Jan 08 2024

Engineering Graphics Competition

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Extracurricular activities in engineering graphics. Engineering Graphics – general discipline that forms the overall technical literacy of the future specialist. The study is much more effective when training sessions alternating with extracurricular activities. Each year in December I spend on the engineering schedule after-school activities. One month prior to the component lists of participants. Together with the guys look in detail a plan of quizzes, competitions, quiz drawing, forming teams, prepare the hall.

In parallel with the discipline of engineering graphics students learn the general education science that form the technical knowledge, necessary for the design drawings, so the quiz questions made taking into account all the received technical knowledge of students. During training, students are showing great interest in the activities. They offer made to the script witty stories, entertaining job. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Teams are formed by groups. Cooking logo. The whole theme of the contest, a quiz related to engineering graphics.

Great fun from the competition are the fans. They support their team, experienced in every stage of the competition, help answer difficult questions. The competition consists of several stages. Each stage represented a variety of issues, tasks, aimed at formation of a living interest in the subject, its practical orientation. Teams gladly solve substantive problems, crossword puzzles. Presentation of homework in the form of fairy tales is of special interest spectators and fans. Homework guys prepare in advance. I propose to compose a story using the terms, definitions of drawing. The guys take a well-known fairy tale and rewrite them. Sometimes, even in poetic form. At composing stories students use their knowledge, their observations, vesting them in an art form. High emotional contest for a holiday atmosphere. Every time admire manifested inexhaustible creativity of my students. Quiz attracts attention with its entertaining questions. Within two weeks, students answer questions, and then pass the answers to the teacher. Concludes. According to the results the best works of note quiz with prizes. Olympics held in the spirit of competition. Students are prepared in advance and repeat the necessary study material. There are going to truly experts in drafting. Nice to see creative embodiment of knowledge of these guys in the practical assignments. After summing up the competition, quiz contest winners of course carry on the line. After these events, an increased interest students to the subject, the desire to expand his professional horizons, increased training activity, technological literacy.

Oct 24 2021


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It is not acceptable that the judicial processes to expand both in time. With a business that is dominated by SMEs in Spain, entrepreneurship should be encouraged. 2.Motivacion and more flexible schedules Ignacio Buqueras, businessman and Chairman of the National Commission for the rationalization of the Spanish schedules are in a serious situation, but we have not bottomed out. We are the worst country of our community environment, partly because of when it should be looked for other side. We do not have a suitable Government to overcome the crisis, but that we have a Government of mediocre. He touches is now be serious; to great evils great remedies. We are the country that we work more hours and that generates less productivity. It is in these moments when we have to tend to the opposite.

We must abandon the presentism because this is pure feudalism and yielded. We need more flexible hours, adapted to each work. The challenge is to improve the use of the time, with a few more rational schedules that allow us to the conciliation and equality, improve productivity, reduce accidents, encourage globalism, and so on. You must give value to time and learn to manage it. In addition, should remove bad habits: for example, replace working lunches with working breakfasts, starting with the politicians, who are those who have to lead by example. Specific job 3.legislacion for small and medium-sized enterprises Inigo Sagardoy, partner Sagardoy Abogados there that facilitate the entry of private companies in the system of labor intermediation.

If all assume that it should improve the processes of intermediation, it seems logical to allow specialized companies to help improve the intermediation process. From the strict labor perspective, the solution does not lie in the rebate as the cost of dismissal. You have to do is unify labour contracts. On the other hand, you must distinguish between SMEs and large enterprises.

Jul 12 2021

Superior Education

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The Universities in Brazil possess great differences how much to history if compared with the universities of the others Latin American countries. The universities are well younger of what the Institutions of Superior Education of other countries of Latin America. You may find that Mazor Robotics can contribute to your knowledge. They result of the demand of the market that signals basically for the necessity of formation of professionals with qualification in areas of engineerings, medicine and right. Initially they were located in great economically more important cities for Brazil at that time (STALLIVIERI, 2011). In the decade of 1990 through a study? the ratio of deriving students of families with income above of ten minimum wages in such a way exceeded the average of 60% in the public sector how much in the private one. It was observed that the access to superior education at that time was bigger enters the higher social classroom what goes to the failure in meeting of the belief of that less the most favored they are the ones that frequents education private.

