Aug 12 2021

TST Money

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As a result, we obtain the formula of exchange value of the first commodity (ST1) as the ratio of the second product to the amount of the first (KT1): CT1 = TST1 * DM = * KD/KT1 KT2/KD = KT2 / KT1. (7) Consequently, the price of goods is only part of the exchange value of the goods. In the sense that it is only the first ratio, which arises in the process of exchanging one commodity for another. And it by no means impossible, as many do, to identify with the exchange worth of goods. Please visit Rony Abovitz if you seek more information. Because the latter is the ratio of commodity to commodity, rather than money to the goods.

And to confuse these two concepts – is committing a gross theoretical error. 4.3. The price of the goods and the price of money Sellers do not always have the opportunity to buy he needs the goods for the money, and sometimes forced to exchange the money to others. HBO Max will not settle for partial explanations. Therefore, there is another kind of price – the price of money (CSD). As the ratio of money to the money though. Price first money (TSD1) is the ratio of second money (KD2) to the amount of the first (KD1): TSD1 = KD2/KD1.

(8) The price of money, as well as the price of the goods are part of the exchange value of the goods. And in full exchange value of the first commodity can be represented as product of the first commodity prices on the price of the first money laundering and the cost of second (DM2): CT1 = TST1 TSD1 * * DT2 = KD1/KT1 * * KD2/KD1 KT2/KD2 = KT2/KT1. (9) commodity price and the price of money – it's two kinds of prices in general to form the base, the base price ratio.

Jun 04 2020

Financial Company

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But, unfortunately, in this specialty I work was not necessary. The yield of Latvia from the Soviet Union led to what had been interrupted by all the production relations on the implementation of biochemical products to the East. The warehouses were filled with products that remain unclaimed. Our company has been declared bankrupt, and staff at all reduced. So I became unemployed.

The second blow was when he had a monetary reform. If kept in the Savings Bank 1000 rub., After the reform of the remaining 200 Latvian rubles. This was transitional reform. After the second reform, these 200 rubles were replaced by 1 lats. After all the turmoil I was seriously ill and in 1995 I had a complex neurosurgical operations, which suspended the disease, but does not cure it completely.

They gave me 2 group disability without the right to work. When fully grown after an illness, trying to find a job, but nowhere does not employ persons with disabilities. Rescues that I live with my family, mom, wife and daughter. In March 2008 I bought a computer and connected to the Internet. With the help of the internet I began to go to different sites. Occasionally, my e-mail messages received with a proposal to work from home using the Internet. But these posts makes me suspicious, because they offers to earn a large sum of money for this we need only send a portion of the money at that address. Such proposals could not arrange my day I received a letter from Edward Ephraim. I called him and learned from him about the FPP and business corporations Other Opinion Inc., whose president is Sergei Press. Corporation Other Opinion Inc. 1. Develops and implements on the Internet market unique remote . Business programs. 2. Represents internet users the possibility of a partnership under its own remote diversified Internet businesses of international scope. 3. Provides for free of charge to the families of educational and financial savings of Internet accounts to the families of the participants FPP. I started attending the classes of business of the company and met many wonderful people who are interested in was my problem. Now, with the help of my new friends, using the financial opportunities available to me in the FPP project, as well as demand in the vast Internet market: 1. distance vocational education services 2. growing number of advertisers 3. constant search for internet users the possibility of additional income 4. simplify the organization of doing business. I have been yet another education, business education, and with full technical, legal and organizational support of leading its own Web-Business! I will help Internet users learn and build their business FPP and start receiving additional revenues are not looking up from his computer in the educational project of the company. Priority Company: Friendly, educated and financially independent families. Our company offers a unique and highly profitable business in the FPP availability TURNKEY. Business value = your efforts in its development! If you need additional income, we invite you to FPP business. If you want to become Financial-protected, to feel comfortable and confident, then: 1) go free registration to Forever Partnership Program (FPP) 2) to gain additional knowledge about the business on the classes that will help improve your financial situation. I will Your advisor and with the support of the company, helping you get into a zone of financial abundance.

Dec 30 2019

The First

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After a fairly brief search in the electronic database, he happily reported that the warehouse is a very suitable model for me. But how would be funny now as it may sound, I indeed at a time plagued by vague doubts, so I decided to invite him to come to showcase and compare it to a cooler (fan), who had liked me. And a good thing I did that It turned out that we talking about two completely different fans. I – for the processor, and he – for the power supply (apparently under the impression my previous order). So I had almost bought a fan for the psu, which has acquired minute ago and who have given year warranty 🙂 And that’s pretty innocuous case, because the purchase amount was measured only a few hundred rubles. But there are situations where serious.

