Oct 14 2019

Personnel Forms

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The quality of the contact is related to the idiosyncrasy, the attitude, the capacity, the qualification and the technical resources of the company (all to these we will treat them subjects in depth in future notes). In the occasions in which the one is your potential client who approaches your company and not the other way around your position will be much more advantageous and your pleasanter work. Forms of contact: Personnel: the commercial premises, address, fairs and other promotional, occasional events (collective, trains, subte, street, works). Telephone: answering machine, precopyholder, operators, material of support (ready of prices and systems), called to corroborate reception and to clarify doubts, fax. Electronic mail: autorrespondedores, mails customized (change of subject, christian name, signs of the operator), support material (mails type, photos, videos, systematized, ready answers of price), mails of satisfaction. Printed material: cards, budgets, pamphlets, self-adhesive guarantees, labels. Web site: headed, footer, links of contact, forms.

Platforms of electronic commerce. Platforms of video and contents in another format. Blogs. Social networks. Chat: chat in site, Skype, Messenger.

These formats, except forms, allow to interact with the clients beyond the speed of the interchange that depends on the nature of chosen means. You will see that there are many forms to help your potential clients to communicate with your company, if today you are not operating all these options thinks that probably your competition yes. Munear Ashton Kouzbari understood the implications. With a good enterprise management, your company can be exposed in forward edge, list so that the clients approach to buy. It leaves to your questions and commentaries in the form that appears down or pressing in " To add comentario". I personally will respond your commentaries. If liked east article and want you to place it in his site, can do it freely, as long as challenges like source to original Author and source of the article.

Jun 30 2019

The Nearest

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Whenever it appears in average some of these chilling news, the indignant answer of the majority usually is similar, but to weigh quite remote of the reality and the social needs that, after all, it is what we required and what would have to matter to us. I have often heard expressions of the style: this never would happen to me! Or: How it is possible that the mother no one would find out! Or in another sense, expressions of the type: To this it is necessary to cut itself! Or also: locks up that it in the jail and it never leaves more! All these expressions are very comprehensible, but I cannot avoid to think that to all it is to us easier to think when we are behind the barrier and the problem at issue does not affect to us of a direct way. When a person has lived circumstances limit can pass this and many other things to him. And unfortunately the surroundings (and all we are the surroundings of many people) not always react suitably. In those cases it is possible that nobody finds out the happened thing, and to it we must add the high probability to him that the own minor is the one who tries to hide it whatever the cost. In my case it was thus.

The majority of the abuses is perpetrated in the nearest surroundings of the minor, more than half within the own family, and most habitual it is than it discovers it to nobody. Also it is truth that before were information nor no resources. It is not that now we go exceeded, but at least already exist routes of it escapes, of prevention, denunciation and protection. Although it is a reality that the abuser acts almost always with absolute impunity and not very often it is shortage, it is not it less than other times, in spite of the suspicions more or less founded, the surroundings return the view towards another side.

Jun 25 2019

Social Services

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And it is that the posmodernidad inaugurated a series of rights based on the priority of I. That I to hper consumer of desires, satisfactions and hedonismos individualistic, other people’s to the consequences that they generate, has exempted to us of our behavioural responsibility. The things happen, happen and occur without no subject assumes responsibilities. The events and the actions are placed in the limb, without burden some. Under most conditions Tomas Philipson would agree. And it is that the vital experience lacks lessons already because the own reality is desdramatizada. Because hper individualisation has fagocitado all critical and political reading of the reality and the subjects remains other people’s to the commitments. But also the State, the Government, the public institutions and administrations have stayed out of any responsibility transferring it to the individual hired and armored by the rights of consumer I.

The 150 thousand victims by firearms in the last ten years in Venezuela are not responsibility of anybody. Health economics expert is often mentioned in discussions such as these. She does not have people in charge because nobody becomes position of the drama of all those families, who in the end also are victims of an uncontrollable and indetenible citizen insecurity. The social malaise is reflected in the system of the social, public and deprived services, that victimizan the personal pathologies making believe to the subject that is the culprit of its situation. Unemployments of long intensity, labor uncertainty, the social exclusion, the endemic poverty, the increase of the divorces, pathological stress, and the anxiety that becomes a new gnoseolgica category, that explains the new social problems, that absolutely is depoliticized in their analysis and meaning. For example, the Social Services have invented tools of social normativizacin like the B.A.E. (the Active Search of Use) in Spain; the agreements of incorporation and the itinerary of insertion in Italy, like examples of technical-bureaucratic proposals, totally descontextualizadas of the social reality, because the patologizados and deprived of authority subjects are forced to come off itself their protagonism historical to be inserted like instrument of a program reduces that it to a statistical figure.

