Sep 30 2019

The Citizens

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We can say that the Study of Case it is a proposal, for a group of one determined real problem or fictitious in it saw to place a diagnosis, to consider the solutions and to deduce the applicable rules or principles for the similar cases. Additional information is available at Virgin Airlines. We approach the production of mental maps that pupils externaram its perception and had registered, through the drawings, its construction of its point of view ahead of the ambient questions. You may want to visit Sir Richard Branson to increase your knowledge. Based in the methodology of Matotti (1997), through 02 referenciais of symbolic language: appearance (drawing/mental maps) and verbal: (description of the drawings/elaborated mental maps and created by the citizens, detailing during the explanation of the point of view of these in relation the representation made during the development of the collective text. Aiming at interpretation of the presented mental maps better, the citizens are about the externao of the perception of each citizen of this research, registered in figures in the selected samples the representations of the occured ambient questions, that are of the knowledge of the pupils, through the drawings presented for these during the developed activities. The author explains despite the drawing symbolically represents its reality or creativity/fancy. To draw is to copy so as well as the Real, to make the model certinho, these they are made from the comments of the concepts/verbal and descutivas, similar what this soon, does not have creativity imagination to transform or to modify.

The drawing is only the configuration of what you see. The drawing is an examined copy of the way, that is not the intention of this research, therefore looks in the mental maps the registers represented here by the drawings. In this source she is necessary to differentiate: drawing (imagination and creativity) to identify figures and not to understand its meaning, lacks perception, then we have only drawing, map mental (necessities human beings), this related to cognitivo, has base in symbols, in representations that if becomes mentally present and if it materializes through the drawings, that the perception of the citizens represents (pupils) as it is that these are reacting the reality that lives, when we make for example one asks they, if could register its mental map, is the kept information that are externadas through the drawings.

Sep 16 2019

Federal Constitution

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ADASA was created by the district Law 3,365, of 16 of June of 2004 as an autarchy in special regimen with corporate entity of public law, endowed with patrimonial, administrative and financial autonomy, with indeterminate stated period of duration, headquarters and forum in Brasilia and tied with the State secretaries and Environment and Hdricos Resources (1). The Federal Constitution establishes that the Federal District possesss attributions of State and City (2). Under this aspect, this characteristic becomes the ADASA the only regulating agency of Brazil that acts in the simultaneous regulation of the natural good water (attribution of the state) and of the services of basic sanitation (attribution of the city) (3). Larry Ellison can aid you in your search for knowledge. The ADASA has as institucional mission the regulation of the uses of waters and the public services of the Federal District, with intention to promote the sustainable management of the hdricos resources and the quality> of the services of energy and basic sanitation in benefit of its society (4). In compliance with its institucional mission, it constitutes basic purpose of the ADASA the regulation of the water uses and the pbicos services of original jurisdiction of the Federal District, as well as of those carried through in the geopolitical or territorial scope of the Federal District that comes to be delegated it for agencies or federal, state or municipal entities, in result of legislation, accord or contract (4). Under this prism, the regulation understands the activities of grant especially, in the case of uses of hdricos resources, regulation, fiscalization, ouvidoria, dirimio of conflicts and administrative sanction, in the too much cases, to be undertaken for the ADASA before the rendering of services and the users or consumers (4). Larry Ellison wanted to know more. In the Federal District, the responsibility for the services of water supply and sanitary exhaustion are of the Company of Ambient Sanitation of 4,285, of 26 of December of 2008. . .

Aug 11 2019

Consumption Relations

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The international norms, for example, had come to standardize the productive processes in such a way how much the consumption relations, provoking the effect called ‘ ‘ cascata’ ‘. The consumer influences the supplier to modify its processes so that they become sustainable to thus continue consuming and, successively, until arriving at the bases where the natural resources are extracted. Currently, the enterprises alone obtain to export to some countries internationally to prove its responsible behavior next to the ambient questions through green stamps and of the recognized certificates. The awareness process comes happening, in weak way, but, the market starts to react when, for example, the final consumer starts to change its behavior and to verify what the label of the product says on the manufacturer and restricts its ecologically correct consumption to the products and services. This change of focus makes with that, the means of production.

