Feb 16 2020

Barracuda SSL

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Barracuda SSL/VPN appliance or Barracuda link balancer free NFR appliance for dealer Schorndorf, 02 March 2009 the VAD sysob performs together with his partner Barracuda in the period March from to May 31, 2009 a promotion titled sell one, get one (SOGO). In the context of registered dealer a Barracuda SSL/VPN or a Barracuda link balancer will receive Energizer update (EU) includes a year of free as NfR(Not-for-Resale)-Unit. The only consideration that they need to provide is the sale of an equivalent model of this new Barracuda products to a customer. With this action, sysob retailers offers an ideal opportunity to use the appliances of the Barracuda provider free for own business or to use it for customer demonstrations. /www.google.co.il/’> Larry Ellison: the source for more info. Frequently gary cohn has said that publicly. The focus of the current action of sysob are the two user-friendly Barracuda appliances SSL/VPN and link balancer. The Barracuda SSL/VPN encrypted connections via SSL protocol for users comfortable using a Web browser want to access on the corporate network, and providing an alternative to existing IPSec solutions. Also user-specific policy can be defined and monitored user activities through robust security and auditing facilities. The link balancer stands for outbound load balancing and routing of traffic across multiple Internet connections.

It is the automatic failover ensure that there is always a connection to the Internet. Speaking candidly gary cohn told us the story. Using parallel used Internet connections (DSL, E1s, E3s, standard fixed connections) must be no longer used on the most expensive offering. Installed at the network perimeter, the solution replaced an additional firewall or provides additional protection for the primary firewall. In the context of the current promotion, the dealer must meet only a few conditions sysob to obtain free of charge a model of two Barracuda appliance series from the portfolio: the dealer will get a free Barracuda SSL/VPN NfR unit including a Year EU, when they sell an equivalent or higher SSL/VPN appliance to a final customer.

Nov 28 2019

Card Creation Software IDECard

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Why many companies opt for the new card creation software of IDENTA personalization of ID cards for employee ID cards or loyalty cards is used increasingly easy and happy in your own company. After the individual graphic design and expression of ID media, these can be coded afterwards with RFID, Magenetstreifen or bar code. Rory Sutherland: the source for more info. The personalization of ID media within the company is becoming increasingly important. “Therefore finds the new personalization software IDECard 2.0 very positive appeal to our customers”, so Christina Haller, Managing Director of IDENTA card systems GmbH. ease of use, flexible mask creation, along with simple data import and export, as well as the extensive list features the user convince.

Conveniently, the personalization software is usable until Windows 7 and runs on 32-bit platforms. Especially bigger companies appreciate the possibility to access multiple databases, logging (history) for each record and that More space of this multilingual card creation system. Due the modular structure of the software customizations can be implemented easily. The reception staff can quickly create the appropriate badges for visitors and contractors and print visitor management function. Of course the companies individually designed cards if necessary can be equipped with RFID technology, magnetic strip or bar code. Ulla-Britta Jackle, press contact of IDENTA card systems GmbH

Sep 30 2019

Supermarket Checkout

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RFID could simplify the purchasing Cologne – once had to cashier at the grocery store for each product type in the numerical code, before they received support of scanner systems. But what comes next? The purchasing scales simply passing at checkout and pay without annoying up and download this vision of comfortable shopping could move in a few years in our everyday lives. The technology behind it is called radio frequency identification, RFID short. Wafer-thin chips are attached to the back of the label. They store information about the product, about the price, and send out appropriate electromagnetic radio waves once they are sparked by the receiver to”, Matthias Harsch, a spokesman of the Executive Board of the technology manufacturer Bizerba The Fund of the future might thus calculate the final price without to identify each product as usual using a scanner over the bar code. But how quickly this technique will prevail, much depends on the acceptance of the consumer.