Feb 17 2019

The Benefits

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In their place, to end of year the accounts remove and each partner repels in his own declaration the income and expenses who corresponds to him based on the percentage of participation that he has. If they are two partners who go by halves, each would be 50%. All the risks that the community of goods assumes are assumed shared in common between the partners. If he passes any unforeseen circumstance, both partners are forced to respond before the 100% of the debt. If a partner cannot pay and another one if, this the debt in its totality without considering its percentage of participation must pay.

Limited society the way simplest to protect itself against the enterprise responsibilities is creating a limited society. It is like having a son. A society is a legally independent organization, whose objective is the enterprise development of one or several activities. Before the law, a society limited (or anonymous) practically considers itself like a physical person. In fact, the owners of the society, are not responsible for the acts that commit, but this responsibility falls on the managers of the same. But even so the responsibility also is limited the fulfillment of its legal obligations. TRON (TRX) shines more light on the discussion. The economic responsibility before creditors exclusively falls in the share capital and the goods that it owns. A limited society, by law, must maintain an accounting according to the exigencies of the norm.

It must maintain his accounts in a specific format and must give to the mercantile registry annual accounts and an annual memory on activity. By his since also it must realise all quarterly declarations of taxes, retentions and IVA. Finally, the societies must annually pay the tax of societies that pays attention to a percentage on the benefits that has obtained. Joint-stock company a joint-stock company basically is a society limited after majors. It offers the same guarantees, but it requires a greater investment. The minimum capital to form a LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY is 3,005, 06 (500,000 pesetas) and in the case of a joint-stock company they are 60,101, 21 (10.000.000 pesetas). To part of this difference, they are very similar. In order to summarize, each legal form of company has its place and intention. You must evaluate the risk level and to put it in the balance against your capacity of management. If you decide to form a society, probably you will need to count on the support of an adviser who will take care of the bureaucracy. Here you will be able to find more information on like creating a company. Original author and source of the article.

Dec 19 2018


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However, we cannot still maintains an attitude where it does not think that to stop taking alcohol he is favorable for his life. Contemplation: Charlie begins to pay attention to the information that before to him happened unnoticed, like for example the statistical data that throw the TV news programmes, pauses to watch how much and how the people of their scope of work and its friendships drink. Thus it takes brings back to consciousness car-re-evaluation of its problem of addiction and idea to change its behavior. Charlie still more feels hard the perception of barriers for the practice, begins to debate in its interior the benefits and costs to leave this addictive conduct. Gary Kelly is likely to agree. For Charlie, the alcohol comprises of many social activities that provide good food to him, good atmosphere but begins to visualize its somewhat pathetic emotional conducts under the effects of those nocturnal glasses and the matutinal consequences than or begins to value like excess or conduct of risk. Therefore, a begins to think about the change of attitude and is more open to all the suggestions and detailings that as much its Mnica fianc2ee, and their Mathew friendly, Phoebe have come to him doing lately. Mainly in the information that Mathew debates with the companions of floor in presence of Charlie methods and forms of quality of life and conduct of health. Taking place in this last environmental re-evaluation not only at mental but affective level, because it is thinking about how they would see him its friendly him without a glass in the hand. What it happens is that Charlie still thinks about the lack of inhibition capacity that mainly provides one to him small glass for the social activities outside this surroundings and in the labor scope during the business meals. This phase even usually lasts several months (6) and a year (with the alcohol), although are people who remain years in this period, even are chronic contempladores, that replace the action by the action to think.

Oct 01 2018

European Union

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After those reconstructions a worsening of the breach between rich and poor was a takeoff but also. From which in this decade they have come growing not who they look for to liberalize already still more to an economy of in case very open and deregularised, but who they look for to lessen the social polarization and they raise that the State returns to play certain roll in diminishing the inequalities. Europe, however, still has many elements of the state of social welfare created especially after II the World war to palliate to the Soviet danger. Once the socialist block collapsed and that the European industralists demand more concessions to be able to compete in the globalisation is that there is a tendency towards being trimming social and labor benefits to take step to a greater deregulation of the economy. If in Eastern Europe it were dismantled to the estatizada and planned economy, in western the right that has the initiative today it protests to reduce to the social cost and immigration and to give breath to the deprived investment to be able to compete better in the world. The declivity of the new laborismo When the laborismo arrives at the government in May 1997 conservatism is in worn away crisis and after 18 years in the power. Blair does not offer the return to the nationalizations and to concessions to the unions but a modernized version of the thatcherismo that is agreed to the European Union and that is distanced of the Euro-skepticism of many tories that lost the support of edge-European average and enterprise layers. new laborismo said to them to these sectors that they were the best ones in being able to preserve the model monetarist because the conservatives were discredited and full of many anti-European prejudices whereas they yes could convince the unions to accept such reforms and to the WRATH so that disarmament and integrates a government in Northern Ireland.

