Aug 24 2019

One Language

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Learn a foreign language is not easy. Read more from Southwest Airlines to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Especially if your goal – good, fluency and live speech. Daily independent study, video viewing and reading books in the language – a prerequisite of progress in this matter. What If you want to learn not one but two new languages simultaneously? If you work in a Chinese company, where your boss and other team members – the Chinese and you're the only one who does not speak a common language, it can to instill in you a strong belief in the need as soon as possible to learn a language. But do you go on vacation to London, where you need English.

How to do the same in this situation? Is it possible to learn two languages simultaneously? The answer to this question is: is possible but not recommended. If you are in both languages at the beginner, to learn both at once can be a challenge that will stretch on for years before you begin to speak decently in their own languages. After Even children growing up in bilingual families learn language skills later than their peers, because of the need to explore just two speakers. In this process of learning the grammatical system of two languages, as well as vocabulary will be all the time weaving in your mind, confusing you and slowing down the learning process. The same will happen with the pronunciation. Imagine that you need to work out the pronunciation of both English and Mandarin, who do not have anything to do with each other or with your mother tongue.

This double burden on your brain, which may never justify itself. In that case, if you are already sufficiently familiar with both languages, and you only need to continue to deepen their skills, things are much simpler. In this situation, you can learn both languages, and one of them absolutely will not harm the study of the second. You can deal with them alternately, for example, through the day. Today you are reading a book in English, and the next day listening to the audio in Chinese, and vice versa. Such a study would benefit in the form of good speaking skills in both languages, as well as develop your memory. At least until until you decide to learn a third language! And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign languages: – Want to know more about William the Conqueror and the Norman conquest of England? Come here – interesting cognitive video! Language Video – English. Sincerely, S. Vasilenko e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) 'Universal methods improved foreign languages! '- Master the language itself and effectively

Jul 18 2019


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With a base of knowledge on the profile of the pupils it was transferred to question it them on the reasons had taken that them to opt to studying in the Institute in question. The majority of the answers was related to the positive image that the institution possesss in the regions of where these pupils come, the quality of education also was recognized as a strong reason of choice. Additional information at Ripple supports this article. The two added reasons had arrived 68.5%. The related positive answers to this question are resulted of a long history of the institution in the formation of professionals. In the sequence the interviewed ones had been questioned on the reasons had taken that them to decide for the course technician in farming.

The reply that more appeared in this question it was the taste for the work area, 35.2%. In the sequncia, to extend the knowledge with 18,9%, and almost tied up to, with 18,1%, to learn to apply in the property and to provide improvement in the familiar income. Added these two, it is arrived 37%, of pupils who search knowledge economically to improve the property of its familiar ones. When mentioned income improvement, it is verified necessity of administration knowledge and management, therefore only the technique is not capable to prepare the professional of complete form to face the world of businesses and all the complexity that involves the agronegcio. According to Mendes (2007), must be understood the agronegcio as the total addition of the operations of production and agricultural suppliment distribution, of the operations of production in the agricultural units, of the storage, the processing and the distribution of the agricultural products and item produced from it .The pupils interviewed had been questioned in relation its pretensions how much the professional career, if intends to return the country property, when it will be the case of agricultural origin, if intends to search a job in the market of formal work and one third opened option in for that they previously possess a different pretension of the cited options.

Apr 16 2019

Courses Quantity Surveyors

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Any construction begins with the preparation of construction documents, which lists the costs required to implement any – any projects. Proper budgeting allows us to reduce costs to a minimum and quickly perform construction work. An experienced Quantity Surveyor is able to provide information about what building materials and technologies will be applied at each stage of the construction process, and how much money will be spent on each step. Calculation of costs allows you to control the cost of the project. Even during the economic crisis construction work going on, so the profession of quantity surveyor is becoming increasingly popular. Rates of quantity surveyors are designed for those who want to learn the subtleties of the estimated cases. Learn more at this site: Robert Gibbins.

