Oct 30 2014

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Komus advocates therefore more manageable and agile based projects, also as far as possible in the joint responsibility of the departments and of the IT range should. There are the actual process competencies, so also a self-employment should be created there with support from powerful methodology and timely process tools for the implementation”, the Scientific Director of digital intelligence institute recommends. Komus has created 8 tips of success for BPM projects: 8 tips for greater success in BPM projects 1. Determine the potential hurdles: who knows his opponents, can adjust to them and is not surprising. The same applies to projects.

2. tool dominance avoid: the BPM solutions are simply tools that must be in the service of process requirements, but not possibilities and limitations must define the process design. This is however very often still the case in corporate practice. 3. right of way for an agile project methodology: ensuring greater flexibility, then there is a higher probability of success. Because BPM is typically influenced that new or previously unspoken requirements arise in the implementation phase as virtually all other projects. Rigid methods must either ignore the changes in requirements or generate a significant overhead.

4. manageable steps, but broad thinking: the process organization does not stop at the doors of an organizational unit or a Department. Therefore not only the conceptual views towards the original requirements, but the process structure in such a way that there are sufficient options for future integration in enterprise processes. 5. clear responsibility structures define: business processes require unique role ratios on their different levels. Is not precisely fixed, who for the design, the process descriptions, as well as the practical functioning of the processes responsible necessarily remains process efficiency on the line. 6 employees make contributors: processes are lived by people, despite all the accompanying technology. Why must they incorporated at an early stage in the BPM project, trained and complementary measures must promote their acceptance. It also, to identify such employees that want to engage beyond their formal role as a driving force. 7. not afraid of process indicators: Quality can guarantee only, if the performance of the processes is measured systematically. For figures must be not only developed, but actively used especially as a control instrument. Most companies settle but the mere presentation of results in reports if ever a transparency is dared by KPIs. 8 process management is understood as a continuous improvement process (CIP): company as dynamic organizations are bound to permanently alter the conditions and requirements of the processes, in this respect is the need for an ongoing process optimization. Is the process management in the sense of a CIP understood and methodically organised, then no unstable process situation arises through changes, but flexible needs-based responses. About the dii: The digital intelligence institute (dii) under the scientific leadership of Prof. Dr. Ayelt Komus aims, to develop practical guidance for the use of digital technologies in companies and public institutions. Thereby, not only its own scientific methods and procedures are developed. But in which it seeks active collaboration with other scientific institutions, which uses dii in addition a network for the development of intelligent digital solutions. contact: think factory groupcom GmbH Bernhard Duhr Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-75 fax: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-71

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