Aug 29 2014

Charles VIII

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With this event began the great popularity of the "Pucelle" and began to be famous the saying that "The French lost by a woman was released from a Virgin!" Jeanne D'Arc was taken prisoner by the Bourguignons and sold to the British for 10,000 pounds, who, after trying all means to prove that was sent through hell to delegitimize the coronation of Charles VII, burned alive in the square Rouen's old market, the May 30, 1431. In subsequent years, Charles VII, "having regained confidence in his destiny, restarted a work of real power restoration continues Louis XI and Charles VIII. For its permanent armed King is feared. For the regular collection of taxes (Taille, Aide and Gabelle) King has many more resources than any sovereign neighbors … "The death of Charles VII, in 1461, he succeeded by Louis XI, who goes down in history for his sharp dispute with the great feudal lords, allied in the League of the public good" and especially for his fight to the death against the Duke of Burgundy, Charles "Le Temeraire", ended with the latter's death in January 1477. Protector and trade fairs in Rouen, Caen and Lyon, Louis XI, who has also met by inheritance in 1481 Anjou, La Provence and Maine, stop delineated a, roughly, the contours of new France. When he died in 1483 leaving the throne to his son for thirteen years age, Charles VIII. While the latter comes of age, her older sister Anne de Beaujeu, assumed the regency and the fight against the big feudal victoriasamente led by Louis D'Orleans, the future Louis XII. .

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