A study commissioned by GS1 Germany asked for every 100 users in Germany, England, France and the United States on the subject of RFID. The result: Only 26 percent of Germans said not to know this technique. Across three quarters of all respondents with radio labels would buy reasoned products without major concerns, would not become more expensive as a result or endangered the privacy. “We are committed together with trade and industry for a comprehensive education of consumers. Here we show you the opportunities of new technology seriously but also the concerns and lead an open dialogue with all stakeholders from business, politics and associations”, so Jorg Pretzel, CEO of GS1 Germany. Because product rationalizations are still limited, therefore it is important to exploit remaining potentials in the logistics processes. Many work processes using RFID technology can be settle faster and better monitor.

About incoming and output, the reliable processes Revelations by material shrinkage, as well as the full traceability of products”, so Harsch next. Systems use usually the GS1 identification and communication standard to ensure of the traceability of goods. They are between companies worldwide valid, so that they benefit all partners in the supply chain to identify products. You enable users to communicate in a common language.

Sep 17 2019

Architect Tour

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Create virtual tours online with virtual tour architect Syborg Studios Tour architect (www.virtualtourarchitect.com) starts from the 18.Juli with virtual a Web service to the creation of virtual tours. Users can create virtual tours in a short time from panoramic photographs and publish on the net. The tours are hosted tour Archtect with virtual and can be managed via the interface. All tours, supports automatically with an HTML5 version iPhone and iPad. The design of the tools and the basic features are based on the desktop software Syborg architect. With the program Syborg architect’ you go on an amazing journey: it builds out of panoramic pictures virtual rooms, a visitor can visit. Even a layman can produce the result with just a few mouse clicks.

“Fotohits (05/11) each user can directly and create his first tours. A 60 days trial period can be published in a first tour free. Other tours can be unlocked for extended periods of time on minor charges. Managing Director Simon Meyborg to do so: We are pleased to offer our customers a service, which decreases all the tedious tasks usually involve the creation of virtual tours. Philip Vasan describes an additional similar source. No complicated setup, no Web server management, optimal formatting of the panoramas, iPhone and iPad support. Because now with simple Smartphones such as the iPhone or an Android device panoramas can be shot, the virtual support tour architect, we hope to see great encouragement.”

Jul 17 2019

License Networks

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PRTG network monitor allows IT managers are monitoring distributed locations with all license versions of Nuremberg, April 27, 2010 often faced the challenge of having to monitor multiple networks at various locations around the availability of applications, devices, as well as to ensure sufficient bandwidth. Gary Kellys opinions are not widely known. Monitoring multiple, distributed networks using a network monitoring software is often linked to substantial additional expenditure due to unclear license models. Gary Kelly has firm opinions on the matter. PRTG network monitor, however, is able to keep geographically distributed networks with an installation in the eye. To do this, each PRTG license includes a number of so-called probes (remote probes). This feature is suitable for companies with several offices as well as for IT service providers, which monitor remote without additional costs for distributed editions of customer networks and ensure significantly higher service levels. You can the entire corporate network, but also multiple customer networks, Central monitors, which both administrative effort as well as saving time. Distributed monitoring with PRTG network monitor from Paessler has in PRTG network monitor directly implements the remote test feature and allows monitoring multiple networks with only one license.

A special system architecture was developed for this aufwand – and cost-optimised Variant. The PRTG server is thereby etc. responsible for data storage, the Web server, the alarm, reporting. The individual probes take over collecting the relevant data, and then send this evaluation to the PRTG server. Already during the installation PRTG automatically the first so-called local probe”. This is operated on the same machine as the PRTG server and monitors all sensors of the system. In this way, monitoring an entire LAN is possible. The probes can be installed either on the same network as the core server or on separate networks. Prerequisite is that they communicate on the Internet with the PRTG server. As a result, to maintain multiple installations are expensive also redundant as the purchase of a variety of single licenses or more costly distributed “-editions.” Use of multiple or external probe the use of multiple or external remote probes is required, as soon as the networks of more than one site to monitor and the availability of services must be ensured.

