Aug 02 2014

The Land Of The Old World

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During the reign of five kings, when the night was equal to five weeks, and the day was equal to one hour in Ellagrion news came from the sea wolf, talking about what the rocky shores of the Black Void seen soaring high in the sky dragon. Where the dragon there, and life, where life-there is someone alive. Astronomer Michael after a long and tiring sessions, do not hesitate to express aloud their theory, that is not who is not inhabited lands of the Old World, which absorbed the darkness and horror came back half a century ago with the army of darkness, hid some warlike people, not afraid to stand in the way of forces and live with them side by side. Schley year, me time, people change, the seagoing pirate frequent robberies, robbery. Signing a peace treaty between the five races, a little relaxed atmosphere in the world, came a new era, Age of Commerce.

Trade between cities, countries, went on improving. One of the most expensive goods land has become the magic potion, which extended the life of the legends half. But the recipe handed down among the Druids by word of mouth and does not apply to either. More and more of the rulers of the New Earth, left its banks and moved to the lands of the Old World, to the rocky shores of dark abyss, where, as we have said many years ago in the legends of dragons were seen whose blood was necessary to obtain a magic potion, lengthens life twice. Signing of a peace agreement between humans, dwarves, elves, undead and Free Peoples, which include orcs, barbarians, vikings, giants, ogres and many others, spurred by what many fear was gone, scattered like ashes to the wind. But as they say nothing lasts forever.

War is never forced himself to wait long. Culprit was a raid on a pirate ship orc merchant ship people. The world has turned. There was a division. Between humans, elves and Elves created the Triple Alliance, Undead and part of Free Peoples embarked on a war against him. The land of the Old World once again feel the warmth of spilled in the battles for human blood and the severity of death warriors.

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