Oct 24 2021


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It is not acceptable that the judicial processes to expand both in time. With a business that is dominated by SMEs in Spain, entrepreneurship should be encouraged. 2.Motivacion and more flexible schedules Ignacio Buqueras, businessman and Chairman of the National Commission for the rationalization of the Spanish schedules are in a serious situation, but we have not bottomed out. We are the worst country of our community environment, partly because of when it should be looked for other side. We do not have a suitable Government to overcome the crisis, but that we have a Government of mediocre. He touches is now be serious; to great evils great remedies. We are the country that we work more hours and that generates less productivity. It is in these moments when we have to tend to the opposite.

We must abandon the presentism because this is pure feudalism and yielded. We need more flexible hours, adapted to each work. The challenge is to improve the use of the time, with a few more rational schedules that allow us to the conciliation and equality, improve productivity, reduce accidents, encourage globalism, and so on. You must give value to time and learn to manage it. In addition, should remove bad habits: for example, replace working lunches with working breakfasts, starting with the politicians, who are those who have to lead by example. Specific job 3.legislacion for small and medium-sized enterprises Inigo Sagardoy, partner Sagardoy Abogados there that facilitate the entry of private companies in the system of labor intermediation.

If all assume that it should improve the processes of intermediation, it seems logical to allow specialized companies to help improve the intermediation process. From the strict labor perspective, the solution does not lie in the rebate as the cost of dismissal. You have to do is unify labour contracts. On the other hand, you must distinguish between SMEs and large enterprises.

Oct 26 2020


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Acupuncture and holistic or natural methods can also be used to create a healthy body.Although there is no guarantee that fertility problems are going to heal despite the success rates of acupuncture and holistic remedies, these are guaranteed to be healthier with less stress and anxiety, facilitating the realization of other methods and natural treatments to conceive, since with acupuncture we will have a body more healthy and special for that baby will develop in the best possible way. Natural methods that can be used as complement of acupuncture is found within the artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, etc. Even after conceiving, other types of acupuncture can be to overcome anxiety, back pain and continue to promote a healthier body to allow the fetus to develop until birth.Childbirth can throw your body off energy levels and an acupuncturist can help you deal with the negativity, as well as postpartum depression that many women must cope with after giving birth so that they can be in a better bond with your baby. As you can see, acupuncture and other holistic methods are effective tools to help you with pregnancy as well as to prosper after childbirth.Like everything else, they are not for everyone, but they are something which can be revised, because they have a high success rate and you can help with the pregnancy and enjoy motherhood and fatherhood..