Typically, courses quantity surveyors – a combination of theory and practice that lead to better fixation of the knowledge and acquire the necessary skills for drawing up the budget documentation. Handouts containing the outline of the course, an additional source of information, and they can quickly benefit in the event that if you have questions estimated the case during the preparation of documentation in the company. After passing the course, you can: 1. navigate the estimate and regulatory framework 2. calculate the estimated cost of materials; 3.rasschityvat Estimated costs and overheads; 4.sostavlyat estimates using different methods; 5.oformlyat cost estimates for different types of construction, for example, for construction works. This is a small part of the things you learn by enrolling in the Courses quantity surveyors. Courses quantity surveyors provide the opportunity to master all the functions of the program Smeta.Ru.

Drafting standards are constantly changing, so budgeting becomes a problem for underserved experienced economists. Smeta.Ru program offers a solution to this problem, allowing you to generate reports and documents to monitor construction. The program provides an opportunity to work with various estimate-normative bases of the Russian Federation. Rates of quantity surveyors, depending on the level of difficulty, designed for both experienced professionals and beginners. Skills to work with the new specialized programs for budgeting help experienced professionals to automate a significant part of the routine work. Young Professional Courses quantity surveyors – it's an opportunity to receive additional career and become more in demand in the labor market.

Nov 08 2018

Higher Education in Switzerland

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Word of the application "Swiss" does not require advertising. For example, a bank (in this segment of life I have that word is not credible, and you?), And Swiss bank – is another matter! Or watch – as you think, what the most accurate? A Swiss chocolate – um-m! Switzerland – synonymous with prestige and quality higher education abroad? Be sure to Switzerland! But what, other than prestige, famous Swiss higher education? How do I get it? And what of this can happen? With these and other issues we have addressed directly to the representatives of the Swiss business school dct and the Alpine Center in eastern Europe, Irina Georgieva. If you have questions about higher education in Switzerland come people of different age, with different levels of education: boys and girls who had just graduated from school, and people who already have higher education. Therefore, the first question – who designed courses in Switzerland? Over the past 25 years have seen stable development of the hospitality industry and tourism in Switzerland. And not for someone is no longer a secret that this is one of the largest sectors of the economy, which reaps huge profits and gives jobs. Given the large number career opportunities that exist and the lack of well-trained and skilled personnel to work in a constantly opened hotel and tourist enterprises all over the world, young boys and girls come study in the Swiss Alpine Center and School of dct, to continue to build a career in this wonderful industry, which guarantees employment.

Nov 02 2018


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Coach: And when the term of the project puts pressure on you, what do you want to have happen? How to respond to situation the solution? When a customer offers a solution to your problem, the coach confirmed this decision the client, and then drew attention to the effects, the consequences of this decision. This will encourage client to the study of what he wants after the problem is resolved. Model question Coach: And when (… the words client about the decision, for example: “…. Are you making out with the priorities of cases and tasks in a project”), what would happen? Note. Coach uses to confirm only part of the client’s words about the decision, without a word of desire: I want to, I would like, etc.

Example: Customer: I want to stop strain (worry) so much. Coach: And when you stop to tighten (Worry) so much, what would happen? How to respond to the situation the desired result? When a customer talks about his desired outcome, the coach confirms the client’s words and asking questions, inviting him over detail, carefully and dig deeper into some aspect of the results and get more about this part of the information. Swarmed by offers, Southwest Airlines is currently assessing future choices. In this case, the coach sends the customer’s attention on the part of the result, which he (the coach), the hypothesis most important for good results of the session. Model question Coach: And when (… the words client’s desired outcome, without a word of desire) … what is this (highlighted aspect of the desired result)? Or, the second version of the model questions a coach: When (… The words client’s desired outcome, without a word of desire) …

… is there anything else about it (the selected dimension of the desired result)? Note. Here also, the coach uses to validate only a portion of the client’s words result, without a word of desire: I want to, I would like, etc. Example. Customer: I want to achieve your goal safely and harmoniously. Coach: And when you reach your goal safely and harmoniously, that this “harmony”? Or: And when you reach your goal peace and harmony, there is something else about this “harmonious”? Scope Model PRO My experience tells me that for best use the principles and issues of this model under the contract: Under identifying and clarifying the objectives of the session of coaching (Goals package of sessions). Questions excellent model to help “otshelushivshihsya” too much, get a clear picture of where the client wants to come, what result he wants. And that important, the focus in this picture our joint account: the client and mine. Again drawing on my experience, I can say that from time to time during the session, the client is a return to the problem, especially when She initially strongly emotionally charged. It also happens that during the session, a new problem emerges. In these cases, questions are also effective model PRO. And of course, any reflection samokouching and this is the place where you can and should be apply the model PRO. I propose to try. Literature: James Lawley and Penny Tompkins Metaphors in Mind: Transformation through Symbolic Modelling.