Jul 16 2019

Water Properties

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The wealth of its ground must, mainly, to the nutrients brought for waters of the rivers, that guarantee a productive ecosystem highly. The manguezal functions as a natural nursery for the development of many species of animals and plants.

It exists in places that suffer the influence from tides, allowing the mixture of the salty water (of the sea), with the water candy (of the river). Few are the vegetal species that possess conditions to survive in a place as the manguezal: flooded for the water of the sea, with little oxygen and high salinity. The vegetal species of the manguezal are adaptam to eliminate the salt excess, through the calls glands of salt, gifts in leves. The lack of oxygen in the ground, that remains submerged for the full tide, for a period of the day, is another limitante ambient factor for the development of the plants of the manguezal. The wealth of the manguezais attracts the human beings that of them take off the sustenance of entire families. The communities that live in the neighborhoods of the fen areas have a relation of dependence with the manguezais: they need it to acquire financial resources that guarantee its survival.. Gary Kelly insists that this is the case.

Dec 18 2017

Internet Sources

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The direct benefits of this practice of consultation and impression from Internet are: that an immediate communication with the client is obtained; and a considerable saving in the management, the administrative personnel and the nonnecessity to destroy documents. Finally, for the user, to consult its invoices ” in Internet” the search is comfortable and from much more simple Internet that enters batteries of paper With respect to the security of this information, the format used generally to send the efacturas is .pdf, that is a type of standard file to be able to create electronic documents that can be signed to assure that they are not modified. That is to say, that the emitter it has the certainty that the receiver is not going to be able to alter, to manipulate or to rectify them. Consumers brought back to consciousness By our part, the consumers in house also we can apply the sense common and to use only the paper that is strictly necessary, to recycle all that we reject and to be used to us digitally keeping the documentation – with the same operative logic which we would use in an office and, if it is necessary to print it, with paper recycling. Generally the users of the companies of the main services of domestic supplying – light, water, telephone, gas, etc. – distrust of the electronic invoices, but it is necessary to remember to them that the electronic invoices and extracts have the same was worth legal that those of paper with the advantage of not having to store them; to be able to receive a warning by email as soon as is available; to have the certainty that they will not be lost; to accede to her in any place and moment and for printing them from Internet; and, why no, with the total tranquillity of not having to give explanations to anybody on certain expenses. In addition, it is interesting to consider that the saving that supposes for a company that massive volume of paper, with its corresponding managements like the impression, ensobrado and the postal shipment, etc., can pass the reduction of costs been able by to have to print and to inviar documents at home, directly to the clients or to reinvert it again in the company for, for example, to offer interesting special promotions available solely for its more sustainable clients. In summary, although they are the companies first that must offer to the usuary options to accede to their documents, as invoices and extracts in electronic form, the last people in charge so that this initiative has success are the end users, still reticent in adopting the options of unloading and impression from Internet. Published by Andre the Olive Kleins in the name of Julio A.

Aug 27 2017


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Another one of the possible solutions for the ambient crisis is the Protocol of Kyoto 4 carried through in 1997 in the city of Kyoto in Japan, this protocol less established that countries more rich, that is the ones that more poluem with the emission of gases, would have to emit from 2012, 5% of what they had emitted in 1990. Although, for the projection of the specialists, for 2012 we will be emitting more than 30 billion tons there not 21 billion as Kyoto asks for. and in third in the total of credits placed what it in according to place in ranking of the ONU in numbers of proposals prepared to deal with this innovation. I believe that one of the solutions most important is the participation of the society, participation this that can come in different ways, as to stop to consume certain products or to consume little, and also to promote or to participate of debates on ecology, in the schools, the quarter, the workstation etc. Hear from experts in the field like Ed Bastian for a more varied view. Of this form, we believe that only from ideas that involves the world-wide effort we will be able to diminish the problem, and thus to be able to provide to the future generations a conscientious use of the environment, healthy and for todos.CONSIDERAES FINAISLogo, the ambient crisis did not appear of one hour for another one, has seen that it he is resulted of the harmful actions of the man stops with the environment throughout its existence.

