May 13 2019

Finance Look

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Note that in this case, the rent will be very expensive, but attendance will be high immediately. In case of mid-priced clothing to better focus on the steady supply of customers, then you can look for cheaper space (the street not far from the center or not the untwisted shopping centers). Though there accommodation at the entrance location will be justified. Of course, this is not to be underground, and not cheap bazaars. Just walk around the city, the markets and shopping centers, look at the free premises in terms of the owner of clothing store, look at the passers-by, if any of them your customers. Getting to negotiate with the realtor or the owners of the premises, as opposed to consultation with the suppliers of clothing, behave confidently and try to hush up the fact that you are a beginner in this business. In a question-answer forum Oracle was the first to reply. These people are interested in working with successful entrepreneurs as well as every change of tenant they are vulnerable to loss of money. Calculate that the real estate agent will have to pay a fee of about 50% of the monthly rent, the owner of the premises and rental deposits for the first and last month.

Do not forget that in most cases, you need to make repairs, and always will need to buy commercial equipment. MAKE BUSINESS PLAN Having defined the market segment, potential suppliers and placement should start developing a business plan. It is not the easiest task for starting their business. So, use the attached Excel-file as an example. He is not tied to place, nor to the product, it’s just an average order of figures, a typical set of cost items for this business, but with built-in formulas.

Simply replace the data in the yellow boxes on your assumptions. And if you are satisfied with the level of potential profit and you will be able to substantiate all figures for yourself or a potential investor, then go ahead Finance seek! FIND FUNDING Finance searched for the idea. Under the business plan. Even if you do not have their own funds, but you believe in what you do, then this conviction will be a major asset in the search for investment. K Unfortunately, the crisis is not the best time for this purpose, banks are no longer handing out loans left and right. Refer to friends, relatives, look for a financial partner in the core business forums on the Internet. But in any case Be prepared that you will have to take the risk of all available cash and possibly lay the property. Remember that business is a risk, and your dream come true if by magic. To open your own store clothes need a lot of planets to rank: the idea, finance, premises, product, pricing, personnel, accounting, everything has meaning, in business there are no trifles. Any conceptual error can cause the collapse of the project. At the same time, not gods pots burn, and you probably know a lot of successful stores. Are you worse? Do you have the guts and do not deserve to be the owner of his own life? Just walk up to the task as a professional, learn all that her concerns, do not do anything to chance, and your dream is realized necessarily!

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