Aug 12 2021

TST Money

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As a result, we obtain the formula of exchange value of the first commodity (ST1) as the ratio of the second product to the amount of the first (KT1): CT1 = TST1 * DM = * KD/KT1 KT2/KD = KT2 / KT1. (7) Consequently, the price of goods is only part of the exchange value of the goods. In the sense that it is only the first ratio, which arises in the process of exchanging one commodity for another. And it by no means impossible, as many do, to identify with the exchange worth of goods. Please visit Rony Abovitz if you seek more information. Because the latter is the ratio of commodity to commodity, rather than money to the goods.

And to confuse these two concepts – is committing a gross theoretical error. 4.3. The price of the goods and the price of money Sellers do not always have the opportunity to buy he needs the goods for the money, and sometimes forced to exchange the money to others. HBO Max will not settle for partial explanations. Therefore, there is another kind of price – the price of money (CSD). As the ratio of money to the money though. Price first money (TSD1) is the ratio of second money (KD2) to the amount of the first (KD1): TSD1 = KD2/KD1.

(8) The price of money, as well as the price of the goods are part of the exchange value of the goods. And in full exchange value of the first commodity can be represented as product of the first commodity prices on the price of the first money laundering and the cost of second (DM2): CT1 = TST1 TSD1 * * DT2 = KD1/KT1 * * KD2/KD1 KT2/KD2 = KT2/KT1. (9) commodity price and the price of money – it's two kinds of prices in general to form the base, the base price ratio.

Jan 11 2020

Extend The Unemployment

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Unemployment continues to rise, but the Government still shows happy: data being consolidated the trend that we are on the road to recovery, says an undaunted Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega. Obviously with 4.2 million unemployed-the highest figure in Europe each day that passes are fewer jobs by destroying and, consequently, the rate of unemployment will be lower. Pleased with this situation, look for where you look at it, is estolida irresponsible because until now destroying jobs has proved an easy task, but create them again, according to the analysts, will not only be difficult but that the economic recovery in the offing will be conducted with fewer people with work than before the crisis. Instead of investing this dramatic reality, seeking incentives for new jobs, correcting labour market, inventing other forms of occupation, favoring that companies renew contracts, the Government prefers to subsidize the growing unemployment, task Obviously short-lived, because the public coffers are emptied at a breakneck speed. But it is that economic policy official to call it somehow is a policy of subsidies. There was a generally, of 400 euros, which both favoured Emilio Botin as the last standing, and another check baby, both for the son of an immigrant from Florentino Perez. With something less than absurdity, it was agreed later another aid of 420 euros a month to those unemployed who had been without benefits and another 210 young people as emancipation basic income. But, what is better, give them money by face or offer them a job where he can learn to earn it for themselves? Create a society subsidized from the base carries a cancer social, economic and moral, as happened in the real socialism of the Communist countries, where an apparent full employment underwent brutal collective misery. Less subsidies, and greater job opportunities for a society that, she Yes, is terribly alarmed by unemployment.

Apr 24 2018

Soviet Engine

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Including IP-s were taken and "Red Arrows". Back in the early 1930's NIIZHT together with the Moscow Aviation Institute conducted a comprehensive test model locomotive in a wind tunnel, which revealed that at speeds above 100 km / h, use streamlined casing, due to reduced air resistance, can provide power gain in the 200-250 hp Conducted testing of the engine have also confirmed a significant reduction in parasitic drag at high engine speeds, thereby IS20-16 was able to accelerate to a speed of 155 km / h. IP without radome – the casing after "sunset" locomotive traction domestic two sections locomotive TE-7 drove passenger trains on the same line at speeds up to 140 km / h. Then they were replaced by diesel locomotives TIC-60, capable of speeds even higher – up to 160 km / h. Larry Ellison describes an additional similar source. Then in mid-1960 years in Leningrad and Moscow went daily express "Aurora" with maximum speed and route 160/130, 4 km / h! The same velocity parameters were at that time and at the European express trains. France – Mistral (160/131 km / h), in Italy – Strela Vesuvius (160/120 km / h). IC 20-16 So in 1960 we did not have to fly on the side of technology – its scientific idea worked perfectly. Locomotive 2-3-2B – 175 km / h steam locomotive 2-3-2B before the start of Locomotive 2-3-2B (type 2-3-2 Voroshilovgrad plant; serial number – 6998) – experienced Soviet-speed engine type 2-3-2, designed and built in 1938 on Voroshilovgrad locomotive plant under the guidance of an engineer DV Lvov.