Oct 11 2014


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Overview of market shares of Google and co in Germany called in Germany by search engines, so one thinks usually Google and vice versa. in 2004, the DUDEN editorial in the 23rd edition of the reference work adopted the term Google “as a verb with the meaning search on the Internet”. “Later it became Google in the Internet search” but not as an expression of a semantic shift in meaning, but on the gentle pressure of the search machine operator from Seatle, concern had, his proprietary rights could affect the takeover in the parlance. The equation of an Internet search with the search in a search engine is not further explained, this is the sense of such software. At times when the Web through clearer and less differentiated was also Web catalogs enabled this more or less passable. With the progressive expansion of the network, these were however increasingly overwhelmed with an efficient search and the triumph of the search engines took his ongoing, unstoppable run. Now appear more offers on the map of classic”search engines. So, more and more people use social media platforms not only to social exchange, but also to search for products and services.

The development in this area remains to be seen. Moments and probably also for the next years, search engines remain the tool of choice for the search to specific information in the network. “The synonymous use of search engine” and Google “a reason which is not only that the term as such, especially in verb form is handy as you would talk to yahooen”or l-xen”of information. But Googling”Internet users, because this search engine not only dominates the market, but now almost completely dominated and so represents the obvious tool for an Internet search for most users. This is confirmed by the figures of various market research companies like StatCounter, comScore or Web hits.

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