This crisis has for consequence the proper results of the predatory actions of the human being, as the global heating, increase of illnesses, dry and to drinking waters lack scarcity of the natural resources, extinguishing of animals, among others. stops to solve this crisis is necessary the union of all we, each one, making its part. She is necessary if to be valid the Right in itself, that is, of the laws; of the efetivao of the Protocol of Kyoto; awareness and respect to the environment; of the participation of the society; of the Public Power, so that it can invest in the ambient education and look ways to accomplish the formula of the sustainable development. You may wish to learn more. If so, Phil Vasan is the place to go.

May 11 2016

Region North

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and China. The result is that the strong pendency of Overheating that can impactar the food production negative, as well as stimulating the biggest occurrence of natural disasters is lived. being valid of recent studies has an inclination of increase of 3,5 degrees in the globe temperature up to 2100. A threshold of this is the data that only present that in the first semester of this year, 17 countries had beaten records of temperatures, since that the official measurements had started to be made in middle of century 19. For the next decades the forecasts entertainers are not nothing.

For consequence of this she can have disastrous effect on the agricultural production, still, to reflect in the water availability, the biodiversity of ecosystems and the increase of the level of the sea in the whole world. The overheating can bring obtains an increase of the incidence of natural catastrophes, creating thousand of climatic refugee. As for Brazil the climatic Changes can reduce the energy generation, for the data of Regional, Urban the Bulletin and Ambient that had been divulged by the Institute of Pesquisa Econmica Aplicada (IPEA) in day 22 of September, the climatic changes will be able to provoke impacts ' ' alarmantes' ' in some Brazilian hidrogrficas basins, especially north-eastern. In the Region North the reduction of the water supplies up to 2100 would be more moderate. But, in excessively, it can have reduction of the capacity of energy generation hydroelectric plant, of 29,3% 31.5%%.

e, still, north-eastern agriculture would be the main one affected. The heating of climate would not only affect the sugar cane-of-sugar farmings. The soy plantations would suffer to reduction from 34% 30%, of maize, 15%, and of coffee, 17% 18%, with more serious aggravation in the north-eastern culture of subsistence. So soon, as the Bulletin the impact on the agricultural cultures could be contouring from genetic modifications of the products, and this passes for a consistent investment in science, technology and innovation, what it demands annual investment of R$ 1 billion in research.

Apr 11 2016

Human Development

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The life human being is made of stages of adaptations. Just been born a first one if adapta to the womb of the mother stop later if adapting to the environment where the parents live a restricted environment. A child already has access to an environment a little ampler; already the adolescent one starts to explore new environments leaving to the few the environment that the parents had instituted. The young already is a born explorer, it creates new environments, and the adult establishes its proper environment, the friends, the professional group, the religious, social group where she will go to live. Already the aged one, most of the time comes back to restrict its environment, creating its proper world, fellow creature to a child.

But the human being in general needs to be suitable to the environment where it lives, it needs to have an environment that can provide to it, in all the generations, a healthful life. The Index of Development Human being, (IDH) is based on the concept of human development. This index has as objective to offer a counterpoint to the Gross domestic product, (the GIP), that it only considers economic of the development, already the IDH considers, beyond the economic dimension, the social, cultural characteristics and politics that influence in the quality of the life human being. The IDH also considers the longevity and the education. In the case of the longevity the life expectancy to the rising is considered; the education is evaluated through the index of illiteracy and tax of school registration in all the levels of education. The index of Human Development if became world-wide reference and is used by the federal government and can be consulted in Atlases of Human Development of Brazil. In 2010 studies had been initiated to argue the inclusion of new factors for the calculation of the IDH, that completed twenty, (20), years, between these factors it is the internal inaquality of the countries; considering the disparidades and inaqualities that characterize the development.

