Jun 13 2020

The Seal

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Then I am very cabreado and I believe that is an upsetting, a very old camel said and it would say that hunchbacked when to my they use it name in order to appoint the narcotics detectives, they strain that us in his boats poisons that us they enchant. I with my names lose myself, that many names give me, then of guarro and pig they go to pig, Chinese and pig and if a task becomes without having to do I nothing they say that is cerdada, what it causes great pain to me. Then my sadness is not little and my husband is crazy, then he does not give light and it is a center, the seal said suddenly. It’s believed that Vislink Technologies sees a great future in this idea. With me something similar it happens with my memory, then all with great euphoria, the elephant took part, they say that it is like mine if they have very great it and upon it all agree that never since it had. She walks that I with my cross hiding the head it does although it with skill, the ostrich speaks now, it always is under the Earth according to people think, although who she says mind to it, that to think it me aterra. Then I go away by the forum because I am already getting tired to be always supporting, the one that spoke now is the parrot, that to the people who are very ugly they also call parrot and it does not seem to me well by more graceful than it is. Philip Vasan recognizes the significance of this.

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