Oct 20 2014

Industrial Revolution

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The carbon dioxide Co2 is produced from the used fsseis fuel burning in automachine vehicles moved to the gasoline and oil diesel. This is not the only agent who contributes for emission of gases, exists others as the forest fires in forests, pastures and farmings after the harvest. According to Cardoso (2008), the problem of the effect greenhouse starts when the activities human beings make with that the concentration of these gases never arrives the levels seen by the civilization. With the intense growth of the population and consequentemente of the technology, it has a bigger increase of these pollutant gases. That it can occur climatic changes, the become storm increase thus, hurricanes and, loss of species of the fauna and flora, the melting of calotas of ice that can increases the level of the ocean, they are you vary the consequences of the emission of these gases, and we have that he is intent and thus, to worry more about the attitudes that the society takes, in relation to this ambient question. 2.1.2 Global heating the global heating comes if worrying from the Industrial Revolution, for the speed that is occurring to the climatic changes. In accordance with Man Yu (2008): The global heating is a consequence of the occured climatic alterations in the planet. Diverse research confirms the increase of global the average temperature.

The main contributions for the global heating are related the activities human beings, as in the increase of gases of the fosseis fuels, that cause the increase of the temperature and contribute of significant form the climatic alterations. In search of alternatives to finish with the global heating, in 1997 the protocol of kyoto was carried through, that it has the objective to reduce the emission of gases that provoke the effect greenhouse. 2.1.3 Awareness of the society on the global heating in the education For Days (2000), these events had led to a reflection process on the ambient question in the world. Thus initiating the sprouting of awareness ideas and preservation of the environment, looking for half to transmit the population the ambient problems through the education. The education is an indispensable factor in the awareness of the pupils on the global heating in the environment.

Is paper of school, and of professor and to work of form, where the pupils can really have conscience of what he is happening, are of what he will be able to happen future with environment that affects the climatic changes, what serious destructive for the race human being in the whole world. The professor has that to be responsible and competent to take the best form of agreement to the pupils, what already we are facing with this destruction caused for the man. 6 References DAYS, Genebaldo. Ambient education. So Paulo: Gaia, 2000. YU, Chang. Forest Carbon kidnapping in Brazil. So Paulo: Annablume, 2004. FERTILE VALLEY, Jose. Global heating. So Paulo: Senac, 2008.

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