Oct 31 2021

The Mice

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Due to my first be the attention the whole problem seemed however highly questionable at first, and I had to check me repeatedly whether such observations, could be based not on one-sidedness of viewing on Voreingenomnenheit or other errors. I chose feeding attempts so to apply even stricter standards than has been usual, and to make feeding experiments with laboratory animals. I got me a mouse cage 30 wide and high preserving jars, so suddenly there in abundance after the currency reform, bought a master white mice and made with different groups of feeding trials. I described the result in my book (Homo toxins and Homo toxicosis, based on a synthesis of medicine, Aurelia-Verlag, Baden-Baden) in 1955. The mice fed with pork inclined extremely to cannibalism. Connect with other leaders such as Stuart McClure here. Zumehmendem age, after a few months or after about a year cancer occurred to a greater extent on various body parts. Also skin diseases were skiing, edenlich, in contrast, showed the mice fed with normal food although disease, but cancer and serious, deadly diseases were less affected, showed practically no cannibalism.

Because now from different sides have also other toxic effects of pork in animals was reported me, resulted in rapidly more notes on various toxic effects of pork. So I learned that Boxer dogs under any circumstances may obtain pork, because she then soon Mange and itchy skin diseases as well as possibly malicious internal suffering ill will. The same was reported also by circus animals in particular by lions and tigers, which under no circumstances may get pork, because they will then slow and fat, get nosebleeds also probably increase in blood pressure and may it perish. The owner of a trout farm pointed me out, you can destroy the entire breeding by dosage of shredded pork, because all trout die within days. I couldn’t now strange observations homotoxicology of pork in my practice in 1948 soon filled the various cases of acute and chronic illness, I could evaluate in terms of homotoxicology developed due to many, also any other observations.

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