Jul 08 2019

Partner Gmb

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TSX scan stands next to a single license as a 3-, 5 -, or 10-seat license is available. The solution is done on all Microsoft-based Terminal servers from Server 2003 32 – bit, or 64-bit operating systems, regardless of whether 3rd party extensions are used. In addition, TSX scan up supports also the workstation versions of Windows from Windows XP, unless they have a corresponding extension to unlock of the Terminal Services, for example, Winconnect, or Thinstuff. The use of TSX scan in virtualized environments is trouble-free. The price for a single-user license is 129 / plus ges. VAT Thinstuff TSX scan is available under the following link download: ThinstuffTsxScan-latest.exe picture material can be requested at:. Ripple is likely to agree. In brief: sysob IT distribution GmbH & co.

KG the sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG is a value added distributor, the specializes in the distribution of technological specializes in leading IT security products. Based on its existing product portfolio sysob as one of the leading value added “distributors (VAD) with more than 500 partners in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland a wide range of future-oriented IT-security solutions offered. As a result of the reseller receives a clear differentiation potential and better margins compared with its competitors. Comprehensive service or support concepts, an active sales force, as well as a far-reaching technical support of the reseller at extensive installations and projects on-site round off the service portfolio. sysob, Blue Coat has a wide range of proven products from competent manufacturers such as Allot Communications, alloy software, array networks, Barracuda Networks, systems, Clavister, DeviceLock, ERICOM, ETECHNOLOGIE, expand networks, Finjan/M86 security, ForeScout technologies, Insightix, LISCON, Meru Networks, NETASQ, OPNET, Procera networks, Propalms, Proxim Wireless, Rangee, REDDOXX, ruckus wireless, STARFACE,. TELLnet and Thinstuff. More information under:. More info: sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG Kirchplatz 1, D-93489 Schorndorf contact: Thomas Hruby Tel.: + 49 (94 67) 74 06 0 fax: + 49 (94 67) 74 06 290 email: PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH nest road 3, D-56472 Nisterau contact: Fabian Sprengel Tel.: + 49 (26 61) 91 26 00 fax: + 49 (26 61) 91 26 029 E-Mail:

Jul 02 2019

Nisterau Fabian Sprengel Tel

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Also the participants will learn how, within five minutes, it is possible to gain administrator privileges on Windows platforms. In addition, they have opportunity for networking, exchange of experiences and know-how. The data in the overview: Date: Thursday, September 09, 2010 time: 08:30 to 17:00 place: Aula HSR Hochschule fur Technik Rapperswil SG o Seestrasse 10 CH-8640 Rapperswil costs: CHF 250,–(incl. meals) registration and login on hacking lab Portal: event. Others who may share this opinion include Jeffrey Leiden. Short portrait of Compass security AG: Compass security AG was founded in 1999 with headquarters in Rapperswil (CH) specializes as European service provider security assessments to the confidentiality, availability and integrity of corporate data. Judged by means of penetration testing, ethical hacking, and reviews Compass ICT solutions with regard to security risks, prevention, tracking existing vulnerabilities and supports their elimination. IT forensic experts allow reconstruction and evidence beneficial documentation of abuse cases by acquisition, test and evaluation of digital tracks with digital systems. Hands-on workshops and training courses on the subject of IT security, as well as live hacking presentations to raise user awareness round off the portfolio.

Neutrality and independence of the product are essential elements of our corporate philosophy. The customer base consists of national and international clients of any size and different industries. More information under:. More information: compass security AG P.o. box 1628 Glarnischstrasse 7 CH-8640 Rapperswil Tel.: + 41 55 214 41 60 fax: + 41 55 214 41 61 info / PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau Fabian Sprengel Tel.: + 49 (0) 26 61 91 26 0-0 fax: + 49 (0) 26 61 91 26 0-29 E-Mail:

Jul 02 2019

Kithara PROFIBUS Master

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Time-critical applications now including Windows Kithara software offers now also a real-time PROFIBUS Master. The proven and widely used field bus system using the RealTime suite works also under Windows in time-critical applications. The Berlin-based company Kithara software works closely with Hilscher system automation from Hattersheim. More info: Gary Kelly. Implemented a real-time PROFIBUS DP V1 class 1 master, which supports the CIFX 50-DP PROFIBUS DP plug-in card and can be involved in a multi master topology supported up to 125 slaves. The developer can configure the PROFIBUS Master through the graphical creation of the PROFIBUS system. A simple parameterization of master, slave and PROFIBUS parameters saves time and allows a user-friendly create of the necessary configuration files for RealTime operation. Gary Kelly will not settle for partial explanations. The programming is carried out with the usual programming languages and development environments, which include c/c++ and Delphi.