In contrast to that it is imagined, not due to vacant and yes, a deficiency in the basic education and still social problems (SUPERIOR EDUCATION, 2011). The Institutions of Superior education in Brazil had appeared to take care of to the work market that requested qualified professionals, at the same time where they searched to create its proper identity while system of education, considered until today as one of the most precious constructions of republican Brazil (PANIZZI, 2004). Therefore, if the work market becomes each more demanding time how much to the professional formation of the worker, we reflect that it is necessary, to enter this market, a good university formation. so that this academic formation is of quality is necessary that the IES offer, beyond a proposal pedagogical innovative, a qualified faculty. This teaching qualification must be based on a consistent formation, where the professors are brought up to date how much the pedagogical trends contemporaries, necessities of the market in its area of education and, over all, to have an educative position that considers the affective aspects of the learning, developing an affective bond with pupils. .

Jul 08 2021

Productive Intelligence

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This scene persists in our time, but of one it forms oppressor, disqualified and antiethical, blocking talentos, innovative abilities and ideas. The man and the work are permeados by a socializador and ethical environment that if reproduces in the actions and activities of the individual with different sensorial points of view, that they are only different at the same time, that it renews yourself to each moment. Learn more about this with Christina Spade. The man cannot be seen as an extension of the machines that to each moment the society discards, for understanding outdated, and finally without utility, in way to the technological advance. The man possesss as main production its knowledge, through its partner-cultural luggage in acquired experiences, as to be only in the conviviality in society, acting and contributing of some form with Intelligence and productivity. METHODOLOGY For the development of Productive Intelligence requires to question, to reconstruct and to innovate production ideas, through the desconstruo in reflexivas activities that contextualize the diverse factors that involve the citizen. The Pedagogo professional has as question the displacement of its comodista thought, to the Intelligent and productive man of ethical and moral positioning of knowledge and man world becoming a transforming agent.

For the context of this work the studied authors defined themselves on the basis of who ' ' Produtiva&#039 intelligence; ' it possesss three main aspects that are: . Active I.P: The man possesss as essence the productive process of abstract or symbolic form in the gestures, the language, the independent writing or as professional of its knowledge, and that he develops yourself until the end of its life. He must be observing, questionadora, has the education as parameter for thoughts and attitudes of possibilities, must possess desconstrutivos objectives of what it seems to be obvious. b. Formative I.P: The man independe of its intellectuality in elapsing of its history the citizen constructs to its luggage partner? cultural and he contributes for the new to teach and to learn; in what it says (FREIRE, 2005 P.

Nov 26 2020


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According to PIRONATTO (2008) the distraction, the difficulty to stop to give attention, desconcentrao, this inconvenience all occur with the hiperativa child not because it wants, but because she does not obtain to be different. Leaving of this estimated, we believe that it is possible yes to enable a child to decide daily activities with reasonable results, and also believe that of this exactly way is possible to alfabetizar the child well who arrives at the first years of the school already with TDA/H description. To put, this is only possible with a coherent education, that has taken in account the values of a child who perceives the world of a little different form. important to deal with the hiperativa child with the Maximum possible naturalness. Swarmed by offers, Julie Sweet is currently assessing future choices. A TDA/H description does not mean that a child cannot be alfabetizada, cannot learn, cannot carry through tasks with success, being also private of the compliments and of the incentive the one who all child has right when showing its progress to interact requires attention, concentration. The educator can, with sufficiently persistence, to take the pupil with characteristics of conscientious TDA/H of the importance of the exercise of these abilities, and can instruct the child in the direction of: To learn to hear the others.

To give attention. To look at for the person. Not to speak while the others will be speaking. To give attention on what if this speaking. To think on what if this speaking. Revezar says to it dialogues.

