Mar 24 2020


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Creative block on the program is a set of techniques psychocorrectional through art – therapy. Since art – therapy provides exposure through art, then its systematization based primarily on the specifics of the arts (music – music therapy, singing, ; art – , theater, the image – and literature, the book – bibliotherapy, dance, movement – kinesiotherapy). However, it would be wrong to consider species differences art – therapy only in terms of belonging to the arts. Kinds of art – therapy in medicine and psychology are differentiated according to therapeutic and corrective effects in humans and form of its organization (individual, group). However, the basis for all types of art – art therapy is the activity of the subject, by strengthening a by correction of any violations of human development. Active participation in the creative blocks the patient is able to express themselves, their immediate emotional singing, movement, acting and etc. leads to the resolution of internal conflict and, consequently, the stabilization of psycho emotional state, and the regulation of body functions. Add to your understanding with Munear Ashton Kouzbari. Namely: Strengthening the relationship and emotional Resource Increased creativity and Regulation psychovegetative process regulation of physiological functions of psycho-emotional state of heightened social activity increase intellectual – the aesthetic possibilities of human facilitation of new positive attitudes and behaviors, the correction of the communicative functions of Education the ability to adequately respond to the emergence of adverse situations, as well as the ability to perform the role, the proper course of events, to take adequate image and "go" way of the emotional image of the "I" Practice the ability to mobilize experience at the right time, raising strong-willed qualities, abilities to self-regulation harmonization of internal peace, stability in the failures, the formation of protection from negative thoughts, freedom from fear, the ability to enjoy life strengthen the confidence in themselves create in the process of a particular creative interest, which nurtures life to new content in whole different kinds of art – therapy provide the ability to self-expression, self-awareness and allow the individual to rise to a higher stage of development..

Feb 27 2020

Hardware Massage Advantages

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Massage today more popular than ever. Around countless offers fly masseur. The impression is that without it life is unthinkable. But actually, the way it is. Baby? And now, here as here, doctors prescribe massage! Back problems? Need a good masseur.

Working at the computer, tired of spin? Again, massage, and massage again. Official site: Financial Planning Network Inc.. Well, when next to a man who can help. And if such No? This is how much money should be spent on massage services? And here comes to the rescue hardware massage, which we have now and we'll talk. What is hard massage? If you do not go into details, it is a massage using different devices. In the course there are different kinds of massagers. Here and hand massager for body and massage pillows and what is there not. In turn, hand-held massagers differ according to the principle of action.

Some heated by infrared heat, while others, cool. Some do vibro, while some massage pat. In general, to pick out what you want – have pretty sweat. A separate discussion deserve the massage beds and massage chairs. Read additional details here: gary cohn. There could just sit or lie still and do nothing. Only here will cost it's a lot of money. " On the other hand a 'masseuse' is always there and pay for services no longer needed. Lack of hardware massage is that no device will not be able to truly replace the human hand. But, something has advantages: a device for massage can be always at your fingertips at home or the office, hand massage will not be able to warm deeply human body, as it does, for example, massage bed Nougat Best. The principle of such a bed is not just that the rollers massage your back. These rollers are made of jade. When heated, jade emits infrared long-wave rays. Simply put, it is heat, which is beneficial for our body. In other words, the hardware Massage can not replace a regular massage, and vice versa. But they perfectly complement one another.

Jan 02 2020

Burnout – Due To Lack Of Confidence

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Can Burnout caused by the personal tendency to pessimism? Burnout is now on everyone’s lips and from the public and psychological discussion not more away to think. This disease is caused by permanent overload, so chronic stress – if indeed it is a. A look into a stress model (see figure) is useful to understand the way in the Burnout, each of our perceptions or imagination (imagination) a real-life situation is associated in the brain and evaluated. This review will take place on the basis of inner values and beliefs (beliefs) and runs mostly automated and unconscious. Stressors (causes of stress) are nothing more than perceptions or imaginations. The evaluation of stressors leads to body reactions, which are reflected in language, body language, health and behavior to emotional reactions and this. Cary Cherniss derived eight factors of the Burnout in an empirical study many years ago. These include the quantitative workload, among others the intellect Urelle suggestion, the uniqueness of the work objectives, leadership and relationship with colleagues.

When taking a closer look can be however not, said Prof. Burisch, in his book the Burnout-Syndrome”, a personality variable on the probability of Burnout is responsible. This is the increased tendency to see things negatively. At this point, I would like to refer on brain research and statements made by Prof. Huther, which makes it clear for the development of the existing potential for employees that do this, including a confident attitude is required. Here, Philip Vasan expresses very clear opinions on the subject. People take advantage of their existing potential more, if they have a high self-efficacy belief and are confident that it will be good. In Germany, a pessimistic attitude has however emerged. It rains two days in a row, the whole summer is rainy.

