Aug 28 2014

Peniscola Two Cities

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We find very few municipalities in the Valencian coast, where you can be walking around very modern streets and that modern life is reflected and where turning a corner you can tele transported to another era. This occurs for example in Peniscola, where you can be walking by a modern promenade and in a matter of seconds delve to the era that lived our ancestors thanks to its old town and the castle of Papa Luna. Peniscola is located in the province of Castellon 71 km from the capital of this province and 145 km from Valencia. Formerly is a city located in a peninsula joined to land by an isthmus of sand only, but nowadays with the construction of the port and new buildings, this fact has disappeared resulting in a city with a high tourist attraction and where the rental apartment Peniscola can be the solution to the search of your choice for a destination to spend your vacation. The city has two mini-ciudades. The most current part is the promenade, where throughout the, you can find a high diversity of restoration where you can taste the typical gastronomy of the zone. In this area is that is usually practice the tourism of Sun and beach, where you can find recreational areas of the city and a variety of tourist accommodation where to spend your holidays.

It is a very urbanized and very touristy area. Its beaches are occupied by thousands of tourists throughout the year, thanks to ideal temperature of the zone, but it is, as in most of the nearby villages, in the summer, where Peniscola becomes a key site for the tourism of this type. Thanks to its old town, surrounded by a set of walls that protected the ancient city, Peniscola also has thousands of tourists who come to know part of the history of this city. You can stroll through the streets of the area, enjoying a unique landscape and transporting you to another era until you reach the castle of Papa Luna, a Templar fortress dating from 1307. In the old town you can find museums where through paintings, objects found by professionals and panels with explanations, can know the history of the city. In the old town you can see ancient buildings preserved perfectly thanks to tourism policy that counts with the municipality. Do you want to know the past of a few cities with more stories of the Valencian coast? Best option to Peniscola to learn more while you enjoy your vacation at sea.

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