience brand management and developed brand strategies and communication solutions for clients of from different industries including for providers of the consumer goods sector, the energy industry and the logistics industry. Emphasis is the Agency in the business-to-business communication. More red pepper learn under in the blog or see facebook.com/redpepper.markenverankerung. Press: ursula reimers consulting & communications Christian gross Gerhofstrasse 2, 20354 Hamburg T + 49 – (0) 40 – 34 99 46-13 F + 49 – (0) 40 – 34 99 46 – 20 W

Oct 22 2014

Tradition Festival

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Tradition Festival restarts by in the heart of Brackwede after it was continuously not well ordered in recent years to the Brackweder pig market, what is the audience response, and last year, not a great ride could be required, officials decided in Brackwede, there to bring back the event, where she once was, in the heart of the town around the Church of St. Bartholomew on the main road. But this alone would not enough perhaps to breathe new life into the deeply-rooted Festival. What made had was a complete revision of the Festival programme and this is more than possible for 2012 and now offers a huge spectacle with big programme that extends across the entire town centre! The colorful round 570. pig market begins on the church square and the “small churchyard”, where it is medieval go.

Jester, Weber, blacksmith, spoon makers, carpenters, silversmith, and many more will sell here their art. About this, you can then in the met-Tavern at a convivial cups replace honey wine. On the opposite stairs square, the first stage will be to find where to be found in all good entertainment of the children’s chorus of worship, rock music and dance groups. Especially in the evening, it is expected to box or the rock-a tar, right to the point on the beat. Of course will be taken care on the stair place for refreshments. Clubs, associations, schools and schaustellerische food booths to relax, learn, play, and eat and drink will then invite the entire stair Street. Also three great funfair shops waiting trampoline Oberschelp and pony rides by Emperor with the Aqua balls and the bungee on the smaller visitors. The cinema Theater Scala also offers an interesting program including screening for the visitors of the pig market in its premises on the stair Street. After crossing the footbridge at the Cafe of resentment, it then meets the marketplace at the Wiedenbruckerstrasse on the fair bulk of the pork market.

Oct 20 2014

Industrial Revolution

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The carbon dioxide Co2 is produced from the used fsseis fuel burning in automachine vehicles moved to the gasoline and oil diesel. This is not the only agent who contributes for emission of gases, exists others as the forest fires in forests, pastures and farmings after the harvest. According to Cardoso (2008), the problem of the effect greenhouse starts when the activities human beings make with that the concentration of these gases never arrives the levels seen by the civilization. With the intense growth of the population and consequentemente of the technology, it has a bigger increase of these pollutant gases. That it can occur climatic changes, the become storm increase thus, hurricanes and, loss of species of the fauna and flora, the melting of calotas of ice that can increases the level of the ocean, they are you vary the consequences of the emission of these gases, and we have that he is intent and thus, to worry more about the attitudes that the society takes, in relation to this ambient question. 2.1.2 Global heating the global heating comes if worrying from the Industrial Revolution, for the speed that is occurring to the climatic changes. In accordance with Man Yu (2008): The global heating is a consequence of the occured climatic alterations in the planet. Diverse research confirms the increase of global the average temperature.

The main contributions for the global heating are related the activities human beings, as in the increase of gases of the fosseis fuels, that cause the increase of the temperature and contribute of significant form the climatic alterations. In search of alternatives to finish with the global heating, in 1997 the protocol of kyoto was carried through, that it has the objective to reduce the emission of gases that provoke the effect greenhouse. 2.1.3 Awareness of the society on the global heating in the education For Days (2000), these events had led to a reflection process on the ambient question in the world. Thus initiating the sprouting of awareness ideas and preservation of the environment, looking for half to transmit the population the ambient problems through the education. The education is an indispensable factor in the awareness of the pupils on the global heating in the environment.

Is paper of school, and of professor and to work of form, where the pupils can really have conscience of what he is happening, are of what he will be able to happen future with environment that affects the climatic changes, what serious destructive for the race human being in the whole world. The professor has that to be responsible and competent to take the best form of agreement to the pupils, what already we are facing with this destruction caused for the man. 6 References DAYS, Genebaldo. Ambient education. So Paulo: Gaia, 2000. YU, Chang. Forest Carbon kidnapping in Brazil. So Paulo: Annablume, 2004. FERTILE VALLEY, Jose. Global heating. So Paulo: Senac, 2008.

Oct 18 2014

Companys Management

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Hello, dear readers! Surely you are not just met on the posters of your city different kinds of ads such as: 'catering, catering services, consulting, marketing, management' and the like … The entire list such services and do not count. However, if you are the owner of a large company, it is likely to have these names – just shaking the air. Let's look at all the same, what all these strange words. So nachem with the fact that such services are provided by the operating companies (also called control organization, or management company in English). All these firms are engaged in fact one of the most important cases – they help small businesses compensate for their lack of training, as well as to organize a competent corporate policy. Now let's see what kind of services provided to its customers operating companies: first, that various kinds of marketing research and advertising services. Secondly, it is possible financial aid and support.