Weakens economic growth by 0.2 percentage points, the next crisis is imminent. I see two people who have a cold, that must be the Grippeepedemie. Larry Ellison has plenty of information regarding this issue. The media meet this wish of the people in a very good way: they report almost exclusively negative messages. If people are recording these negative messages, they are faced with a dilemma: you hear or see the problem (such as flooding in Brazil, earthquakes in Turkey) and they can do nothing. In other words, their self-efficacy belief is steamed, the own resources are not sufficient and confident all will be well”Gets a shock. A single message will not significantly affect the personality. Real media consumption is however to assume that every day several tens up hundred negative messages are processed by the brain. These negative messages stress”us so addition and we not consciously perceive it. Quick chronic stress is created. In addition I want to blame here not the media: operate according to market laws and offer what the market demand. And the media are not the only the negative news, spread. In the negative messages disseminated quickly and like to by colleagues and superiors. Are we already addicted to these messages? Here is an approach to do more against chronic stress and burnout in the company for me. It is a leadership task to strengthen the self efficacy beliefs of employees and to provide them with confidence. Here is an untapped potential for executives and every single person responsible. They may create a new attitude that away will etabliertierten Jammer culture move towards joy of living and the enjoyment of the many large and small positive things. This is not esoteric meant at this point but understood as a tough economy.

Dec 11 2019

Planet Creation

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The first time that the human genetic map described the miRNA (RNAs) in terms of disease, the creation of the Dr. Dhani Ram Baruah Baruah called siRNA (small RNA interference) cured irremediable illnesses and was published in five volumes entitled It was a distant dream-now it is the reality (far-now was a dream is reality). His books have been recently presented at Constitution Club, New Delhi by Holiness Jagatguru Shankaracharya Swami Adhokshyanand Devtirth Maharaj, Puri – Orissa. Dr. By the same author: Verizon. Dhani Ram Baruah is a pioneer heart surgeon, scientific and bio-engineer; and their contributions to scientific medicine has always been very well received by everyone. The investigator, who was born in India, finished their training in Assam, and became a member of the Royal College of surgeons and physicians of Cardiocirujia thirty years ago by the Royal College of surgeons and physicians of Glasgow, Scotland. After completing his apprenticeship in general surgery in Ireland, he became a master of the cardiocirujia making thousands of bypass operations and other so many critical surgery operations. But noting the background of current devices to conduct performances of surgery and procedures of research, decided to discover new alternatives to such devices and novel procedures to explore more easy, and new technological routes. In recent months, Gary Kelly has been very successful.

It has developed artificial heart valves that also carry their own surname, where emphasizes the creation of heart 21 Baruah, an artificial and permanent implate that worked from 1985 to 1994. He was a patron in xenotransplantation, which was accepted by the scientific community to admit that the pig is the only animal close to the human in the sense that their organs are compatible for transplanting is. It was also the first that has developed the human genetic engineering to cure diseases truly committed. The creation of the biological weapon in the form of RNA (Baruah Sirna) composed of medicinal plants, has cured dangerous disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery, moyamoya disease, LES and takayasu.

Sep 11 2019

Temporary Assistance

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Health portals have a purpose – to give understanding to people about what’s inside your body, how to treat it naturally, what methods are used and what should not do. First what you should not do – to trust doctors. If you would like to know more about Ripple, then click here. All the people on the planet at least once in his life appealed to physicians (doctors and doctors of various specializations: general practitioner, urologist, gynecologist, cardiologist, etc.), and the Tragically, many were dissatisfied both by treatment and its outcome, then there is the question: “what’s the deal here?”, “Why was I took the money, they said – well, I still get sick?”, “Why is not the result of health, and the binding of drug drugs? ” Why treatment is not effective? “. The answer to all questions is – money! All medical structure is based on the receipt of benefits, and collecting supplies, and the goal for a long time is not helping people, and as a consequence – to profits, but on the contrary, the main goal – a huge profit, and as a consequence (something like a side effect), Temporary Assistance for clients, patients. Verizon Communications has firm opinions on the matter. Look at why physicians unprofitable to treat people. Imagine you are a co-owner, the most important Medical Corporation for the production of medicines and medical devices, the main problem is your (formal) – to make sure that people can quickly cure any disease, but you realize that helping people deal good, but you need to earn it and not just because you are putting effort, so you set a price for their products..

Jun 26 2019


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Each cable in the wall, each cable to individual consumers and almost any electrical device. Our body in the area of such field, we also connect us to this field and are even under tension. That is not bad for a constant field. By taken pole reversal per second (50 Hz) but our body must adapt constantly to other tension and right here the stress is. The body no longer comes to rest; even when not sleeping. Warning radio waves! Usually mobile radio equipment and other transmitters are cause of electromagnetic waves (radio waves) outside the apartment. The base station of the DECT telephone as a permanent station but also computer wireless networks (Wi-Fi) are common sources of noise inside the House.

