Dec 18 2017

Internet Sources

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The direct benefits of this practice of consultation and impression from Internet are: that an immediate communication with the client is obtained; and a considerable saving in the management, the administrative personnel and the nonnecessity to destroy documents. Finally, for the user, to consult its invoices ” in Internet” the search is comfortable and from much more simple Internet that enters batteries of paper With respect to the security of this information, the format used generally to send the efacturas is .pdf, that is a type of standard file to be able to create electronic documents that can be signed to assure that they are not modified. That is to say, that the emitter it has the certainty that the receiver is not going to be able to alter, to manipulate or to rectify them. Consumers brought back to consciousness By our part, the consumers in house also we can apply the sense common and to use only the paper that is strictly necessary, to recycle all that we reject and to be used to us digitally keeping the documentation – with the same operative logic which we would use in an office and, if it is necessary to print it, with paper recycling. Generally the users of the companies of the main services of domestic supplying – light, water, telephone, gas, etc. – distrust of the electronic invoices, but it is necessary to remember to them that the electronic invoices and extracts have the same was worth legal that those of paper with the advantage of not having to store them; to be able to receive a warning by email as soon as is available; to have the certainty that they will not be lost; to accede to her in any place and moment and for printing them from Internet; and, why no, with the total tranquillity of not having to give explanations to anybody on certain expenses. In addition, it is interesting to consider that the saving that supposes for a company that massive volume of paper, with its corresponding managements like the impression, ensobrado and the postal shipment, etc., can pass the reduction of costs been able by to have to print and to inviar documents at home, directly to the clients or to reinvert it again in the company for, for example, to offer interesting special promotions available solely for its more sustainable clients. In summary, although they are the companies first that must offer to the usuary options to accede to their documents, as invoices and extracts in electronic form, the last people in charge so that this initiative has success are the end users, still reticent in adopting the options of unloading and impression from Internet. Published by Andre the Olive Kleins in the name of Julio A.

Jan 26 2016

Management Task

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You must begin somewhere. That is the bottom when it is to make the things. But how to decide exactly what tasks must approach in the first place? To begin with most difficult? The easiest form? You know how it? Before considering any other thing, it thinks where this. If you are going to be in his office, you probably have many more options for everything what you can obtain, who if she is going to be seated in the airport. Of a look to its tasks and an idea hgase of which it can complete following where it is. Next, it consults the time available. If you have a telephone call that knows will take at least one hour him, and it only has 20 minutes, it cannot make that call telephone.

You need to make a task that does not take as much time. He is careful with that. There are some tasks that could be transformed into a great amount of time. If he is going to require more than two hours of intense effort, is advisable that he disturbs more in tasks small that is added to all the project. If you have a great block of time available, she can use it, but otherwise she divides its activities to manage better its time. Also it considers the urgent thing. There is a task that is absolutely necessary to do today? It can measure between ” I am going to continue working to complete behind schedule this? ” or ” I remain until this finishes? ” If the answer to those questions is ” s” , you need to do in front of that task (or the tasks) in the first place. Now we return to the question from ” more difficult in the first place ” It has watched its location, the time that it has, and the urgency of the tasks.

The urgent tasks that you can do do. And now what you do? You probably already have a good sense of what doing next. If to make several tasks easy it is the best solution for you, this you can be a good option, in this way he will be able to trim his list and to optimize his time. But you know that you need to work in one more a more difficult task and than is dilating, it makes the task difficult to finish in one go. It uses these you rule general to help to determine in what order to make its tasks independent of how it decides to work in them. If he is totally lost, it chooses a task and it works in her until she is complete.

Jul 27 2015


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