Third, the consulting and auditing. What these concepts mean? This means that the management company as a more extensive review current deficiencies in the sales organization, management, and maintenance, as well as tell vozmozhdnye options reshscheniya this problem – change as chati presonala and more technological equipment. Finally, management companies allow you to giving only a small amount of money, watch how to grow your business is gaining momentum neshutochnye, service quality increases and costs involved come to naught. This is the main point for managing organizations from any country. Many consider hiring a management company and bringing it to their advantage a waste of time, but it is fundamentally wrong. Management companies allow a slight increase costs to achieve much greater efficiency. In Russia, the general managers of the company distributed some reason only in the hospitality industry in other areas, such an approach is less common, but sorry – the correct and moderate capacity utilization management companies can consistently good and increase revenue.

Oct 11 2014


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Overview of market shares of Google and co in Germany called in Germany by search engines, so one thinks usually Google and vice versa. in 2004, the DUDEN editorial in the 23rd edition of the reference work adopted the term Google “as a verb with the meaning search on the Internet”. “Later it became Google in the Internet search” but not as an expression of a semantic shift in meaning, but on the gentle pressure of the search machine operator from Seatle, concern had, his proprietary rights could affect the takeover in the parlance. The equation of an Internet search with the search in a search engine is not further explained, this is the sense of such software. At times when the Web through clearer and less differentiated was also Web catalogs enabled this more or less passable. With the progressive expansion of the network, these were however increasingly overwhelmed with an efficient search and the triumph of the search engines took his ongoing, unstoppable run. Now appear more offers on the map of classic”search engines. So, more and more people use social media platforms not only to social exchange, but also to search for products and services.

The development in this area remains to be seen. Moments and probably also for the next years, search engines remain the tool of choice for the search to specific information in the network. “The synonymous use of search engine” and Google “a reason which is not only that the term as such, especially in verb form is handy as you would talk to yahooen”or l-xen”of information. But Googling”Internet users, because this search engine not only dominates the market, but now almost completely dominated and so represents the obvious tool for an Internet search for most users. This is confirmed by the figures of various market research companies like StatCounter, comScore or Web hits.

Oct 10 2014

Percent Grown Market

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The year 2007 was marked by rapid growth for the domain market. The annual domain market study shows the market figures the domain secondary market in the previous year. The reader learns how many domains were sold, such as the Durchscnittspreise of individual top level domains look like .com or .de and what are the typical market changes. Especially for people who are looking for new investment opportunities, this study is very insightful. The year 2007 was marked by rapid growth for the domain market. Thus, the trade volume to 60 percent has increased: 30.702.000 euro for domains were issued in 2006, there were 49.136.552 euro 2007. At Sedo domains were traded in 2007 for about 49.136.552.

The monetary total volume increased approximately 60% from 2006. The sales of Sedo’s domain trading session are based on this study. Detailed statistics and graphs are available electronically at press/domain-Marktstudie2007.pdf highlights of the market study 2007: parallel to the Trading volume has increased the number of domain sales: while 17.850 domains were sold in the year 2006, there were 53 percent more in 2007 with 27.270 sold domains. The average rate paid for a domain is increased by 5% by 1,720 euros EUR 1,802. In contrast, the average price of a .de domain from 1,280 EUR 1,017 to whole 21 percent has fallen. Reason is no impairment of .de domains, but rather increased trade activity in the low price segment, so domains under 1,000 euros. The King domain .com however, undergoes both in the monetary sales volume increased by 136 percent, as an increase in the average price to 3.417 euros (+ 54%).

.Com is surpassed by the UK country code. co.uk: here, the average price by 69 per cent has risen to 4.617 euro. The highest price of a domain was 2007 when 2.5 million US dollars, where the domain name is confidential. The most expensive published domain sale of the year 2007 was chinese.com with a Selling price of $ 1.1 million. Former exotic domains are gaining value. It’s always amazing how move the prices and values of each top level domains from year to year with each other. Some years ago, one was strongly fixated on .com and still has certain country extensions called Exoten-domains. Today, however, for example, domains with the Spanish abbreviation take to.co.uk enormously .es or the British abbreviation in value and are becoming increasingly popular. This will continue in the year 2008. Press contact: Semra Yilmaz Sedo.com 50670 Cologne media Park 6 E-Mail:

Oct 09 2014

MLM Sponsoring Magnetic

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Hi, I have previously stated that to succeed in MLM you need to become a magnetic sponsor and develop your leadership surely you must be wondering, do exactly I become a magnetic sponsor? In this article I share with you some tips to become a magnetic sponsor. But before you need to understand that being a magnetic sponsor does not mean affiliate to your prospects to your organization or only talk to your affiliates of some event. In reality, be a magnetic sponsor is a method of working where you apply one formula and follow a process. This process is giving at the time, is not something one day. When a new member joins your organization, it is the moment you start your business. It is time to start the sponsorship. If we overlook this process, then we are people recruiters, not sponsors. Already during the prospecting stage has been giving the first step have been developing interpersonal relationships which has enabled you to learn at your I leaflet and that your prospect you meet you.

And this is the first thing that you need to make. Know your prospectus and/or new affiliate. After the affiliation, is undoubtedly necessary to give your new Member Welcome to make you feel comfortable and part of a team. You can make him know part of your upline or other members of the organization who are interested in its success. This is very important, as it recalls that all doubles and in doing so you with him or her, he or she it will with its affiliates. Also, is vital and useful give all the details about the company that you represent, websites, telephone numbers, etc. As sponsor and leader of your organization need you to help your affiliates and downline to define their objectives and that they understand as they go to build your organization.