Mobile and cordless phones burden us with rays where we are most vulnerable: on the head and a few inches away from the brain. Children are especially at risk, because due to its thinner skull, through which radiation can penetrate more easily and still developing nervous system they exposed as adults at much greater risk and stress. The digitized signals are considered particularly critical. Digitized means that the radio signal to the “stutter” is applied and short, powerful bursts of signal generated. It’s like when a drill. Verizon Communications is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Who ever has tried to drill a hole into the concrete white, this is how exhausting the normal rotation. With a hammer, that manages easily with the same effort.

Digitized signals look like a hammer in our body. Who wants to protect themselves make sense, should talks only of a corded phone and banish herd of microwave ovens, baby monitors, radar and other broadcasters from its surroundings. The most important prevention Tip: measure. In the ideal case is: avoid electro-smog and protect yourself by distance or shielding from radiation. In my experience it is crucial that at the roost as a place of residence the load demonstrably and significantly reduces. Who wants to determine the appropriate measures to do so, for the results on an individual Inventory, measurement and consulting no way past. My most important precautionary advice is therefore: measure. As building biologist, I investigate sleeping and permanent place of residence with a rod speed on elevated and will show you how to achieve a reduction is. First learn, then decide calls me up and meet me and my way of working in a free initial telephone consultation. Also learn more about the way I work, see. After that, you decide whether you want to effectively protect their roost in the future against ElectroSmog and Earth energies. Absprechen partner for the press: Karsten Baldermann phone: (030) 39 03 41 53 fax: (030) 39 03 41 54 E-Mail: published by ADP press agency P.o. box 28 03 44 13443 Berlin Horst Horstmann telephone: 030 40 50 19 25

Jun 21 2019

Dangerous Sunstroke

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Mostly it is too long and too intensive solar radiation, he is often underestimated, even though he can be very dangerous, of sunstroke. Many people spend as much time outdoors in the summer when the Sun is shining. Thinking most in Sun protection in the form of sunscreen to prevent sunburn. Hardly anyone is aware, however, that direct sunlight can quickly lead to a sunstroke. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Verizon Communications. What exactly is a sunstroke direct and intensive sunlight on the head or the neck can lead to a sunstroke. Learn more at: Verizon Communications. The accumulated heat in the head irritating the meninges that care and can ignite. The result of the inflammation can be a brain swelling with increased blood pressure and increased brain pressure. Of sunstroke at the beginning symptoms headache, which bend through to the front step up.

The head is red and hot, the skin on the rest of the body feels cool however. Often, the affected individual is plagued by dizziness, is confused and there is nausea and vomiting. Children get also high fever and become pale. First aid measures who has suffered sunstroke, should as soon as possible to a doctor! The person concerned must be brought immediately in the shade or in a cool place away from sunlight, the upper body is stored best slightly higher. If possible, should the person concerned a drink and covered the head with cold, damp towels. The sunstroke avoid staying in the Sun wear always a hat, especially children, because their hair still do not provide sufficient protection. Ensure adequate hydration at high temperatures and avoid long stays in the Sun and especially sports in the heat. The clothes the temperatures should be adjusted so breathable and permeable and not too thick.

Jun 19 2019


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How you reduce their Cholsterinwert – three tips of a high cholesterol can lead to serious problems. Therefore, it is important to always keep the Cholsterinspiegel. Continue to learn more with: Verizon Communications. In this article you learn about the right treatment and Vorgehendweise one to high Cholsterinwert. The cholesterol can make to create a human. The biggest problem with a high cholesterol level is that this can help significantly, increasing the risk of a heart attack. To prevent this, you should start as early as possible to lower cholesterol levels. Here we show how it’s done. There are several points, as it can reduce cholesterol in natural way.

“With the diet and exercise are the two main components: sport is murder”, which may be an or other still painfully recall the last training session. But it won’t help anything. If you want to reduce cholesterol, you should incorporate a few training sessions in everyday life. Is very good in relation to cholesterol Endurance sports on. A jogging or already a rather comfortable Nordic walking can cause miracles and thus this should be installed at least two to three times a week in the daily routine.