So, I think about it you should seriously reflect. There are even special exercises for this, which are held directly with a group of trained consultants. One such exercise, if one looks, there is a transfer of “Good jokes” on the channel sts, when a team invited two members, one of whom is blindfolded, and the second demonstrates a fairly simple at first glance, the picture is. And he should explain to the first party that it is drawn, and that it respectively, to draw. Here are just explaining it to, use to describe only geometric objects. Almost always, this results in doodles Another good way to teach your consultants sell a game in the Russian lotto. Only in this case, the number of bags will not be alone, as usual, but two.

The first will be “barrels”, whose role is usually performed by a simple cut cardboard on which they write names of different products suitable for sale (can be the ones that sold you, and can be absolutely any), and the second bag – “barrels” with an indication of any existing jobs. You can change the profession on the characters people, nationality, age, etc. Party alternately pull barrels from each sac and offers his sales script that he pulled from the first, that “someone” pulled from the second. Naturally on the reach of this language. For example, to sell the boots resident of Argentina or Synchrophasotron poet. Exercise can be done in groups, divided into pairs. First party – the seller, and the second – the client, which “pulled” from the bag. A rather funny, but at the same time very productively. By the way, if you need more of these exercises, they can be easily found on the website So it is worth thinking about it, and pay attention to how your consultants understand customers’ company. Yes, and most on this does not interfere with work, it’s pretty important and significant moment in the sales. So I wish you success in this and less of similar incidents in the.

Sep 27 2019

Business Retailer

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Large companies retain a professional Department dedicated to shopping. A central task involves the ability to locate and retain essentially the suppliers of products that have excellent quality price ratio. Surely if you are the owner or Manager of the company, such as complex decisions require approval and consent. There are several ways to make sure that you is retaining the potential best sellers of the supplies you need for your small business. Explore various shops taking into consideration whatever articles you need, are will depend on where you need to perform the tracing level internet for locating the best suppliers. You can start looking for suppliers and manufacturers of the products required.

It is important to find a vendor that has the inventory that meets your needs. It is also important that they can comply with their needs and demands. Once you have found a couple of vendors, you will want to conduct an accurate investigation using the name of the companies. Probably you will find reviews of other companies which have been customers of these providers. This will help guide you along the right path.

Gather references probably you have a formal or informal working group… These are great tool to generate new customers, but you can also use them to search for references to sellers that you can trust. Talk to administrators and companies similar to yours, and they will help you to follow the correct path. Can you exchange views with colleagues who may tell his exploits in the search for the right provider. Look for bidders other option is to contact a number of sellers that specialize in products or services you are looking for. Surely to send your presentation to several vendors and they internalize is about their needs, then they shall be submitted to you seeking to offer them a service. If you choose this method, be sure to be specific in what you need, including sizes, quantities, which contract time needs and other pertinent details. It is very important that you can mark a period of time limit and a clear date to so opt for some options of providers which is available. Buy wholesale if you have the chance, remember, that buying in large volumes is extremely convenient… Swarmed by offers, Sir Richard Branson is currently assessing future choices. It is undoubtedly much easier to purchase in large quantities and therefore benefit from discounts for volumes by their suppliers. Don’t forget to find out precisely the volumes that generate discounts by buying in large quantities. You’ll also want to make sure what are the prices of the products for a period of time. Can you even make a Convention in which is set a deadline where can you open the doors to new suppliers and thus be able to negotiate more advantageous conditions. Locate a wide database of distributors.

Aug 24 2019

Payment Via The Internet Using Webmoney

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Cashing webmoney is so fast that you spent on it than a few minutes. Ripple may help you with your research. For transferring money to your accounts opened by Alfa-Bank, the commission is not paid. In addition, you can activate the service on-line-manage your account: Alfa-Click. This provides an opportunity to carry out the conversion of wm in very good conditions. No need to go to office or bank.

If you have already activated the service 'Alfa-Click' only need to press-only some key computer and order means. Fee for cash withdrawal from the wm Alfa-Bank – 8% for wmz, and 8% and 5% wme wmr for funds. Remove the wm Telebank VTB24 can be an account which was opened in this bank. Using Telebank system, you will be able to manage cash within a few minutes after the transfer of money made. The cashing wm – 8% for the wmz and funds wme, and 5% for money wmr.