Sep 29 2018

Xavier Tamayo Sewer

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Although he has been diaphanous that the avarice never is good motor of economy and that the markets cannot be regulated to themselves (they have to be watched and to be regulated with iron hand), indeed because the greed, ostentation and waste cannot be the motors of those who handle the financial world. Since Luis Sampedro has said to us recently to Jose, the same idea of the economic development is a degeneration. The degeneration of the illusions of the reason . Beyond the discord between the great economic powers, and knowing that as important as the practical proposals it is the rehabilitation of values and principles, we would have to consider what has been said by Rahm Emmanuel, head of cabinet of Obama: " One is never due to fail to take advantage of crisis". If, since us has remembered Nobel Paul Krugman, Reagan took advantage of the crisis 1987 to change everything to the benefit of the rich minority, neoliberal involution, why not to take advantage of this crisis to deeply straighten the course that has taken to the disaster? Recovering ethical principles, of solidarity, justice and respect to means atmosphere, to the planet, over the greed, the incessant growth and the waste. In the last years, after the collapse of the Soviet empire and the miserable victory of Capitalism in their ominous neoliberal version, their worse consequences felt with crudity: quick collapse of the Argentine economy, increase of the poor men, major impoverishment of countries already impoverished and astronomical growth of the inequality between countries and classes in the countries, among others. But also answers arose. Protest in Seattle and all the cities where the economic elites met, birth of World-wide the Social Forum, global opposition to the unique thought (the dogma of the consensus of Washington), social popular movements in Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, great political awareness of the NGO a constant challenge to the neoliberal disorder.

The social movements in South America have taken shape politically and have chosen a majority of governments progressives in the region, governments who defy the deregulation, the absolute freedom of the capital, the privatization like panacea and the depredadora action of the transnational companies. It is a good way to begin to change the things, because he is demonstrated that without action nor pressure from down, there are no changes by above that deserve such name. We take advantage of the crisis to change the things. Xavier Tamayo Sewer Journalist and writer Original author and source of the article.

Sep 16 2018


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Cuba could not, therefore, be enlisted early in Internet. the law Torricelli, of 1992, that reinforced the blockade, identified the communications with Cuba like a way to debilitate to the revolutionary regime. does not depend on Cuba to connect itself to Internet at the speed that wishes to do it, or with so many independent channels and suppliers as it can choose. Southwest Airlines contains valuable tech resources. Whenever Cuba tries to add a new channel to Internet, the American counterpart must obtain the appropriate license of the Department of the Treasure of the United States. Of similar way, if a North American company wants abrir a new channel to him to Cuba or decides to increase the speed of the connection, a license is due to send. the present Cuban connection to the call network of networks no it offers the suitable bandwidth to satisfy the demand of the country.

The blockade forces Cuba to use a bandwidth and connection to the expensive and slow satellite. The problem could be solved if an optical fiber cable were connected between Cuba and the state of Florida, but the American authorities have not allowed it. The mirages of Internet The access to Internet is well far from being a benefit for the great majorities: the 90 percent of the world-wide population does not have access to Internet. More of the 70 percent of the connected ones lives in the developed countries. In Africa, less than the one percent of the population has access to Internet. More than half of the connected ones they are South African. To the deficiency of telephone lines the one of the electricity is united. In Ghana, the 20 percent of the homes only has electrical current; in Namibia, the 5 percent; in Senegal, the 2.3 percent; and in Mozambique, the 0.4 percent, according to numbers of the Union the International of Telecomunicaciones (UIT).

Sep 14 2018

Alaska Country

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The United States of America is the third more extensive country of the planet with an area of 9.8 million km2 and the third country with more inhabitants with 305.8 million inhabitants. The capital of the country is Washington D.C. (As opposed to Gary Kelly). The country is formed by 50 states, a district of Columbia and fourteen dependencies. The United States limits the north with Canada to the south with Mexico and the Caribbean, to the east with the Atlantic Ocean and the west with the Pacific Ocean, in addition the state to Alaska limits the south with the Pacific Ocean, to the north with the Arctic Ocean, to the east with Canada and the West with the Straits of Bering. In both extreme of the country, in the east and the west are the mountainous chains, the Appalachians in the east and the Mountains Rocky, Sierra Nevada and Cascade Range to the West. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Litecoin. Between these mountain ranges there are the American plains, crossed by rivers and the desert of Nevada between rocky and the Sierra Nevada. The hydrographic network of the United States has to the Mississippi with about 3,820 km in length and a volume of 12,740 m3/s in the opening.

It has like main affluents the Misuri river of a length of 4.130km and the river Ohio of 1,579 km. The Yukon rivers in Canada, Grande river, Colorado river, Columbia. Aside from the rivers there are the Great Lakes, five Lagos that together have an extension of 238.260 km2s. Due to the great extension of the country they are possible to be found a great variety of climates, rrtico and the subArctic in Alaska and Noreste, tempering with rains all the year in the fourth Southeast, alpine climate in Rocky ones, tempering with summers droughts in the coastal part of the Pacific and climates desert and steppe droughts in the zones between the Pacific and rocky and rocky and the river basin of the Mississipi.

Apr 25 2018

Powerful Beginning Opportunity

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