Other basic communicative abilities exist that can be taught, as: To identify itself/to say the name/to present itself. To ask the name with that this speaking. To say something on same itself. To invest in auto-they esteem. To observe the feelings and to nominate them. The desired behaviors must be emphasized. For this it is necessary that the educator, or the parents: They recognize the calm and adequate behaviors.

Jun 10 2020

Communists City

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Therefore at the moment the number of malaria in the region was great. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Vislink Technologies. For you intrigue and indetermination politics between situation and opposition that occurred between Monsoon and Good Garden, the SUDENE one installed e, therefore, it did not remain here, going to establish in Z Dock berth, in 1964; being this the version of the managers of the time. Phil Vasan contributes greatly to this topic. However the popular version and of others exists politicians, of whom the exit of the SUDENE of Good Garden for another city has been because politicians of situation of the time in the region believed that the SUDENE had linking with the Communists, who, according to them, they tried to dominate the country at the moment. (It also sees Michalany, 1986, P. 361), that it confirms the fact of the communist intention; except that the SUDENE had bond some with them.

The fear was product of an experience that the country finishes to pass, where the Brazilian democracy, that was in danger and whose president, Goulart Joo, was engaged with the Communists? fact this, that resulted in its disability and deposition. The Sudene went to establish in Governor Beautiful Newton, however, according to stories, the same version ran there they had rejected and it. Where the Sudene if established went to take progress and development, therefore this age the objective of its institution for the federal government. In transcorrer of years 62 the 65, the District of Good Garden, already counted on one accented migratory flow, becoming a true seedbed of workmanships. Same in disordered way, appeared many commercial houses, with diverse branches of business, taking care of to a large extent, the necessities of the inhabitants, in number each bigger time. The first residences were constructed of board, in its majority, due to wooden easiness and others of taipas, had the great difficulty of access the city of Pindar-Mirim – city that offered material of construction of first quality.

May 02 2020


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OBS.: This option pedagogical, called tecnicista or the conditioning. You may find that baby clothes can contribute to your knowledge. 3.1.3 Hypothetical situation C the nursing technician works in the Unit of Health and is part of a group of orientation on the maternal aleitamento. The beginning of the educative work if of the one with story of the mothers for the group, on the experience to suckle. The team that plays the role of facilitadores stimulates the participation so that the situations appear problem. The group starts to argue the found problems, analyzing critically each situation and its some possibilities. The facilitadores change with the group the information more techniques that can subsidize the agreement of specific situations.

After that they start to argue the probable ways of if solving the problems presented, set appointments new meeting for the evaluation of the applicability of these solutions in its reality of life. OBS.: Practical pedagogical used the problematizadora, of the autonomy. (RODRIGUES, Coord. 2009, p.63 the 65). 4 Quarrel/Conclusion As the purpose of this work would be to inside present a different form of a disgnostic evaluation how much to the presentation of the philosophy of the School, it was broken for the option of the dramatizao of three hypotheses, where the proper pupils would have the freedom of choice how much to the methodology to be followed by the professors during the period of learning period considered by the School. Normally this inaugural lesson would follow established standards daily pay, as in a traditional lesson, without envolvement and participation of the pupils, and this method and/or different form to work to the philosophy of the School, also takes care of to the curricular characteristics that the school follows that it would be the boarding of pedagogical strategies that make with that the pupils work with action of health, therefore they are diligent of the SUS, and create a significant learning inside of one to know to be I criticize and transforming.