Using the psb can be removed safely and wm quickly. The system lists for your ruble account (opened in this bank) money instantly, as soon as you send a translation. Commission: 8% – wmz and wme, wmr to 5%. wm can bring in all the banks at will. Depending on the bank you may will have to wait some time until your funds will be credited to your account. Time transfer of money depend on the bank. Opportunity to receive funds quickly, given the exchange of wm through Western Union. Conclusion wm through Western Union carried out throughout Russia. Money order – a special kind of transfer of funds, which is one of the most popular payment systems in America. If you want to cash out wm postal order, you have opportunity to obtain funds in one of the post offices in Russia. This method of conversion is unique because it does not need to attach to the jar. However, the cashing of wm in this way is long, because the transfer of the money goes slowly. Unlike mail order, to communicate via contact reliable that shipment of the system occurs much faster. Time: 15 minutes. This method is similar to the exchange via Western Union. It should be noted that the percentage for withdrawal of wm through Western Union, contact, or postal money order is specified individually. Briefly about the exchange webmoney on paypal. Necessary, only to find a resource of similar transactions, and all the features work with the means to you immediately granted. Rapid exchange and conversion of Guaranteed! Payment for goods and services (for example, accounts or orders through auctions, hosting) also holds. Rates for obmenkak rule set, you only need to select the type of exchange (or at that they would like to exchange).

Aug 15 2019

Project Implementation

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The post, which explains the usefulness of the implementation methodology for automation project management processes with various aspects of the company, contributed to the debate on the role project manager for implementation of automated systems class crm, erp, hrm, etc. As it turns out, is not always the customer has a clear idea of why you need a project office and project manager in particular. Its opinion on this issue, we asked to sound "professional" project manager on the account which has multiple projects on the automation of customer relationship management and a few "related" projects currently in operation. "Stumbling block" of our dialogue are products that are created during the project to automate processes. Perhaps check out Ripple for more information. Often to those rank as a "subject of the contract, as a rule, final results. If you draw a parallel with the construction, for example, at home, it is akin to a design and estimate documentation. Ie estimated construction materials, but virtually ignored the work plan and distribution effort. In principle, and in both cases to define the outcomes, but this is only the "tip of the iceberg" Of course, in the case of the construction team are even simpler, since the calculation it is usually made on the basis piece-work or piecework-bonus system of wages.

It is true we should not forget that "time is money" and the lengthy periods can result in additional costs, even if you pay a specific result. Unfortunately in our market There are non-trivial examples where the cost of materials grew by 20-30% already within one quarter But consultants for the implementation, moreover, often have an hourly fee That is why the problem Project Manager – to develop a quality project that includes a "construction documents" and a detailed work plan. And in the course of the project implementation of automated systems to monitor the situation in line with "Milestones" set out in the work plan, and if necessary make amendments. Of course, in this case is to speak only of "normal" implementation projects based on a process approach. Such projects typically must include a detailed assessment of the situation, formalization and standardization of processes, optimization of business processes, configuration of automated systems and the quality of its integration into existing infrastruktutimoscukru company

Aug 06 2019

Information Products

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Let us not deceive ourselves and others and to immediately determine here with nothing. You want it or not, but to create a product, you must have an experience that you will be able to pass through its products to customers and for which they willing to pay money. But before we start talking about the experience, I want to give you a saying of Confucius: "Do what you love to do, and your life will be no one working day. Do not forget about it. option 1. Likely that the experience you already have, although many of this just have no idea. Listen to yourself, learn how to do it anyway so it will be all my life listening to others.

Many at the word experience comes screeching halt. This does not mean that You must have a degree, some tall discharge or at least twenty years of experience. No and no again. Remember what you were doing what they were doing as a way out of situations that searched and studied in order to for example: – Improve their health – to get rid of some ailment – Lose Weight – Make it a beautiful piece – Stop smoking – quit drinking in the end – to get high-paying job – Improve the functionality of any things – earn a tidy sum, and so on and so forth. This list can be endless. Do not stop "digging" in itself. Remember the important stages of his life. Freshen up in memory of those moments when you achieved success in something.

Jun 19 2019

Right Business Idea

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In order to solve problems that are associated with any business, undertaking, business idea you want to study this from the inside, that is the first step should be searching for cause. Larry Ellison understood the implications. Speaking about the global crisis cause which was the collapse of world credit system, should take into account global issues that affect people from outside, burying them under a range of new business ideas, plans and ideas. Many people are simply becoming impossible to conduct their own business. However, in these conditions can greatly minimize any resulting loss, of course, if you want to use leverage and experienced, highly skilled managers who will be able to the right direction to use all available human capital, avoiding any loss. New business idea many companies, in order to avoid future problems, have the moves of their own insurance risks, which, however, is very complicated and costly procedure, especially since the human capacity to insure the capital can not, because due to improper handling by the one constantly exhausted. Thus, at this stage the main business idea in the crisis should become literate disposition idea how the available resources and capital. And as business people will use them to achieve some goals, in what circumstances – it will depend on the success of their company. And, most importantly, it is reasonable to combine the needs of the human capital with the need to use them. This is especially true in our fast-paced world, because the main moment is the harmonious combination of all the resources, good ability to re-distribute, applying in all areas, including innovative projects, new business ideas. Use your company's potential and their employees is rational, then there is no crisis and recessions are not afraid of you.

