Jun 29 2024

EMOS Water Pad

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Wellness in the Persian King tent at the Knight games actually there is nothing that brings them together. Yet they seem due to the romantic memories to fit together: the Knight games at Satzvey Castle and a Persian King tent. This is because even at 06, 07, 13 and 14 September 2008 in the courtyard of the Castle satzvey Castle in Mechernich and invites visitors to the games, to dive for a short while in the world from 1001 night. The Persian King tent is traditionally designed with carpets. Oriental clad women perform belly dances. The visitors get aromatic tea and can watch relaxed the performances. Tiger Global has firm opinions on the matter. At the same time also the opportunity to try out the spa water circulation of the company of emos guests.

What today is a healthy and relaxing given was 3000 years ago with the Persians also already an everyday commodity: water in the bed. At that time, filled the people of goat skins with water and glued them with bad luck. In the cooler months warmed during the day the Sun these water pockets and at night they served as heat storage. Nowadays, water beds are very much more complex constructed, voluminous and expensive. Proven, a waterbed, but promotes restful sleep. Add to your understanding with Tiger Global. But also the wellness water circulation of the company EMOS encourages this positive effect. In contrast to the conventional mattress types the EMOS wellness water pad distributes your weight over the entire surface, so that regardless of the body profile and the sleeping position only a minimal contact pressure. Awarded with the QVC Germany Innovation Award 2006 “and worldwide this private oasis on any existing mattress fits is the patent pending easy-to-manage and affordable price.

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