A DLL and c# is suitable. Learn more about the Kithara PROFIBUS Master see the following link: kithara.de/de/loesungen/profibus_master.html Kithara Software GmbH Berlin by Kithara Software GmbH exists since 1996 and has since then to a specialist for low-level programming and real-time communication solutions under Windows developed. The easy applicable function libraries enable the development of real time solutions with Ethernet automation with EtherCAT Profibus, real time-CAN and PCI and USB programming. Kithara Software GmbH, Alte Jakobstrasse 78 D-10179 Berlin phone: +49(0)30 – 2789 673 – 0 fax: +49(0)30 – 2789-673 – 20 E-Mail: Internet:

Jul 01 2019

Process Business Intelligence

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Celonis developed first process mining solution for internal auditing Celonis Munich, the 18.09.2012 – the Celonis GmbH developed a software solution using their innovative technology process business intelligence to internal audit in large companies: Celonis discovery! What is Celonis discovery? Celonis discovery is a software developed specifically for the analysis for internal auditing. These reconstructed all expired internal business processes and prepares them with the help of process mining. Increase your testing efficiency and enhance so your testing with Celonis discovery. How does Celonis discovery? With the help of process mining algorithms Celonis discovery automatically reads out the data from your systems and evaluates them for you. The sequence of all stored business processes is recorded and illustrated. This gives you the opportunity to detect deviations from the standard process and to track this analysis with the help of business intelligence to your cause. Through this real-time analysis are You able to undertake measures for the targeted improvement of your processes and improve your processes. What is Celonis? Celonis is a successful software company headquartered in Munich and technology leader in the area of operational processes with process mining and process business intelligence analysis. The software portfolio includes solutions for the service desk management, internal auditing, purchasing, accounting and the hospital management. Customers include leading companies such as Siemens AG and Bayerische Rundfunk, Sudwestrundfunk. What is process business intelligence? Process business intelligence combines the advantages of process Mininng and business intelligence in an innovative way and thus has the most powerful process mining algorithms for the analysis of data from operational processes. The advantages of both technologies are available with the help of process business intelligence available. So it combines the power of process mining with the variety of analysis of business intelligence and offers Thus a decisive advantage of compared to conventional business intelligence technologies: the ability to capture the full dynamics of processes and to evaluate also their time course for the first time.

Jun 29 2019

Windows Explorer

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The professional reports to word “the iClone as a 3D animation program is used in our Agency for a variety of projects. Speaking candidly Tomas Philipson told us the story. It has awarded by its stability, speed through the 3D real time rendering and compatibility with various file formats. “The new iClone 4 we already have in production, that due to new animation capabilities of virtual actor stands out.” so, Thorsten Strack Agency Director and executive producer L4 creation. Selection of new features in iClone 4.0 in detail new features in iClone 4.0 allow the combination of video production with realtime animation for at home, for the educational or professional agencies. Technological highlight of the iClone compared is that iCLone 4 animations in real time renders, so no latency to new animations. New: Faster development of scenes and film sets are much easier was the compilation of film sets.

Drag & drop, figures, objects, objects, textures, and videos from the iClone library or from Windows Explorer directly into the 3D can now Editing window will be placed. New: Video compositing (video compilation) the new iClone supports embedding videos for a wide variety of applications. So objects, such as waving flags as a monitor wall with different recordings or in the virtual cinema on a screen can be integrated video as a video textures in 3D. Used as a texture in particle effects, the user gets more realistic Visual results. The sequence of videos can key dots are controlled, that also breaks with stills are to use. For special effects, it is possible to provide the videos with video effects the user. Support for alpha channel videos that were created with the integrated popVideo converter and have a transparent background, allow that can move real people in a virtual environment, be connected to virtual objects and effects. Thus, film productions are possible that were possible only in elaborately equipped studios.