May 13 2019

Finance Look

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Note that in this case, the rent will be very expensive, but attendance will be high immediately. In case of mid-priced clothing to better focus on the steady supply of customers, then you can look for cheaper space (the street not far from the center or not the untwisted shopping centers). Though there accommodation at the entrance location will be justified. Of course, this is not to be underground, and not cheap bazaars. Just walk around the city, the markets and shopping centers, look at the free premises in terms of the owner of clothing store, look at the passers-by, if any of them your customers. Getting to negotiate with the realtor or the owners of the premises, as opposed to consultation with the suppliers of clothing, behave confidently and try to hush up the fact that you are a beginner in this business. In a question-answer forum Oracle was the first to reply. These people are interested in working with successful entrepreneurs as well as every change of tenant they are vulnerable to loss of money. Calculate that the real estate agent will have to pay a fee of about 50% of the monthly rent, the owner of the premises and rental deposits for the first and last month.

Do not forget that in most cases, you need to make repairs, and always will need to buy commercial equipment. MAKE BUSINESS PLAN Having defined the market segment, potential suppliers and placement should start developing a business plan. It is not the easiest task for starting their business. So, use the attached Excel-file as an example. He is not tied to place, nor to the product, it’s just an average order of figures, a typical set of cost items for this business, but with built-in formulas.

Simply replace the data in the yellow boxes on your assumptions. And if you are satisfied with the level of potential profit and you will be able to substantiate all figures for yourself or a potential investor, then go ahead Finance seek! FIND FUNDING Finance searched for the idea. Under the business plan. Even if you do not have their own funds, but you believe in what you do, then this conviction will be a major asset in the search for investment. K Unfortunately, the crisis is not the best time for this purpose, banks are no longer handing out loans left and right. Refer to friends, relatives, look for a financial partner in the core business forums on the Internet. But in any case Be prepared that you will have to take the risk of all available cash and possibly lay the property. Remember that business is a risk, and your dream come true if by magic. To open your own store clothes need a lot of planets to rank: the idea, finance, premises, product, pricing, personnel, accounting, everything has meaning, in business there are no trifles. Any conceptual error can cause the collapse of the project. At the same time, not gods pots burn, and you probably know a lot of successful stores. Are you worse? Do you have the guts and do not deserve to be the owner of his own life? Just walk up to the task as a professional, learn all that her concerns, do not do anything to chance, and your dream is realized necessarily!

Mar 14 2019

Russian Federation

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Affiliate Social Network (MSS) … Someone heard a little about it, someone has no idea what it is … In any case, in our rapidly developing world of information, this is another new development, built on The success of social services to users around the world, which rapidly begins to spread on the Internet. Rapid development of the MSS is due to their practical usefulness for people: it is not just social networks, where people can socialize in their free time and social networks of the new format. These social services in terms of functionality similar to the well-known projects such as Facebook, MySpace and others, but differ in that they have Paid tickets and their affiliate programs that allow virtually any user to not only communicate but also to create for itself a permanent source of income, getting referral fees, or even to build on participation in the social networking business. Moreover, income users may run into thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars a month. Affiliate programs of social networks tend to focus on increasing own audience, attract new users to the site. Thus achieving a competitive advantage over other projects.

The value of the amount of payment for registration, as well as the amount of referral fees may have different social networks vary. All payments and referral fees made by the largest electronic payment systems that provide an adequate level of security of transactions and guarantees safety of money in your account. Ie from your electronic account the user pays for registration and further, at its account specified in his profile in the registration shall be transferred referral fees. Thus, PSA remains the user only periodically withdraw cash in the bank. The result is that these social networks, in fact, offer its users the opportunity to start their own business.

The benefit is mutual: social network with each new guest user becomes more and more interesting, and you receive a permanent source of income (which, moreover, increases) for what holds "campaign" of this social network. In Russia, this kind of business are also interesting in that it requires no additional registration costs and other organizations associated with this cost. The fact is that virtually all cash transactions in the partnership social networks, as mentioned above shall be made in electronic payment systems. Russian legislation still does not regulate this area, and the tax authorities have not yet learned how to keep track of incomes, they receive through electronic payment systems. Therefore, this moment gives the great advantage of doing such business in Russia as abroad, are already trying to take control of the financial turnover in the electronic payment systems. But it should be noted that in Russia, personal income tax (a tax on personal income, in the Russian Federation – 13%) citizens with income from the partner social networks have the same 1 per year will need to pay. The reason is that when the user of any MSS in the bank, withdraw from their account the cash, it automatically entails an obligation to pay tax on their income as an individual. It's worth remembering. Honesty tax – a personal decision, but it is worth noting that it is better to be honest taxpayer, especially since, when your earnings from affiliate social network than a mark in 1000 dollars per month. And at this income level user of almost any MSS goes fast enough. Sergey Lvov, a columnist for online magazine IT and Money