Oct 20 2014

Industrial Revolution

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The carbon dioxide Co2 is produced from the used fsseis fuel burning in automachine vehicles moved to the gasoline and oil diesel. This is not the only agent who contributes for emission of gases, exists others as the forest fires in forests, pastures and farmings after the harvest. According to Cardoso (2008), the problem of the effect greenhouse starts when the activities human beings make with that the concentration of these gases never arrives the levels seen by the civilization. With the intense growth of the population and consequentemente of the technology, it has a bigger increase of these pollutant gases. That it can occur climatic changes, the become storm increase thus, hurricanes and, loss of species of the fauna and flora, the melting of calotas of ice that can increases the level of the ocean, they are you vary the consequences of the emission of these gases, and we have that he is intent and thus, to worry more about the attitudes that the society takes, in relation to this ambient question. 2.1.2 Global heating the global heating comes if worrying from the Industrial Revolution, for the speed that is occurring to the climatic changes. In accordance with Man Yu (2008): The global heating is a consequence of the occured climatic alterations in the planet. Diverse research confirms the increase of global the average temperature.

The main contributions for the global heating are related the activities human beings, as in the increase of gases of the fosseis fuels, that cause the increase of the temperature and contribute of significant form the climatic alterations. In search of alternatives to finish with the global heating, in 1997 the protocol of kyoto was carried through, that it has the objective to reduce the emission of gases that provoke the effect greenhouse. 2.1.3 Awareness of the society on the global heating in the education For Days (2000), these events had led to a reflection process on the ambient question in the world. Thus initiating the sprouting of awareness ideas and preservation of the environment, looking for half to transmit the population the ambient problems through the education. The education is an indispensable factor in the awareness of the pupils on the global heating in the environment.

Is paper of school, and of professor and to work of form, where the pupils can really have conscience of what he is happening, are of what he will be able to happen future with environment that affects the climatic changes, what serious destructive for the race human being in the whole world. The professor has that to be responsible and competent to take the best form of agreement to the pupils, what already we are facing with this destruction caused for the man. 6 References DAYS, Genebaldo. Ambient education. So Paulo: Gaia, 2000. YU, Chang. Forest Carbon kidnapping in Brazil. So Paulo: Annablume, 2004. FERTILE VALLEY, Jose. Global heating. So Paulo: Senac, 2008.

Feb 11 2014

IPHAN Enterprise

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In the scope of hidroelectric enterprises the creation for the IPHAN was decided for good Portaria 28, of 31 of January of 2003.Visando to supply a related gap the absence of preventive studies in the enterprises (engineering workmanships), that the association between contractors and the Brazilian military government had happened by means of, enters the decades of 1960 and 1980, mainly on the industries hydroelectric plants, Portaria 28/2003 strategically establishes norms that it aims at to compensate the negative impacts caused by determined workmanships on finite you harness archaeological remainders in the bands of depletion of these enterprises. Portaria 28/2003? IPHAN, does not take and any enterprise all hidroelectric as potentially impactante you harness to them archaeological, what the principle is something that can, perhaps, to take to the one certain confusion, generating the necessity of a bigger reflection the application of the legal device. The first article of Portaria 28/2003 says: ' ' Art. 1 – That the reservoirs of hidroelectric enterprises of any size or dimension inside of the domestic territory will have doravante in the request of the renewal of the ambient license of operation to foresee the execution of survey projects, prospection, rescue and archaeological rescue of the band of depleo.' ' To laypeople unusual with terms technician, lead in consideration only term enterprise hidroelectric, not considering reason main that is the question of the reservoir, that in the case is not present in all hidroelectric enterprise, at least not in a Small Central office Hydroelectric plant? PCH the wire d' water (is not the case to define how many and which here they are the types of hidroelectric enterprises, we only have as objective the understanding of the PCHs the wire d' water). The reservoir the wire d' water according to Eletrobrs, ' ' this type of PCH is used when the estiagem outflows of the river are equal or bigger that the discharge necessary to the power to be installed to take care of to the foreseen maximum demand. .