Oct 09 2014

MLM Sponsoring Magnetic

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Hi, I have previously stated that to succeed in MLM you need to become a magnetic sponsor and develop your leadership surely you must be wondering, do exactly I become a magnetic sponsor? In this article I share with you some tips to become a magnetic sponsor. But before you need to understand that being a magnetic sponsor does not mean affiliate to your prospects to your organization or only talk to your affiliates of some event. In reality, be a magnetic sponsor is a method of working where you apply one formula and follow a process. This process is giving at the time, is not something one day. When a new member joins your organization, it is the moment you start your business. It is time to start the sponsorship. If we overlook this process, then we are people recruiters, not sponsors. Already during the prospecting stage has been giving the first step have been developing interpersonal relationships which has enabled you to learn at your I leaflet and that your prospect you meet you.

And this is the first thing that you need to make. Know your prospectus and/or new affiliate. After the affiliation, is undoubtedly necessary to give your new Member Welcome to make you feel comfortable and part of a team. You can make him know part of your upline or other members of the organization who are interested in its success. This is very important, as it recalls that all doubles and in doing so you with him or her, he or she it will with its affiliates. Also, is vital and useful give all the details about the company that you represent, websites, telephone numbers, etc. As sponsor and leader of your organization need you to help your affiliates and downline to define their objectives and that they understand as they go to build your organization.

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