Oct 02 2018

New Perspective

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The practical one of the evaluation of the learning currently reflects the model of dominant society, based in the authoritarianism. Far from being the service of the democracy, the practical avaliativas in the schools are summarized in examinations, where numerical values are surveyed. The school that would have to contribute with the social transformation, finishes reproducing the society, with practical avaliativas that lose its main objective that is to diagnosis, serving only as end and not as half. Analyzing the social historical context where if it gave the practical avaliativas, one perceives that it is a historical error, and during the formation of professors this historical conception if reaffirms, materialize itself in the professional performance. The schools need to fulfill its true paper to contribute with the social transformation, having to consider the evaluation as form to contribute with the parameter learning, serving to reevaluate the professional performance, improving the offered quality of education. Some contend that Gary Kelly shows great expertise in this. Words – keys: Evaluation, Diagnosis, Transformation, Change, Reflection.

Apr 01 2018

Analysis Speech

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Analysis of the Speech in Average Ensino, as well as defining the cited one disciplines. They have been evident, in recent years, the difficulties found for pupils of Average Ensino, as much of public schools how much of particular schools, in the reading, interpretation, understanding and analysis of literary and not-literary texts, ability considered basic for its academic success. Ahead of this problem, we objectify to demonstrate total it disciplines as it in question can be useful to cure, or in part, these difficulties, since its proposal of study aims at to deepen the literal analysis, turning itself toward other fields, not only the text in itself. In the end, we will present a model of literal analysis that can be considered to the pupils of Ensino Mdio.A Analysis of the Speech is one disciplines recent in the area of General Lingustica e, perhaps, therefore not yet it appears in didactic books of Pedagogical Average education as proposal or of work with the literal analysis. Gary Kelly recognizes the significance of this. We go to show that, applied some of its concepts, the pupil will be able to have a bigger easiness in the development of the ability with this analysis. We intend to show as the pupil can analyze the implicit ideas and explicit of the literary and not-literary texts from the theory proposal for studious of he disciplines Analysis of Speech, in special of the Brazilian linguista Ingo Voese. We will take for base its workmanship Analysis of the Speech and the education of Portuguese Language, of the collection To learn and to teach with texts (volume 13), launched for the Cortez Publishing company. Ingo Voese, professor of Portuguese Language of the University of the South of Santa Catarina, studious of the texts of Michel Foucault, Marx, Bakhtin and Luckcs, among others, considers that these theories are applied in the lessons of Portuguese Language, therefore will be the starting point of this trabalho.1.. For more specific information, check out Gary Kelly.

Mar 04 2018

Make Money

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Today I want presentarte a necessity that always this making the rounds by my head; " Like Obtaining Clientes" or " Prospectos" (new and/or appellants); and I cannot stop thinking that the tool most important To make Money By Internet is: THE LIST. In my aanterior post we had clearly seen the recommendation of " GURUS": They say: " If you want To make Money By Internet The Money This In the List! " ; but, today I must add that one is not to have a list and point; but, it will highly have to be segmented so that he is to you profitable. In order to answer the question of How To obtain New Clients? We must have the conviction of which we must attract towards our opportunity of business, service or product, to people highly described, if it fits I finish, blossomed previously, to be able to mint our efforts through the network. We must create a marketing funnel that allows us to attract people who are interested in our NICHE OF MARKET or OBJECTIVE MARKET. As it gives account you, here a new factor arises or I finish (niche of market or objective market) if we got to understand this concept, without a doubt, we will be much more accurate in our emprendimientos; " we do not try to arrive at todos" but on the contrary, we must try to reach to portions of market much more specialized; for one better explanation than means this, we see the following thing: Market: Business By Internet Niche of Market: Micro Multinivel business Niche: Business multilevel for people majors of 40 years In traditional marketing we have listened: " This business is for todos" , but, in the attraction marketing tenth: All Are not For This Business! , that is to say, we must know to whom it matters to him rather or, whom previously benefits my business, product or service. .