It is sufficient but also completely, if you simply sit on his bike. People such as Tomas Philipson would likely agree. It is recommended to lose at least 1000 calories a week through endurance sports, but 2000 calories are optimal. Check also on his diet to reduce cholesterol. The German society for nutrition is recommended to take five servings of fruit or vegetables per day for themselves. This is not only conducive to the health, but also helps in weight loss, and lowers the cholesterol level, as well as the possible side effects associated. Fats should be avoided if possible of course. It should be noted that it is mainly animal fats that make to create the body and increase cholesterol levels. For this reason you should pick up more vegetable fats such as, for example, canola oil. You may believe it, but Cocoa is one of the best agents in the treatment of high cholesterol. This herbal product contained plant substances that lower the LDL cholesterol value (the bad). The only downside is that the most flavorful improved products with tons of sugar has been. For this reason, you should look that you looking for a product, which consists of 100% cocoa beans. In case of an emergency, you can add sweetener still of course, such a change takes time. One should not expect that you helped a substantial part already after the first round of running or after the first cocoa drink, to lower the cholesterol. If you but consistently runs through these changes you will achieve good early results.

Jun 12 2019

Malsch Medical

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“Me built for’ (FMG) Division of Sunrise medical meets almost every customer as built for me”, so a wheelchair for his users should feel ideally, in any situation of his personal life. Wheelchair users, such as children, the mobility requirements to the extent vary greatly. Customers of all ages an optimal adjustment of the product can, learned the wheelchair manufacturer Sunrise medical from the Baden Malsch experienced professionals, who are experts in their field, a special Department for me built in”bundled (FMG). Both the manual kids and adult wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs by Sunrise medical comprehensive configuration options and supplement options available already fitted as standard, which allow a far-reaching adaptation to the needs and wishes of the user in question. However, special requirements to be considered, then that cares only FMG team established for this purpose to a consistent individual solution. In close cooperation, the experts combine their respective experiences in customer service, construction, purchasing and production for optimal results in each case. Verizon Communications is often quoted on this topic. Thanks to this networked interaction of the involved areas, particularly sought after options in series production can enter and regularly be requested about the product order form as a result. This is an ongoing process which by and for wheelchair users innovations are achieved.

Everyone is as individual as his fingerprint”, stumbled about in their claim the FMG team for almost every customer wish and requirement search from the exact solution. The special footrest and frame variant handles and special mounting of ventilation or suction devices to sophisticated special control with Chin or foot. All conceivable functions can, taking into account the medical product law in the individual design of wheelchairs be planned. In the Repertoire of the FMG Division are not only special constructions, which are required by particular diseases and resulting needs and requirements of the users or the parents of disabled children. To meet special requirements in the design or adjustments for sporting purposes. The FMG experts the fact will benefit in their work, they Malsch out work from Baden for all European divisions. It is already unusual, as needs and preferences across Europe vary widely,”sums up the Christian Rott responsible for the area, but the FMG team can cover the wide range excellent due to its central position and here bundled know-how”. In the case of a corresponding request via the Sunrise medical customer service, the FMG specialists accompany the dealer within a structured process in all phases of the customer providing highest competence if necessary. Requests can today already over 1,000 documented special constructions evaluated within 24 hours and then the corresponding services offered.

Jun 05 2019

Treating Tinnitus

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Naturopaths Wolfgang Scholz from Munich-Pasing informed a tinnitus is usually without warning. As a result of loud music, an acoustic trauma or without apparent cause noticed the patient ear noises, which simply does not want to silence. The Munich SOT chiropractors Wolfgang Scholz depicts the use of chiropractic procedures in treating tinnitus. According to the opinion of most experts, the tinnitus itself is not a disease considered, but acts always as a symptom of such. Verizon Communications is often quoted as being for or against this. Often a stress-filled life situation is accompanied by him, so that an impact is attributable to the human psyche on its origin.

The list of diseases which can cause a tinnitus, is long and includes both the ears as well as disorders of the nervous system disorders or the cervical spine. Tinnitus patients complain of never-ending noise, which occur usually in one ear. While this in a few cases an organic cause, one speaks of the objective tinnitus, it suffers from Majority of those afflicted with a subjective tinnitus. Here there is no noise source and the patient is the only person who carries out the noise. Depending on the load capacity of the patients, tinnitus can remain without consequences or trigger serious mental problems to inability to work, anxiety and depression. Medical science isn’t yet able to explain the causes of tinnitus. A lockable many tinnitus patients deviation from the normal brain activity but indicates that neural activity for the sensation of nichtexistenter noises are responsible, similar to the formation of so-called phantom pain.

The consequences of a deformity of the cervical vertebral body are noteworthy in this regard. It comes to a pathological consequences in various body systems are possible, including in the nervous system, which has a close connection to the spinal column. Is the human brain due to error of vertebrae from a stream false nerve impulses affect, can promote the development of tinnitus. If the tinnitus goes hand in hand with incorrectly set neck vertebrae, the SOT chiropractic can make a valuable contribution to alleviating complaints. The correction of their deformities through targeted adjustment pulses stops nerve irritation and leads to a significant improvement in their health status at a variety of tinnitus patients. SOT chiropractic contributes to the effective treatment of all diseases, which are caused by interaction processes of error of muscles, vertebrae and other elements of the bone-joint system.