Oct 10 2014

Percent Grown Market

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The year 2007 was marked by rapid growth for the domain market. The annual domain market study shows the market figures the domain secondary market in the previous year. The reader learns how many domains were sold, such as the Durchscnittspreise of individual top level domains look like .com or .de and what are the typical market changes. Especially for people who are looking for new investment opportunities, this study is very insightful. The year 2007 was marked by rapid growth for the domain market. Thus, the trade volume to 60 percent has increased: 30.702.000 euro for domains were issued in 2006, there were 49.136.552 euro 2007. At Sedo domains were traded in 2007 for about 49.136.552.

The monetary total volume increased approximately 60% from 2006. The sales of Sedo’s domain trading session are based on this study. Detailed statistics and graphs are available electronically at press/domain-Marktstudie2007.pdf highlights of the market study 2007: parallel to the Trading volume has increased the number of domain sales: while 17.850 domains were sold in the year 2006, there were 53 percent more in 2007 with 27.270 sold domains. The average rate paid for a domain is increased by 5% by 1,720 euros EUR 1,802. In contrast, the average price of a .de domain from 1,280 EUR 1,017 to whole 21 percent has fallen. Reason is no impairment of .de domains, but rather increased trade activity in the low price segment, so domains under 1,000 euros. The King domain .com however, undergoes both in the monetary sales volume increased by 136 percent, as an increase in the average price to 3.417 euros (+ 54%).

.Com is surpassed by the UK country code. co.uk: here, the average price by 69 per cent has risen to 4.617 euro. The highest price of a domain was 2007 when 2.5 million US dollars, where the domain name is confidential. The most expensive published domain sale of the year 2007 was chinese.com with a Selling price of $ 1.1 million. Former exotic domains are gaining value. It’s always amazing how move the prices and values of each top level domains from year to year with each other. Some years ago, one was strongly fixated on .com and still has certain country extensions called Exoten-domains. Today, however, for example, domains with the Spanish abbreviation take to.co.uk enormously .es or the British abbreviation in value and are becoming increasingly popular. This will continue in the year 2008. Press contact: Semra Yilmaz Sedo.com 50670 Cologne media Park 6 E-Mail:

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