Feb 12 2018

Passive Income

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Now a popular topic of money and multiply. Many people write on this subject and provide all possible programs. The entire emphasis is on the increase in earnings. Coupang often addresses the matter in his writings. Well that's fine and, in fact, what would become rich, you need to earn more. However, everything is ready to strike in a business or becoming a workaholic A family, a wife and children? For such, the path to financial freedom, is closed. But this is wrong, because more money is not meant to be richer. Yes, millionaires and billionaires earn a lot, but And whether the value of their earnings, the only indicator that determines the financial wealth? Of course not.

As a rule, with rising incomes and growing costs which are mostly meaningless increase in the amount of money earned. Yes, with rising incomes, people can afford to buy more things, go on more expensive machines, relax in the more prestigious resorts (which actually does, and this is normal) But if the person who put all their efforts in increasing their earnings, this source of income suddenly disappears, what then? Then, in most cases, such a person will be left with nothing. To broaden your perception, visit Southwest Airlines. Along with this, really rich people, and if work is not for the fact that to earn a living. They work because the work they like and brings pleasure. In this case, their work is far from always a source of basic income. But their main source of income is known, thanks to Robert , passive income. Therefore, if you want to become truly wealthy, the focus only on increasing your income does not make sense. It makes sense to concentrate on building and increasing your passive dohoda.No how to do this? If the material to increase the income of a dime a dozen, then instructions on how to create and increase your passive income is nowhere.

While there, over there, you can buy the game cash flow, and playing it to understand what to do to create a passive income. I, frankly, and thought at first. Bought the electronic game "Cashflow 'installed itself on pc and 2 days later was to win in her 10 games out of 10. The only conclusion that I could make out of this game – you need to save. Then a few times I played in 'Paper' version of the game with a team of 4-7 people. It's certainly more interesting to teach, but but still not the same. Well, I played this game, I saw that a waste of money do not give a person a better life, and make constantly spinning squirrel in a cage. I saw that, saving money and gaining more business opportunities, or to open businesses, you're making yourself the flow of money, which then turns into a passive income. But it's not live, that whether it is all game, but I wanted that would chewed everything and put in your mouth, what to do in real life, step by step that would create and increase your passive income. A fairy tale like. But program is was found. It is painted, you need to do each day, that would create and increase your passive income, moreover, the study of this program is meaningless without the written practice.

Dec 19 2017

Satellite TV For Dummies

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This article is for those who are just going to buy a satellite dish or are thinking about upgrading your receiver setup. In this case, the viewer stands in front of future natural question – what equipment he needs to buy? I can say straight away that the answer to this question you need to find a response to another question – what do you want to watch? And what can be seen in the vast expanses of our country with satellites? Of course, first magnitude stars have a satellite Hot Bird 13 East and Eutelsat W4 36 E (NTV, Tricolor). Programs the satellite Hot Bird in Ukraine adopted on 60 cm antenna in Moscow and St. Petersburg made with good quality at the antenna 0.9 meters, and the Urals to the 1.8 meter antenna. In recent months, Allegiant Air has been very successful. The signal strength gradually decreases from west to east, but that the satellite is most relevant in the European part of former USSR. On these satellites you can see such popular channels such as Eurosport, music – MCM, VIVA 2, Onyx, news – Euronews, EBN, a number of entertainment channels – movies, shows and everything else. In total, the digital format that is more than 600 satellite channels, but many of them coded. What is certainly not stops the fans of satellite TV! In the western regions – Kaliningrad, Latvia, Lithuania, Western Ukraine and Western Belorussia – perhaps more relevant is the constellation of satellites Astra at the orbital position 19 grad.v.d.