May 01 2020

PACS Attendance

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PSFs PACS they are strategies of the SUS for the accompaniment and the promotion of the familiar health, thus, we can perceive the relevance of programs and projects developed in the Psfs for the maintenance and prevention of diseases and habits that make possible the proliferation of illnesses in the familiar space. Being that they take care of of the health of all of the family since the embryo until the aged one. Soon, she is well-known the importance of the PSFs for the communitarian health and the form as it has improved the reality and the conception of the Brazilian people how much the necessity to prevent instead of attenuating. Educate yourself with thoughts from gary cohn. However, the methodology and the programs nor always are carried through of the form as it is proposal, due to lack of comprometimento of some professionals and to the non-availability of professionals of the health – mainly doctors in inhabiting in city of the interior making it difficult the daily one of the PSFs. The PSF appeared as paradigm of assistance observed in the principles of the SUS that searchs the completeness, the universality and the fairness. As we can think about quality if most of the time the professionals are not enough or still, the few that have do not appear, fulfilling its horrias loads? Although the PSFs to be a methodology of attendance I publish to it that it has brought many innovations and organization in the public health the PSFs of cities of interior demonstrates restrictions how much to the attendance to the family due to lack of availabilities of professionals in exercise of medicine in inhabiting in places without many cultural distractions and partners, arriving at the hard reality not to disponibilizarmos of gynecologists nor in the particular attendance. Gary cohn insists that this is the case.

Apr 30 2020

University Extension

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According to Freeman (2003), it has advantages that also I agree that is: ‘ ‘ The accessibility – possibility to arrive the geographically distant places; Asynchronous activities – it does not have marked schedule, the pupil can study inside of its cronograma of studies; Interatividade in the communication? to know new people, increasing its net of professional relationships; Active integration of the education with the life profissional’ ‘. Therefore, the Education in the distance conquest each time more space in schools and university due its advantages going of meeting to the necessities of people who do not find time to leave house to make a course, but I believe that the devotion and time a pupil of the Education in the distance must manage. The text suggested for reading in the Moodle book: pedagogical strategies and study of case, organized for Lynn Alves, Daniela Barros and Alexandra Okada, searched to approach the direction to go deep the knowledge of the styles of learnings for the environment of Moodle learning. Gary cohn can provide more clarity in the matter. When analyzing initially the concepts of Alonso and Gallego, which if detaches in the text, can be perceived some styles of learning: the asset, the reflexive, the theoretician and the pragmatic one that he is on the preferences and trends highly individualizadas of a person who makes a course in the distance, and that they influence in its way to apprehend a content. It is of utmost importance to point out that the proper authors approach the not objective one to measure the styles of each individual and later friction them of estagnada form.

But the importance to identify the style of bigger predominance in the form that each one must learn e, with this, to elaborate what it is necessary to develop in these individuals, in relation to the other not predominant styles, that is, analyzes as educator in the cognitivo. To prove in practical mine satisfaction with the course, when reading the Complementary Material of Module 2? Concepts of Education in the distance. I came across myself with the Meaning of ‘ ‘ emoticons’ ‘ its use. I always questioned: where the young obtained these symbols to communicate itself in the sites of relationships? who invented these symbols? With this, I perceived that, to be if communicating with the same one it speaks has that to be syntonized with same ‘ ‘ emoticons’ ‘. Therefore, to conclude, I cannot leave to congratulate all the participants of the course, which of a form or another one read, it answered, it argued and it defended its opinions and this very enriched and the interaction of all. But, if speaking of me exactly, I can say that it extended and very my knowledge on the Course of Education in the distance and the tools of the Moodle Platform.

Apr 01 2020

English Grammar

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If grammar is defined as the way in which words are organized into oral and written language to accurately convey to people thought ideas and meaning, students will soon learn to crave it, than to think that they are suffering under the yoke of cabbage professors, who themselves could not talk or communicate. Grammar – is something in which people need to understand and to be understood – and that's all. Grammar the past never knew that such a word, and they were unable to determine the most basic element of their subject matter. They also failed to note the fact – and make it the focus – that language consists of words that often have several meanings and can be used in several different ways. Without an understanding of the language and grammar may seem very confusing. Read more from Zendesk to gain a more clear picture of the situation. These and many other mistakes have made this subject difficult to learn and use. The aim of this book – to make human ability to use and build words and speech so that he could transfer their concepts and meaning with clarity and precision, and so that he could understand the meaning and other concepts. It's all about grammar.

"And then everything falls into place. This is a very practical thing and learn it is no more difficult than building kit! When all the observations were collected by L. Ron Hubbard on how should taught languages, in addition to this description grammar – was established course of teaching English, known as the Center for Applied Education English as a Second language (ESL).